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Escape From Plaza Athenee Walkthrough

Escape From Plaza Athenee

EightGames - Escape From Plaza Athenee Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, an room boy trapped inside the Plaza Athenee. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the room boy to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Ah, today it's working for me. Going to collect the stuff.

Tough choices, with both 8G and Mirchi showing up at the same time.

Let's find all the stuff, @merit!

Erlenmeyer flask on right-side table in scene left from start. Also, pick up a symbol piece too.

If you want to leave the bottom row of map you need a key (which I don't have of course).

Living room with blue lamps (2 left from start): You can open the table drawer by clicking. Insert an orange star button and a lightblue button (both collected earlier). Then you can use the LR hint from far right scene.

Another flask (w/ red acid) in next scene left. A Florence flask can be found in the scene right of start. Looks like we'll be doing some epic chemistry with this epic background music.

One right from start: there's a empty flask on the table in the background. Pour red and blue acid into that, then place the yellow spray bottle to the right and pour the purple acid into it. Hope that makes sense! ;-)

I muted the music right after my ears exploded! ;-)
You know the names of those flasks: respect!

Ah! In far right scene use that spray you made on the carpet underneath the table and wipe it with cloth for the word hint in same room (which was obvious but didn't work without clue).

Spray bottle is used on floor in right-most room. Use cloth afterwards for solution to the 5-letter puzzle in that room. Get a key!

Don't try to follow those arrows on word clue - just make the word (big hint: look at the name of the game)

And build a kind of face, made of two black eyes, a yellow mono brow and the glasses looking thingy!

Coloured balls go into the big grid in red living room (right from the bathroom after using key)

Got the two batteries, one from bedroom behind pillow in 2nd row on map, the other from the room one to the right.

Angry Bird eyes are used in exit scene.

Seraku, are you still there? You can't leave me alone, especially without Alpha by our side.

I'm still here, @merit! (:

Stuck trying to figure out how to apply the clue to the painting with the arrows. I've tried all combinations of the arrows, so perhaps there is another piece to the puzzle we need.

I think the book with arrows is for the 8 arrows left of start but dose not work ?

POP! I was right about the arrows, but be warned. There are two "up" positions when cycling through the arrows. (Note that it takes five clicks not four to make it through.) That extra position made it look like the arrow was right but the game counted it incorrectly.

Oh, I'm missing the last piece of the puzzle. :-/ Hope I'll find it by chance.

Solved the grid with coloured balls, book is the clue. Just move the balls in the given directions.

Sorry, it was not the book which gave the grid clue!

Clue is the picture to the right of the tetris thing (missing some tiles of that too).

hi (again) ev1 ☺

still live?
finished Mirchi & joining here now...

@merit, I'm missing the red ball for that grid puzzle. Do you remember where you found it?

Hi bandy, almost didn't see you!

wow, great dramatic movie music

Found the last puzzle piece! :-)

I am looking for red ball also?

ah, it's one with locked doors in-between..

Never mind... *sigh* It was right under the puzzle on the table. /:

And there is Alpha, hi!

Seraku, I think I found those balls in plain sight, maybe one was hidden behind a pillow?

oh, a hotel in Paris!

These games would be so much better if they would take away hot spots after they are used !

I picked it up just before I got the blue ball. For me it works best to make screenshots of clues (print, alt+tab, strg+v in a .doc file). Got that screenshot from opening the book, and I had the red ball above the blue one, then two colour buttons (which came I think from the last scenes), then the remote. Don't know if that helps.

Red ball is below the grid

I have completed the paper puzzle and put it on the colour hint in 2nd row, first room left. Now looking for a place to use it.

don't miss cue in room left of start

at window

Anyone know were to use water bottle ?

use cue on glass table in start scene for ring puzzle tile

@merit, it's for the end room I think. But I can't make it work. I've tried combining it with the TV clue for an order as well as reversing it too. I'm probably making it too hard.

Hello all, very late joining you.

The book was in fact the clue for the arrows picture in room left from start.

I turn the arrows in upper row according to the left arrows from book clue and those in bottom row according to the right arrows. For example: Red in upper row arrow up, red in bottom row arrow right.

First it didn't work to but then I clicked somewhere in the picture (maybe the red in upper row) and it opened. Gives two tetris tiles.

Hi meth!

Water not used yet.

Water bottle used in bathroom where you fill it up. Click around the middle and you'll get an alternate view. Pour water on towels.

Dang, have to leave for 20 minutes or so. Leave good hints!

Thanks meritneith but it won't work for me so I am out by X, got to do some work LOL

That's weird. It took ages to load and I started in top row on map. Now I am back on the bottom row and the door is locked preventing me from going up again.

Hmm... must still be missing a block somewhere, as the sigil* puzzle doesn't work yet.

