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Residence House Escape Walkthrough

Residence House Escape

MouseCity - Residence House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mouse City. In this residence house, a stranger trapped inside. There are some clues, puzzles, and objects left. Find those objects and hints. Solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

collected about 30 items as usual in a 8G one...

several waste pieces go in blue bin right of bed

Hi Alpha, I'm still collecting.

In 2nd scene take the book, and use the cutter knife to take a page out of it. Then cut four shapes from this page (use knife again).

Click each shape and colour it with one of the pencil.

I just can't see where to use all of these puzzle pieces I've picked up.

cut out page from book & cut out shapes from page to colour with pencils


to save you from trial & error ;-P

oval green
rectangle cyan/blue in puzzle
triangle red
pentagon purple

don't miss number on cloud

dunno yet Erica...

tear crystals go on unlocked slider puzzle in 1st room

Erica, you have to see the clue first: shelf in far right in second scene

Hi Erica...

open panel in start scene above sofa with one of the keys. Those tear shaped gemes go into the slider.

That tear thing is strange, got them into the centre by chance.

4 metal boxes for marked spot in kitchen

assemble blue square button

argh, how can you get yellow & green right at sliders?

Use crowbar from the four buttons at the cupboard in same scene.

use walking stick under bed

still no luck at sliders...

Thanks Hotzenplotz!

I don't like hotspots right next to the navigation arrow because I usually overlook them entirely.

oh, missed liquid bottle in kitchen CB

Thanks Alpha for the stick hint - that was my last item and I have hit every other pixel in the game. Got my last two puzzle pieces now.

Man, seems I had much luck with the slider... it suddenly opened.

Puzzle gives three matryoshka pieces. Hope there's still enough luck for me...


SPOILER sliders

Y top, Y bottom, Y middle, P top, P bottom, P middle & the 2 blue ones (move each alone)

Why do I always end in those sliders with only two things to be changed which is impossible for me to do?

oh, no another slider...! :-/

Ha! Proud of me, got it at last. Gives the final key, out. :-)

in-between check

place matryoshka bottom left, 2 blue ones already set, another blue one right, then turn smileys & mathryoshkas & you may almost get it ;-P

thx MC/8G for a pretty enjoyable game ☺
tear sliders were tricky

good job merit ☺

Thanks a lot! If this was made by 8G it was one of their better games.

"Hey, let's make games where the player has to collect 800,717 items. I know it's not as good as puzzles that are well thought out and provide an intellectual challenge, but it'll keep them busy. Oh, it's taking us a long time and we're running out of places to put hotspots? Well, let's just start putting 2 and 3 items behind puzzles, so we can get this finished up."

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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