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Hard And Long Escape

Games4King - G4K Hard & Long Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to hard and dense forest for an adventurous trip on a vacation. As you went alone to the forest without a navigator, you lost your path. But fortunately you found a farm house in the forest. The farm house is vast and locked. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the farm house to escape from the forest. Good luck and have fun!

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hope this one works better

key in branch top of lion

I thought the 2413 is for feet, but can't think what's the animal for the first foot is

hi (again) ev1 ☺

2413 for animal spoors

amount of clicks

dig inside for symbol

Hya Dazz & Alpha O

Hi guys! Normally I don't play these but I have some minutes left (waiting for a call to leave), so I'll enjoy your company. Let's see how far I get.

stick from 6 bells is used in view4 and in view9

ahh I was right, click how many times

hi Joycy!

And thanks for the feet hint, Alpha, that's where I was stuck.

6# number for the bells in left scene outside (after setting them to the same height and getting a heart).

Can´t click thread in inventory?

ah, although it disappears again, the scenes are at least numbered again

dial from bells for view-7

you can close door again for puzzle

hiyo meritneith!

pull the bells from numbers 6

heart from first time using bells for view-6

Of course you already knew. ;-)

ooops sorry for repeat Meritneath

heart go in sliders.

I can't click on thread and coin too

coin in roof scene 8.

coin from view 8

In the scene to the right of the frogs (views are not numbered now for me) the numbers puzzle is a kind of magic square with 1 to 4. Don't ask me for the solution, door is open! ;-)

I can't click the thread in inventory either!

it's a sudoku in view-8

the colours on tree star don't fit any yet

directions for view 5

ditto here re thread...

same game with different ways. comments may not help until someone completes

Uh, there's a colour slider at one of the doors, one of those I don't like.

key in view 5

took the pin back out mus be used ahain

hidden key in view-5

word code in view 9-make FAB

stick for view 1

Just found out the numbers of views appear shortly after entering a scene and then disappear. Clever girl, eh? LOL

Managed the colour slider in view 5!

fangs gate opened.

half numbers on paper are for frogs

Prolly not as good as a Long and Hard escape game, but I'll give it a shot. I'm single after all...

Can´t click my 2nd heart.

some of my puzzles do not work, and lots of items in inventory are stuck, game needs to be fixed

The spinning puzzle in view 5 gives the colour hint for the five spots in view 9. Take the colours of the numbers first, put them into order. Then change the inner part to the colours of the threads.

not out of view 4 yet need a round banana or clue for colours can't make out star hing on tree with colours

"smile" in view 6 is clue for "MES" in view9

Roberto how did you open the fang gate

Put the bird from frogs on stump...?? and what´s next?

joycy. Using colors from spining colors puzzle.Numbers=outside colors and threads inside.

Roberto, how did you solve frogs?

from half paper. Get half paper fom 4 color digits above sitting man. Clue to solve numbers in hanging nothe in frogs scene.


I can zoom on pot from frogs, but I think I need a hammer or something to break it.

How did you number the frogs? I feel like I've tried every combination. Which frog is 1?

1-4 left to right on frogs

That´s it!

Thanks Tiny!

stick goes in hole above bird (placed on stump in start scene) for heart

Anyone do anything with the bird on the stump? I have a thread, coin and 2 hearts that I can't click in inventory. Hope the game is not bugged.

Has anyone solved 3 buttons in scene 8?

For 3 buttons in S8 use the Dog and Good Morning clues.

I thought ABCDEF in scene 7 was used to open door in scene 10 but fails.

please explain better puffin

322123 doesn´t work.

Assume buttons spell DOG then count the number of those letters in Good Morning. D=1, O=3 and G=2. Press 1st button 1X, 2nd button 3x and 3rd button 2x.

Ah! OK you have to count the letters. Thanks.

ahh ty. knife opens 2 things so far. now have egg and eyeball

You can take egg back.

My scenes aren't numbered??

Linda, the scene number show up when you first enter the scene and then disappear.

I think this game is bugged. Cannot use my items. I´m not gonna waste my time. Good luck!

thank you puffin

egg back from where? haven't found where to use it yet.

You can zoom in on closed door in S7 and change the colors of A,B,C and D but don't have clue to solve that (I think).

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use knife one last time in S5 on the floor under right torch.

ooo found it. bird nest. view 8 for the egg

Hey Alpha - now have a letter with your address!

Haha ΑΩ it's a note to you!

You can change the colors on the bottom of the address note.

BF'ed the colors on the note--it started with pink, but i went too fast to catch the other colors.

