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Knf Old Dungeon House Escape Walkthrough

Knf Old Dungeon House Escape

KnfGame - Knf Old Dungeon House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. After a very hard day of work you fell so tired and felt asleep in your office. Suddenly, when you woke you was shocked, because you are in some strange place. Then you came to know that you are trapped inside an old dungeon house. Now you have to find the mysterious hidden objects around the house and solve some puzzles and escape from the dungeon house and get back to home quickly. Good luck and have fun!

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wait for the clue, bevor you make the tube puzzl

hm..won´t open with clue..

ok, trying the key puzzle

Sneaky key on pink cabinet through middle doors

Key slider picture is tricky. Key itself is easy but the surroundings....

lit torches is clue for the big stone in left scene

I have an axe called 'clue paper'.

Well spotted black düsseldorf : )

Shovel uncovers stone head in left scene

hihi...needed three times to see the clue.....

the yellow grid, you can click at the crosses...more times, but i have no clue

HA...the right window outside is the clue for the yellow grid...I think, will test it

got out without all puzzles done by using axe (clue paper) on wall in second new room. sloppy.

Watch the yellow grid. In place of the points put the pentagon on all brands !

the 4 color in the left scene is not the clue under the big torch and is not the color of little bowls in order of how much are there....

I can not make the colors ...

and whats with the tube puzzle ( click directly on the sewer pipe) ...maybe I try it a third time...but thats no fun

torch and bowls combo for 4 digit on chair

Still have shovel in inventory - do we use it a second time?

thank you sysin....after I read it, it is so easy....why was it not my idea? ...hihi

Haha - after all that all we needed was an axe to hack through the wall and escape!

Out. Quite a fun game : )

and you can dig a second time on the ground of left scene but you cannot get it....

I still have a shovel, and pick key . I do not know what to do with it. I can not open the second door . Missing idol of stone ...

sill need one more stonehead

Please someone could make the colors ?

ok...the third try was good with the tube puzzle, I got the stonehead!!!!

colors for far left room come from wheel on wall of second new room (use the ones with darker dots)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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