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Chicks Hide and Seek 27 Walkthrough

Chicks Hide and Seek 27

Yuuri - Chicks Hide and Seek Escape 27 is another Japanese point and click escape game created by Yuuri. In this game, you try to save the chicks. Are you able to find them all successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

yay Yuuri - chick, chick, chick! ☻

like the sound they make

must press center button after following clue for red/white squares

that's a tricky one...

lift poster & lift its edge again

Hi all. joining now.

place ruler with holes over pillow with red/white spikes for hint, combo with

fan for l/r

hi AO, Jenny! have 8 and 12423 works on floor tile combined with picture on wall. can't find chick from ceiling under tile

Gather all the nestlings) For the two buttons need a stencil on the spikes and a fan (white-krasnyoe position button) podskazka.Chisla on the fan to the floor.

LOL hypnotize guard ☻

stick for ceiling

hi leo
it's the ceiling when you're standing in front of big cabinet (already opened)

What leo said about floor tile clue. But I found it to be quite buggy, so you might have to click a tile several times to make the "sliding" sound once. Also...there's nothing under there and not sure what to do next.

ah, haha, tie flower

thanks AO! i already got the chick to fall, but i can't seem to find it :/ i checked the floor tile in every scene but nothing

What leo said about floor tile clue. But I found it to be quite buggy, so you might have to click a tile several times to make the "sliding" sound once. Also...there's nothing under there and not sure what to do next.

I knocked the chick down from the ceiling but I can't find it now.

gotta go. leave good hints please. I would like to finish this one. I have only 6 chicks and nothing left in inventory.

had to replay to get chick from floor tile and chick that fell from ceiling. not sure what i did wrong at first, but those were my last 2

such a cute game!

when i replayed, i did tile clue first to get chick hiding

then i used stick on ceiling, but i waited until chick fell off screen and it automatically cuts to chick standing on floor. DO NOT use down button as chick is falling

yep, buggy - the first time for Yuuri... :-(
I restarted & have now chicks where they weren't before...

don't forget to click chicks at the very end ☻

lovely, lovely game, but also tricky - excellent one - thx Yuuri ☺

only bummer about the glitch

10 chicks quickie ☻

- window
- unlocked drawer
- cage (3#code)
- l/r drawer
- niche behind poster
- ceiling
- vase
- flower vase
- hat
- under floor tile

where is the clue for the L/R drawer?

look at strings on fan (colours) & combo with pillow with ruler (colours in holes) for l/r hint

bug game

Very sad situation for buggy chicks...

My chick from the ceiling never showed up after falling. Never done one of these that was so buggy.

where is the chick under the floor tile? and where can i find the colour code for the closet?

The bug is fixed now, i think..
For under the floor tile, you can see the picture with the numbers for clicking order.
Colour code will be shown after you find all the chicks!

no still buggy. my ceiling chick is gone. :(

There is no chick under my tile, either before or after ceiling chick, which is also lost. So I guess it's still buggy.

Yep, game's buggy. Ceiling chicks disappeared, nothing under the tile.

The author says unfortunately the bug is shown up for the first try only, and when you refresh or restart, the chicks will be okay... she tried to fix it but couldn't do in anyway and she is sorry about that.. :(
I am sorry too.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please don't place buggy games here

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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