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Old Basement Escape Walkthrough

Old Basement Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Old Basement Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you have been trapped in this old basement. You need to escape from the basement by using the objects you get in the basement. Combine objects and solve various puzzles to find a way to escape from the basement. Good luck and have fun!

Play Old Basement Escape

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Puzzle pieces go in first room, bottom left (click box)

I am stuck now with just a stick with a hook on it.

Anyone here? I need some help.

I'm here Jenny - I'm just trying to get it to load

I don't understand why my arrows on the JXSP aren't working

Mine didn't work either....

Probably something to do with colors?

Jenny - stick with hook on it is used in far right room as pry on big rock - for key

And key doesn't work on padlocked gate so who know's where to use it!!!

I tried the colours from JXSP on the coloured shape puzzle but that didn't work - then I took the order of the shapes from the colour order and tried the number of sides on the 4 digit chest but nothing there either.

The key is for the drawer. Another frog.

clue for 5 colour box in gated room

What drawer? I can't find a drawer

I tried 3589 from the months on papers...but it doesn't work...

Oh found it - silly me

Monica in second room from the start, the room with barrel, the first one after table

Can you make any use of the paper calendar clue?

Taffikina - that's because it's not May but June

And another key that doesn't work on the gate!

Great...! I was so stupid...thanks!!

Aha - the millstone on the floor: it's not a hole but a keyhole

And knife on the chair, got the duck!

Great! Not sure where to use hammer.....it doesn't open the padlock, that's for sure!!!

hammer for the wall, in the first room.

Now it remains only solve the clue for the arrows...nothing in my inventor...I have to go...good luck!

is there somewhere to zoom in because I've tried everywhere and I'm getting nothing

Oh at last - I swear I clicked there at least three times - this is a bit buggy

Hook/stick thing used on kitchen wall cabinet for blue gem.....still can't work out JXSP even with paper clue.

I can't believe none of the usual suspects are here to help me out!!!!

Where did you get the hook/stick?

I think the final hook/stick came with solving the frogs. But I can't be certain - it was so long ago!

I'm still stuck with letters for final gem.

letter/arrow does not word\k and does not give me final gem....I quit

Got it at last, have to move the arrows in the order of the last paper.

where's the hammer

hammer is in box with shapes in scene with wooden gate. box is bottom left

Lesley how did you put the arrows tried every way

Anyone found a hint for 4digit code/help-code on green barrel in far right scene?

thanks jainahaven't seen clue for that one

nvm, blackboard in gate scene gives clue for 4digit code.

joycy, you get clue for arrows when solving frog puzzle. you have do change the arrows in the order given on that paper.

ok TY still trying to figure out the shapes can't see the clue

stupid me never thought about investigating the candle box more

out the frogs hard to move & arrows take a while to respond need to clues to work

Nice to see EG24 take over the
hosting for FEG games.
The games are now re-sizable
with browser's zoom feature!


Please, tell me the clue for shapes.

The letters JPSX: Enter the arrows in this order (as per paper) and to enter the J, even though it is in the right direction, spin the arrow so you actually moved it. So: Spin J to point east, then P west, then S north, then X south.

Chair (knife), rock (crowbar), cylinder with hole (key) have no hotspots.

Frogs: when moving the disks, your mouse must follow the white line. If the mouse moves off the white line, your frogs will not move.

Hope those little tips help!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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