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Butterfly Escape 73 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 73

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 73 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. You are enjoying your time in some nice room. Suddenly you realized that there are some butterflies in the room. Will you manage to get all 10 and release them to the freedom? Start by looking for clues and try to solve some puzzles to obtain new hints or objects. Good luck and have fun!

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yay angelika!


Game loading...

Spongebob! Turn him around...

Great! Angelika is back again!

hi (again) all ☺

wow, again a new one so early after the previous game...!

Can't make ladybird move yet.

Hi everyone.

great tune, but geting disctracted by listening the lyrics LOL

What to do with the ladybird?



zuleikha get to the keyboard

With the ladybird, note that you can look at the keyboard below and click the direction arrows. Make a note of which way it needs to travel in the maze, then input the sequence. Don't forget to press OK.

Just lots of puzzles that aren't working right now.
Opened desk with 4 nr code.
Put green thing there it belongs.
Turned Spongebob around and got butterfly.

Did keyboard controls work for you Dazz?

Lol - forgot to press ok : )

thankfully not a flood of words from Spongebob while opening his mouth ;-)

Got problems with loading here too...

Finally in, and it works! :-)

Anagramm no problem for the experienced hunter.

@Nomnivor: 4-number code is probably so obvious but I'm missing it. Can u drop a hint?

you may download ccleaner & clean registry & temporary files...

POP - got it. I'm so dumb!

picture for 4#: 3803

For the spiral with the colours - note not just the colour order but how many things are contained within those colours = order and number of clicks.

Okay, how to get out? :D I have all the Butterflies, i just can't find a way...

for colours

also count

Okay, found it. Text message on phone gives color code for mouth thingie on the wall. Don't confuse left and right blue.



hammer for pot

Zuleika, it is on the picture with the lake. Take the whorles and the redlection of the whorles, put them together and there will be numbers.

Thanks Alpha for your advice but I don't have admin rights here.

water bottle for cactus

petals for 3#: 456

Use hint from maze on 3 cubes in bureau

Game has suddenly gone very laggy - must be volume of traffic. Very popular games, Angelika!

"Butterfly" on pictures

frogs for 3 green tops: see the postion of flowers 1-6


That took me ages to try water on a cactus, LOL!

colors from maze for cubes: GCPCGP

Use frog int in drawer on 3 'spring' frogs by spongebob

* in the drawer

duh - click apple to turn on screen

@Clodagh, similar behavior here. Once I placed the picture frame to reveal the anagram letters, the game was very slow to respond.

However, this is almost certainly a client-side issue due to poorly optimized Flash code/content rather than a network traffic problem.

All in all, it was a lovely escape in spite of the terrible performance.

In this laggy mode the anagram word was a pain!

had to put in ladybird code a few times correctly till puzzle worked...

The message hint was a typical conversation of young people nowadays, LOL

Great game, but very laggy.

picture gave word: BUTTERFLY but game became so slow and laggy

ditto here re lagging

Seems we have to escape via big 'face' on wall. Still telling me 'puzzle not working'. Got all butterflies.

bottle opener for petal code

a script is not working properly...

Same here after placing the picture.
Firefox wants me to debug the script -
can't go any further.
Will try it later again.
But still a great gane so far ...

Hi ..
I don't want the answer for the remote on the table, just .. where is the hint for it?
At this moment 'the puzzle isn't working'.

yep, restarted as well. and I read I'm at the same place as Zuleika.
Let's share a cup of tea/coffee while waiting?

The butterflies are out, and so am I. Thanks Angelika and thank you guys for good hints.

Don't forget to pick up and check the bottle cap after opening the bottle - clue for phone.

can't continue to play, it's freezing my whole computer... :-(

Coffee sounds good!

aahh, thank you Clodagh, I thought I already tried that .... not then.

Yes - must be some glitch. I've done everything apart from remote and face on wall. got all butterflies. Can't move forward. Tried to spell out 'butterfly' on remote but 'puzzle not working...'

Tvm Clodagh - missed that completely : )

and I meant phone, not remote .... sorry.

We all need coffee!

bottle cap for phone

and stuttering in a shocking style they fly out.
Good game, Angelika.

Ah out through letterbox. Really nice game. Ty Angelika. Looking forward to next one : )

Sorry!i am working on that, the problem will be fixed soon

No worries, @Angelika. It's just so nice to see the developer/designer quick to address bugs that show up. (:

Thank you all for your nice comments sorry for the bug, the game is already fixed

Yep, still laggy, had to give up. Barely moving at all now.

thx for fixing Angelika

can you tell me the title of the tune & composer plz

refresh with Ctrl+F5 & start from scratch

Just replayed the game and can confirm that the lag issue was resolved. @Jenny, you may need to refresh to ensure you are getting the updated version and not a cached one.

great game!
thx Angelika for yet another very enjoyable creation & thx ppl above for some of the hints ☺

AlphaOmega Millionaire_Blonde_-_Sulla_Terra_-_ft._Massimiliano_Vado

btw it's only the very first time after 73 games, that such a more serious issue appeared...

AlphaOmega ΑΩ Many thanks!

Thanks Alpha, I had to actually quit, shut down my browser and start again but it finally worked properly.
It is a lovely game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you for fixing so quickly, Angelika. Enjoyed this game very much. Thank you again.

game is a slow though, but better than before

LP,O,LP,RP,O for face

thanks angelika:)

Jenny , clio_rose, Dazz Ley Many thanks!

Angelika, this game was excellent. Such a joy to play. Beautiful scenery, clever puzzles but still perfectly logical. Thank you.

Janet many thanks!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anagram caused the fast train to crash. When restarted it had turned into a slow coach. In fact, the entire computer had to be shut down and restarted.

Problems with game. It slowed my laptop.

thanks Angelika for nice game :)

no problem for me after restarting game

and thanks guys for help

seb many thanks!

I wrote that the game is fixed, refresh with Ctrl + F5

Beautiful Game Thank You Angelika x

Angelika - I don't know what goes on in your brain, but you keep on coming up with these wonderful, twisty beautiful puzzles and games. How do you do it? You are so incredibly clever!!

ting ting,Zoe Thank you very much for your kind words!

Beautiful as always!

Лиззи Thank you very much!

Bere Ciuc din România? :D Adorabil start! <3

Beautiful game again Angelika.
Thank you.

I opened the beer, zoomed out, read the comment about the clue ... and the cap isn't on the table anymore. It seems I can't finish the game.

sorry. It was on my inventory. Are so many banners and ads around that I didn't even notice that exist something in my inventory.

Austen Thank you very much!

Thank you Angelika - great game - always new and creative puzzles - couldn't do this one without hints from smart people!

       Anonymous  9/19/16, 1:35 PM  

Excellent one, thanks

AmyElvis, Mig Uri, Thank you very much!

Great game thanks Angelika

Fantastic game Angelika
Loved it
Thank you
By the way Butterfly was little bit obvious!
Loved the cellphone bit @ the end
5 stars

Thank you Angelika! Loved it and always fun!! Xo ThxACxo

hectorpector67,Joe M,Sharon Thank you very much!xo

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I gave the right sequence with the arrow keys for the ladybird-maze - yet it doesn't seem to be working... Wonder what the trick is.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great game like all of you, Angelika.

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