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Yolk Matryoshka Doll House Escape Walkthrough

Yolk Matryoshka Doll House Escape

YolkGames -  Yolk Matryoshka Doll House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Yolk Games. You are trapped in this matryoshka doll house. You can unlock the home from here by fixing the four matryoshka dolls in the door. Your goal is find the matryoshka dolls and fix it. Be freed! Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

2 sneaky clown tiles

under mat & behind train

items in inventory keep disappearing & appearing again...?

crank from sliders* is for orange box

*hint from computer, hint for that is from

assembling football

my forelast clown tile was under lying book in shelf

number poster for coloured numbers drawer puzzle

drawing from coloured numbers shows


for swapping items on shelves

water planted seeds from swapping items for

letter hint

key from placing flower tile for aquarium

missing top of hat clown tile...

I just need the square puzzle. I think the hint is at the foot of the bed but I tried a number of combinations...

This comment has been removed by the author.

ah, almost missed grid top left of door

squares on bed give hint, but can't make it to work yet...

It won't let me solve puzzles until I look directly at the hints for them. Like with the crumpled paper/3-digit code. I saw the numbers when I grabbed it but it wouldn't trigger until I opened it up in my inventory. :/

help to solve the tile puzzle.. cant solve it

just now found the hint ... I made it..
I m out...
Nice Game...

Nobody can, it seems.

Share then?

you can solve if you would have seen the hint of that puzzle... near the BED & DRUM like a design

I said I already found the hint, and I've tried about 50 different patterns.

well, I hate do do that, but after trying loads of square combos I peeked at the VWT ('cause what I hate even more is to be stuck ;-P )

make the 4 squares in the corner bigger (4x4) than the one in centre, but don't fill them

or visual help


Checked the walkthrough: the grid needs four big squares in the corners and one in the middle. Not like the hint on the bed board :-(

The bed clue is BS then because it has all the squares the same size. FFS.


See this link

I have made it

Thanks @AlphaO. That was a pain. 4:20am, off to bed.

the square puzzle
4 outermost 4x4
and minor in the middle

besides that %ç&£ç*ç/%£ grid with a wrong hint IMHO a really enjoyable game - thx Yolk ☺

Hi Game Lovers,

We thank everyone, who played our games..
& Thanks for your comments..

The five square puzzle was retarded

Thanx for hints everyone
Got 3 then spent 5 mins looking for the fourth one
Hidden in full view on top of cabinet

Thanks @AlphaO. That was a pain. 4:20am, off to bed.

Great game, could've been
rated higher if not for
the bad grid clue!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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