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Knf Scary Palace Escape Walkthrough

Knf Scary Palace Escape

KnfGame - Knf Scary Palace Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Imagine a situation that there was a huge palace in your city which looks scary. Because of that no one tried to entered that palace. As your bold, one day you got in to the palace alone and when your inside the palace, unfortunately the palace main door was closed automatically. As bold person, what you have to do is to find the key and escape from the scary palace. For that you need to find the necessary objects and solving the puzzles and escape as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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sounds cool

Good morning Mig and KNF : )

Hi, Zuleika. Giving this one a shot since the EightGames one might have a showstopper bug.

Hope this is not *too* scary. (:

Hi Seraku : )

Tab works. Quite useful for finding spiders and second word clue.

And out. Really liked this game. Ty KNF : )

Agreed, nice game, KNF. Only a few tricky spots for items, but thanks to the almighty TAB key, they were found.

How do you do the grid please.

@Tazzles, are you referring to the number grid? If so, the order is sequential like a number pad, just backwards a bit.

Thanks Tazzles, I thought I was dumb. I need a hint for the grid too (can't be a magic square) and for the male symbols puzzles. Can't bring the four colours from the sofa to work there.

@meritneith, you are on the right track with the colors. Just apply the colors in the following order: upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, lower-right.

TY Seraku so far. Have half a key now. I also need the last ring, the last gem, and the last star as well as a clue for the lever puzzle above the spiders.

Not a bright day, eh?

Oh, I could swear I tried that? I'll do it again, thanks.

Bizarre, now it worked but I had to click every colour on the sofa before though I couldn't zoom in.

Well, it's not even 4am here, so it's really not "bright" nor "day" for me. (:

Honestly, the number grid was a complete guess for me. Usually games require you to see clues, so I was rather surprised the sequential order actually worked on the first try.

@meritneith, oh that's right. I definitely remember clicking on the colors figuring we'd have to zoom in for the clue to work. It didn't zoom, but I guess the game needs the click to register that you've seen it.

Out now too, one step led to the next. Thanks again for helping!

Four footprints starts off the chain of last pieces for other puzzles besides the leaves. p.s. That is not a magic 15 number puzzle, just put in sequence. Solved that last, LOL.

Really enjoyed this game. Four stars, if TAB hadn't worked to find spiders it would've gotten one star.

I really liked this game. Thanks for the TAB comment, it helped a lot with finding a few things.

Hi everyone.....thanks for comments😊

Nice game Knf! I really enjoyed it.

Did anyone post a spoiler for the slider puzzle? I read through but couldn't figure it out.

Also, what is the second word clue? I found 'scary' but not the other one...

Okay, found second word hint on top of table upstairs, which led to the rest of the things I needed. Out now!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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