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5n Blue Treasury Cave Escape Walkthrough

5n Blue Treasury Cave Escape

5nGames - 5n Blue Treasury Cave Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. Assume that you are trapped in a place which has been surrounded by a huge compound wall. It is not possible to climb the wall and escape from the place. Only way to escape from the place is by unlocking the gate of the wall. It really takes some serious works to escape from here. Are you ready for it? Relate objects and solve puzzles to achieve your goal. Good luck and have fun!

Play Blue Treasury Cave Escape

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Not sure I like the way the inventory operates in this one.

You need to combine several things in inventory to make a fire (use knife on long piece of wood, twice, pour oil, rub stone together), then light torch (stick plus cloth).

You can them light the torches in the game scenes.

Use hammer in right room for medallion 2

I´m stuck after finding letters grid.

Medallion 3 on wall in first scene, above right arrow.

Remember to check scroll in upper right of screen for clues

Key from chest in right room

Saw from using skeleton clue on chest 2, right room

Use saw on barrel for wheel. Wheel placed outside bars, right scene.

Hi Roberto - didn't see your comment till now : )

Haven't seen letters grid yet - you must be way ahead.

Key on chest in first room for flask

Found letter grid. Use hammer again on wall in right room.

use hammer on wall in second scene for letter grid

Keep winding wheel to lift bars. I'd been looking for some hint to go with it, lol

5 spiders in third scene are the clue for letter grid...

Pink poison bottle from tub in new scene. 5-letter puzzle on chest

Ty Hotz : )

Thx Hotz!

2 digits on bat.

Give spider to bat

2-digit puzzle gives key to chest in third room. 3 bottles pour into flask.

Out after solving slider puzzle. Thanks for the help!

Use torch on spider web

Slider pic is a nighmare

Yes zuleika smith that's puzzle I salve

Ofter puzzle salve got a one skull with gold

Very nice puzzle

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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