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5n Escape Room 1 Walkthrough

5n Escape Room 1

5nGames - 5n Escape Rooms 1 is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. This is a new escape game series for you and in each part, you will present with a tough room escape challenge. Assume that you are trapped inside a room which is filled with fog and you can’t see anything because the fog is hindering your vision. You must get rid of the fog only then you can see things clearly and find a way to escape from the room. Use objects and solve puzzles to escape from the foggy room. Good luck and have fun!

Play 5n Escape Room 1

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

thx Escapist

LOL what's this fog about - to see nothing it seems...

Hi AO, have you found hammer and chisel to use on the fan?

found chisel & hammer (both on floor) for padlock at vent

now I can see clearly

ah hi yvonne & yep (as you can read) ☺

took broom & made a mess with liquids ☻

& a mess with flowers LOL

AO, I hope you're going to clean up your mess LOL

Broom to clean up the liquid in middle scene and put it in to the left vase besides door - now stuck with some kind of pliers

stuff on shelves is hint for box in vent scene

pliers for die for fire

put the broom head in brown stand and set alight for no's

Combine dice and pliers. Put broom in vase left of door and light it with lighter.

nice use of crowbar, i.e.

on handle

Sum of opposite sides of dice is always 7.

Not getting 4 # hint from die ?

cleaned up my mess with liquids, but where to use the wet cloth...?

Out after solving the yx-thing - no idea how!

opposit sides of a die give a sum of



bandy, on dice to # is 4, left # is 5. See my earlier comment about sums on dice.

Both sides of a die are always 7 (5-2/3-4 etc) look at the yellow point of the N# 6

OH Ok I see now Thanks !!!!!

POP use wet cloth

top right of CB in vent scene for xy hint


wheel is set up at


click centre button after each adjustment

ah, next level coming - looking forward...

I liked this game, sth else somehow (e.g. crowbar use) - thx 5n ☺

Fun little game Thanks for the help!!

spoiler for die

top4 right2 bottom3 left5

Good morning everyone. Arriving now !

I can't use the blue cloth anywhere in vent scene. what's the trick??

Well this sucks! Help please, anyone still here??

plz read the beginning of my comment at 5:49 AM ☺

Used the crowbar on circle on right of middle wall, then blue cloth, and screen got so dark the game was unplayable.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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