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Real World Escape 170 - BatMan Walkthrough

Real World Escape 170 - BatMan

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 170: Bat Man is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some crazy man, who thinks that he is a BatMan! Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons to unlock the main door. Solve different puzzles in this room to obtain new objects and clues. Good luck and have fun!

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an I really first here? LOL

Joining you Leroy : )

Arrows for buttons left of coffemaker

wheeeee thank you Guntars!!

dont overthink the 6 directions clue..

Napkins give hint for green buttons with dial

gday and why wont 4 directions work??
tried arrow dir on knob and reverse..

Second hint from table (directions on plate) - tie them in with the napkins they point to ...

Can't find the spot indicated on mirror

Aaah TY

Ah - penny drops. Not a spot - a word clue.

hehehe don't miss that sneaky mouse in the .....Batman!!! Great game Guntars!! Loved it! Thank you so much!

Great fun again Guntars thank you.
Any help needed just ask.


Use feather on Power button for 4-colour clue

Great game as always. TY

Sunglasses on jars for slider hint

Lighter and paper give 4-number hint

it a clue zed..

Sneaky mouse peeping in window. And out.

Really nice game : ) Thank you Guntars xx

Great game. Thank you.

thank you Guntars and thank you
Zuleika Smith was searching for last mouse everywhere ...got him thanks to your hint

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Thank you all for a great comments and Austen for a best wt ! Very funny and interesting to read!!! Thank you a lot!

No, Austin. Just yours.

Good game, thanks

Wanted to say great game but fell asleep half way through reading Austen's walkthrough.

To sleep, perchance to dream

Of course, it takes more than the concentration of a gnat to read Shakespeare so he mightn't know that quote

Great game, as usual!! Love to give you 5 stars, Guntar!

I hate nasty, poking comments in a comment thread. Always have, always will.

Hi arrie.....still friends?

arrie: trolls - both of them.

Great game! Thanks for the WT - helped a lot!

Great mouse as usual Guntars

Great fun game - thank you!

Team arrie and Zoe.

Am I the only one who tried to prick Batman with the fork and to burn him with the lighter?

Zoe.....it's Jon. I'm defending Austen

meritneith - lol! No, you're not! And....I tried the lighter first on the lettuce before the fork (thought it was green paper) :-D

Congratulations, I won! Thanks Guntars!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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