OMG, really? :-o LOL
I stopped playing 'cause dunno if game is buggy or not & now I'm way behind... :-/

BF'd the lights around the door in S10. If you use order of letters from door in S7 I think it was EADEFBC or maybe last two were CB. Now have yet another clue that I don't know where to use.

it was, from memory, 145263, then 4 i think. could have also been 142563, then 4.
1 4
2 5
3 6

the numbers onthe horse bird tiger clue can be changed...

it's those spiked gates I can't get through stuck in 4 no hint for that guys

thanks again Puffin. :)

use animal feet from view4 on paper numbers in view10

Now have a magnifier that I can't use. May have to quit this one for now.

spiked gates, you use the lever there. then you can take it back. did something else too, can't remember...

magnifier from where puffin?

Okay, I'm back. Going on!

Magnifier from the 4 color buttons in S9. Get the clue from solving the Horse, Bird, Tiger, Dog note in S10

lever gave me stuff but didn't open the thing never been this stuck before

I'm sorry i can't remember better joycy :(

we hope, that game is not buggy, as we can't use e.g. string from inventory...
I'm way behind the others 'cause I stopped playing 'cause of it - where are you?

Joycy are you trying to open the spiked gate in S9? You have to solve the 5 color buttons. First is green outside with yellow inside. Clue is from solving circle puzzle in S5.

now I have a heart from placing eye on fish in s1 I can't click on... :-/

has anyone already used the 2 orange-green-black-red eyes/circles?

nope. i think i'm stuck. 2 ogb eyes, string, coin, 3 hearts, magnifier, and up/down note.

ah, haha - sure I live in L.A. ;-P
(always sunny there)

Yup, that's what I have also.

ok, challenge ☻:

where's 2nd ogb eye from & coin & magnifier?

& up/down note?

Where is view 5? I only have access to 1,2,4 &9, which I can't get out of without lowering the spike gate that I guess I need something from view 5 to do. What am I missing?

Alpha, just got the magnifier! Let me get to the point where you guys are.

view-5 is after view-3 with the frogs & view-8 with nest

How could you BF the notes colors. Tried all combs but doesn´t work.

Idk Roberto, i just did. *shrugs*

Eh - did you see that the fringes on Alpha's address paper change their colours? Not that I had the solution.

coin, wire, 3 hearts, egg, magnifier, all blocked in my inventory

Oh, Alpha, I hope you've got the magnifier by now. Where did I get it from? One of the puzzles....

not yet meritneith
which puzzle LOL

I think from the pot in scene 9 with the colour clue from the paper in 10. Horse bird thing.

Do you have to get in the stump in 1 to get to 3,8 & 5? If so, where's the key? Feeling pretty dense about now.

Have you solved the lights around the door in scene 10?

Games that we have to BF puzzles are not good.

Deanna, no, that stump is still closed for me.

not yet merit
where's the hint for that?

meritneith, see Puffin @ 12:21 PM

Haha, bruteforcing! If you get the right combo lights keep switched on. I think you have to make a S or 5 but just with the bottom two changed.

Hotz, either I was dumb or those two things didn't work for me.

IIRC it was:


After that there's a paper with four animals at the right side of the door. Re-use the paw clue from view 4 (mind dog and tiger are different) and change the numbers on the paper according to that order. Then you'll get the colour clue for the magnifier pot (from top to bottom, don't care about the numbers).

I did that a long time ago, but door didn't open... :-/

thanx Puffin been trying all combos with the colours feeling very light blonde

Alpha, the door does NOT open, it's all about the paper! :-D

This comment has been removed by the author.

please sombody spoil the spike gate colours

no paper for me from lighting bricks in s10... :-/


first is the outer/2nd the inner colour

G/Y - P/B - C/P - Y/G - B/C

Sorry, Alpha, after that you have to click the top right brick again! I totally forgot about that, thanks Puffin!

Now to Joycy...

Joycy, it's important you do the outer colour first! So GPCYB like Alpha wrote. After that the outer part is fixed and you just change the inner parts: YBPGC.

Now to bandy...

s7 after door in s9

Bandy, do you still need that help? That's hard because I started nearly three hourse ago and forgot about most of the stuff.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

where is magnifier pot?

Stock-taking: I've got...

- a string
- two balls coloured in orange-green-black-red
- three hearts (two are already put in guy's slider)
- a golden coin
- a magnifier
- Alpha's address (if I ever get to the US, I'll visit you there, will call you before arrival)
- the egg

All items are fixed except for the balls and Alpha. I think I'll have to find a place for the balls and a colour clue for the fringes on the Alpha paper.

I didn't solve colour slider yet - where does the colours go?

Alpha, I'm pretty sure in view 9 right beside the bike.