(* You'll get the reference if you've played the Talos Principle.)

although merit mentioned it, I can't find 2nd battery...
(the one from room with dark red chairs & ball grid I have already)

@Alpha, one battery was behind a pillow on a bed if I recall.

(2nd row, middle room)

ah, got it - thx Seraku
in middle room in 2nd row from top

Anyone find the clue/solution to the puzzle in the room two left of the start? It's the one where you place the spinner buttons.

can't get arrow right as per book...
(although merit explained it very well)

there are 3 hints with that colours, one from TV, the other with the other colours (e.g. lavender) & the ones in bathroom
but dunno if it's for that puzzle you mentioned & how to combine if it's necessary...

@Alpha, see my comment at 3:34AM. I think there's a bug in the game in that there are five positions for the arrows, two of which both look like "up".

@Alpha, bathroom colors are for the RAND 4-letter puzzle, to be combined with the clue on the wall where you overlay the paper.

The TV clue may be it, but I'm not sure how to apply it.

Wrong timestamp sorry. 3:43AM is what I was sure I had typed.

When I had the arrows in the correct position, I then click the two up ones again once each - they didn't move but the cover opened.

also missing left paper piece...

@Alpha, left paper piece was on a coffee table by some candles/wine glasses. 2nd row, left-most room, if I recall correctly.

have the tetris tiles from arrow puzzle now, fiddled around with the up arrows a bit...

For spinner buttons I got it by mistake. I had put in TV colours, then turned first two buttons one turn each and it opened.

When I put in the TV colours, I meant I put those colours at the top.

@methanwy, that worked for me, thanks!

Thanks Methanwy - that worked for me too! This game is driving me crazy.

I've tried that ANDR puzzle every way I can think of. At least now the TV clue is out of the picture. Or is it.......?

still no left paper piece... :-/

LOL ditto here Clodagh

& thx meth for the colour ring solution, that worked for me, too - odd...

AO look on table in tetris puzzle scene

to be precise, it's the bottom left paper piece...

Tetris puzzle solution:


AO little coffee table down left in that scene

@Clodagh, @Alpha... The ANDR puzzle uses the bathroom colors as well as the completed paper placed on the one picture with the colors and names of colors.

Map the colors to letters using that clue, and then use the bathroom colors (right to left).

that was it - thx bandy

now where to apply this paper?
(only skimming thru comments, so I may overlook the corresponding post...)

Put it on colors on wall I have to run GL EV1

Whew... I'm finally out! Thanks to all who gave hints here.

And thanks EightGames for the game.

But I thought I did that Seraku - tried again with no success. What am I getting wrong? By my reckoning, blue=N, yellow=D, red=A and green=R. Using the towel hint that should be DNRA, but it isn't. Help!!!

missing H & L square...

Back again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Clodagh, use the colors backwards, that is, right to left. Not sure why it is that way, but it worked for me.

Ah OK - read your post properly this time - read the bathroom colours RIGHT to LEFT!

Thank you Seraku!

tetris puzzle is great, just can't get it right LOL

@Alpha, I posted a solution earlier if you need it.

Wait till you get to the HOTEL one AO...

which comment Seraku?
(there a loads of meanwhile...)

for what have I used the hint right of tetris?

still missing the L...

@Alpha, sorry... It's my only imgur post in this thread, but for reference it was at 4:36AM.

Hm, I'm still missing one brown ring for the exit scene. All items used so far, missing some tetris tiles (got 9) and one letter block. The H.

ah, got you screenshot - thx Seraku ☺

H comes from tetris

Can't remember where that L came from but I could swear they all were in the rooms in upper two rows.

Oh. Thanks. Then I might need that brown ring for it.

Thanks for screenshot seraku. That gets me out.

do you remember if the L was hidden or in plain sight?

ah, didn't solve grid yet - duh

No, sorry. I'd say no but it won't help you as I'm not sure. :-(

great, got the hotel one in a jiffy

thx ppl for the help left here & thx 8G for a pretty challenging game ☺
although I needed help with the tetris puzzle, I liked it, sth else than always those PITA sliders LOL

Got that darn ring!


Am I a cheater if I use Seraku's solution? And do I care?


Finally... but pure luck.

And out. Thanks to all for help and company!

Where was the last brown ring??

This comment has been removed by the author.

Under the table ... of course

could someone just spoil those DARN letters! Nothing I am trying is working. I have all the clues and read all the hints above but nothing!

@Jenny, here ya go:

4-letter Solution: SPOaILrERSnPOIdLER

Thanks Seraku, I guess my game is bugged. I have tried that solution several times but it does not open.
Out with red X for me.

It was nice until we have to combine hints for the 4 colors. Einstein is dead and Elvis has left the building. We are not supposed to spend our week on this fatal combination. Bye bye 8. 1 f''' star.

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