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Knf Forest Reindeer Escape Walkthrough

Knf Forest Reindeer Escape

KnfGame - Knf Forest Reindeer Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Story of the game is your traveling inside a deep forest and was enjoying the beauty of nature. In the middle of the forest you saw a reindeer was captured inside a steel cage which was set up by the hunter. Now you have help the reindeer to escape from the cage, before the hunter comes. So you have to click on the objects around the forest and solve the puzzles to find the key and make the reindeer escape from the cage before the hunter arrives. Good luck and have fun!

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Game loading...

'Scruffy' birds for directions

Ah - haven't done a spot-the-difference puzzle for a while : )

you have to find 6 differences...

Found 5 differences so far but puzzle doesn't seem to be over. How many?

I am missing my number three mushroom.

Ty Hotz -haha I posted at exact same time as you!

maybe a foot?

Although the differences are highlighted when cursor moves over I'm having trouble finding the last one...

Did you try the little bat's head?

Ty Hotz but got that one. Last difference isn't highlighting...

bat head?

Got it - went over that area so many times...

Yes there are to flying bats. One is big and one is small. The small one has a bigger head than it should.

The birds is the clue for the arrow puzzle, use the direction that the tip of the beak is pointing.

I'm missing the binoculars and one butterfly.

The binoculars are in the water under the butterflies.

key is used on tree trunk in far right scene

I need one more fox head.

thanks for binoculars!

Tab works

has anyone used the colored eggs clue or insect heights?

hi (again) all ☺

insect puzzle on tree right of (un)locked tree

I did, Hotz. I got out. Last butterfly was far right scene tiny hidden puzzle for insects on the tree.

My last fox head turned out to be an owl instead.

Yep - insect slider gives butterfly Hotz

Finding the puzzle hotspots in that one was really rough.

thanks, found it by using tab key.
clue for 4 circles is on path in far right scene too

@Hotz Weird. I tried spamming my tab key and it didn't do anything.

Finally - clue for 3x3 pic puzzle.

Only 2 foxes so far...

Final mushroom from puzzle in first scene

Still need one butterfly. Still have chisel and 3 tree icons in inventory ...

POP - realised what that spot on tree was for. Chisel used and places for icons found.

have turtle, meat, apple, binoculars in inventory
don't find locations where to use...

also only 2 heads so far...

Placing last fox gives key to release reindeer.

Unusual game - nice. Ty for help earlier Hotz and Bear : )

Alpha - there is a hotspot in scene with caged reindeer. That's where you place apple, meat, binocs and turtle.

& where's hint for green squares on sticks?

ah, thx Zuleika, just it just after reading your post, also the square hint is there

*just found it

didn't like very much that the puzzles/locations were so well hidden, otherwise a fine game - thx KNF ☺

I'm with you, ΑΩ.

The biggest challenge in KNF games
is the frustration of re-finding a
puzzle, once you've found its clue!

Well, at least Tab works, and cursor
changes at a hot spot.

I dont understand the purpose of hiding puzzles?

Really appreciated the tab key here.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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