Alpha meritnieth there is no blue or cyan just rygp with 2 greys between each I'm feeling so stupid

If you mean the colour slider in view 5: take the pattern in view 7 from the door you can open and close.

what I don't have:

- 1 ball coloured in orange-green-black-red
- a golden coin
- a magnifier
- a stick for s1

Joycy, which colours do you mean? We were talking the whole time about the five colours on the pillar to the right of the spikes in view 9. There are those outer-inner colours. By doing that you open the spikes.

it mustn't be whats needed to open the spiked gates

Joycy: do you mean the colours on the fringes on Alpha's paper? We don't have a clue for that either.

Alpha: The coin (I think) from the roof in view 8. Click around the pyramid thingy in bottom right area.

found almost everything by using ctrl + F ☻
just need stick now...

The stick comes from view 2. First I put the bells on the same height for a heart. Then use the 6# clue from view 9. First click the 6th, then first, etc.

how to open door in s5? with hint from s1? if so, how? tried so many combos now...

are there 2 sticks? got the one from bells a long time ago, but never used in s1, 'cause it disappeared before... :-/

Has anyone already mentioned the clockthingy in scene 1? At the middle of the tree?

Dang. There was a stick looking more like a pin. It was used twice. Maybe that came from the bells? I don't remember, sorry!

AO, I think, the door in view5 was 4 handles, the direction clue is on tree in view1

I think I'll play the new surely nice & easy G2J now ☻

orange-green-black-red eyes/circles go on fence in frog scene

Alpha, I'll join you there!

thx Hotz,
but tried so many combos already, how to read that hint?

direction clue is: N E SE NW

thx again Hotz
SE NW weren't clear at all for me at hint, but it worked naturally ☺

that gives that ominous 2nd stick for s1

for color on Alphaomega address paper:
the clue comes from clock-like thing in view1 and on address paper there are some numbers in third row...

don't think anyone is out, as most of the items in inventory are blocked...

needed to use the stick in v4 to get a key for another door first

Use knife on egg (if I remember right)

(Returning from a refreshing Games2Jolly)
Hotz, don't tell us! I obviously pushed only a few of the white buttons on the clock. Dang!

my egg is blocked...

I just checked the WT and you are supposed to be able to look at the egg and the coin in inventory. The coin gives numbers to use on the egg which gives you a second bird. Game is obviously bugged so I am done. Too bad.

now through the spike door needed to solve the wire colours

Aha! Magnifier used on dots in upper left of S4

Puffin, not honestly??? I still had some hope that we have to do some things first and can later use all that stuff.

Man, this is very very bad. Two hours wasted for a pile of sh*t! §"$&

Red X and note to myself: Never play a G4K again. Never!

Thank you my friends for help, support, and company. See you again in better games.

oh, alas, all the work for nothing...! :-(

(I continued after I heard that you have my address LOL so I wanted to see it ☻)

I've got the numbers from the coin I did refresh earlier got 875

To see the colors again you have to back out and back in and put the magnifier up there again

my magnifier is blocked, too :-(

Dots gave L/R for birds which gives magnet...attach string

oh, wow almost 18 minutes of VWT!!!

your game isn't buggy?

if your game is buggy & refresh you can resume where you got to

Hmmmm....where to use magnet

too late joycy
I already closed the game...

is anyone left? I'm stuck with magnet 2 eyeballs and note that needs color code.

OK, so I reloaded and restarted and things appear to work now. Working on heart sliders now.

Puffin, where is the clue for the sliders?

Use magnet in S10 in the bushes left of door. I assume the numbers with arrows from the note is the clue for heart sliders.

Magnet is used in bushes where the door with the bricks we had to find the order to click on. Gets you an eye

didn't expect an autosave at G4K, 'cause they never had one (I think, at least I never noticed one...)

I want to play the next game, Easy and Short Escape.

Ha ha Jef, me too!

Sliders are tricky

ok, I replayed the whole thing (was astouned how good I can remember all the stuff LOL), but now dunno where to use the pink/green dots from magnifier...

After putting handle on what I thought was the final door (where you put magnet) I got a is oink b is blue c is green and d is red. Went and put those colors on letter in the door that we can open and shut and got BL, TR, RB as a clue and stuck.
I am so close to shouting "In your face G4K, I beat the game" and then I hit a wall! lol

POPO have the 2nd bird now from egg by using coin number on it

Alpha - pink & green dots are used for birds in S1

Can someone explain the heart sliders?

Bottom left, Top Right, Right Bottom maybe?


Pink Green dots are for birds (L/R)

Heart sliders are hard. If the heart points down use that number (I believe the first heart to the left used the second number from the left) Geez, bad explanation but I did it awhile ago. Sorry

Can't get the sliders right

thx anyway guys ☺

btw we're approaching the 200 comment barrier
comment from 201th one on next page - click «newest» bottom of the comments

Your explanation worked K Stevens. Just follow directions of hearts so the three hearts that are facing down move them 3,4 and 2 respectively. The three hearts that are facing up move 4,2 and 5. Thanks!

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