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EG Wooden Living Room Escape Walkthrough

EG Wooden Living Room Escape

EightGames - EG Wooden Living Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a stranger trapped inside the wooden living room. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, don't miss a key under chair in start scene

don't miss the small key in first room

hi (again) all ☺

thx 8G for the game ☺

it will be a long one:
more than 18 min. of VWT...! :-o

Hi Hotz!

Slow loading for me.

And hi others! ;-)

use knife on logs

Some items are smaller than my curser.....

Still staring at a white screen.

loads of 4#codes...

red button for room 2 left of start scene

I stuck with 4 metal balls and a clock. any idea?

use hammer 4 times on log

btw, the wood is very hard, you have to use the hammer more than once...

metal balls go on grid in room left of start

is it a nonogram...?!

Knife used both on three pieces of wood in inventory and on wood by door.

use knife on three wooden circle pieces

rings go in room left of start for

even more metal balls


Just match the colours on RGYB balls.

where is the knife?

from animals under red button panel

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hope no one is colour blind 16 different shades to work out...

I tried to use the clock to get some 4#codes, but
1287, 1278, 8712, 7812, 3456, 6543 don't work at any #code...

What to do with watch?

number from hammer for right code in bathroom

Robert Palmer Williams, where should we work out 16 different color shades?

LOL! Looks like we're all stuck at the same place

1450 and 0250 don't work either.

use knife on outside wall

missing 2x 4-colour buttons...

Robert Palmer Williams, have you opened a door? where is the key?

this isn't a keyhole in start scene

use metal rod on pillar same scene as colour puzzle

you get the key after filling in the 4 number puzzles (clues from clock face)

No, I'm still behind. Haven't found the grid for the metal balls till now. Hope for an answer or a POP moment.

Robert Palmer Williams, where did you found that rod?

Can't find anything that looks like a grid for metal balls. Please help ....

the grid is just below right navigation arrow, 1 scene left of start

grid for metal balls in room left of start scene, at right side on a little sideboard, with keyhole, where you use key

don't understand clock for codes...

Grid for metal balls above drawer in dining room.

Robert Palmer Williams, could you give a hint how to get a #clue from clock and for which 4#code? I tried several combinations (comment @2:11 AM) but no luck...

the key puzzle is going to be really annoying...

Dang thanks, Hotz, just thought there'd be nothing to do after using key. Well, stuck now. Need three more metal balls. No items left, no clue for colored puzzle, no clues for those three 4# codes.

Found it. We need 8 metal balls?
And always had problems reading clocks :)

can't remember all the clock clues, only wrote down two

Spoiler alert:


Ah, no clue needed for colour puzzle. Got clock now.

4# numbers are

0135 - 0140 - 0235 - 0240

0140 goes to the one with the two dots -
sorry, forgot the others

phew, made it out!

can you explain how, plz

Out? I'm still trying to understand what I have to do in the metal ball puzzle!

ok, this is my fifth and last comment to ask for some help/explanation for this stupid clock codes.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could someone give any explanation how to get a clue from clock!!!??!??

this game is sooooooo frustrating......

Oh, I know what now. Not how...

nope, I accidentally closed the game and won't restart...

Hotz, I don't know either, just took the clue. Maybe it has something to do with turning the clockface?

Done the metal ball puzzle, wasn't hard.

place balls on grey places & match amount of them for each row & column (like a nonogram)
balls don't have to be next to each other

In the kitchen with 16 colours on the chair: 3x3 on drawer takes hint from one room to the left, back of sofa

when I have the solution of clock, I think it's to take the time first from 1 & 7 =1:35, then from 1 & 8 = 1:40 then from 2 & 7 =2:35 etc.

bad hint IMHO

Thanks Alpha, got it by chance.

AO - you have 1 and two on one side and the "minutes" 35 and 40 on the other

ads keep taking over the game screen every so often making it pretty much unplayable.. they say skip this ad in 5.. then go to black screen for ages... go away do something for a few mins and come back to the ad playing.. was enjoying the game itself but after 3rd occurence it got the big X and gonna give game 1 star

Kingman, adblocker helps.

16 colours are done. Those yellows and greens were sneaky. Doable when you're not colour disabled but if you are, impossible.

Outside (last room) use that chisel-looking knife at the fireplace.

i have several of them meritneith.. games makers i like i turn them all off... ones im not sure of i turn off the ones that the site recognises and wont load with them on, and leave the ones it doesnt to block the ads lol

argh, can't match the colours & I'm not colour affected!

Letter grid in kitchen with towel: clue is solved paper puzzle

Kingman, that's a science of its own, LOL

yellow are very similar, the brighter is top left


Alpha, in the puzzle the colours are more shining than in the clue.

For the yellow/greens (except for dark green): yellow is in top row, that bright lemon green in third row, apple green in bottom row.

And mind the oranges, in 2nd row it is brighter than in third row.

key is used in patio under roof

where to use metal rod?

thx tab - on pole in living room

nice, an LED bulb ☻

Metal rod is used in top row right room on pillar AO.
I'm looking for somewhere to use 8 keys.

thx anyway merit

btw in a game I played yesterday (I think it was find fairy, but not sure anymore), there was a

candy in a candle!!! LOLOL ☻

POP found it one room right of end.

on the pattern grid in room where you place bulb

Didn't play that game, haha!

That ornament puzzle is a nightmare.
Red x now!

That house clue on the lamp was a PITA

terrible pattern puzzle IMHO, I almost can't see them...! :-/

Well, the lamp clue wasn't as hard as the key puzzle. Zoomed up to 300%, hope that helps.

EG Some of us have ageing eyes! Out eventually.
Thanks for hints everyone.

oops, did it, but couldn't make a screenshot...

thx ppl for the hints above ☺

Got it! Zooming did help in fact.

Out now too. Thanks to all for helping, see you!

Except for the clock hint a decent game.

Well, for me after placing all the keys, the puzzle froze.

Last puzzle (keys) is impossible. Can't even see what is supposed to go where and then the stupid thing froze on me too!
NO stars today!

Don't know if this was already explained or not, but the clue from the clock refers to 4 times indicated by the red lines (sort of). They are:
(1) 01:35
(2) 01:40
(3) 02:35
(4) 02:40

I agree it's a stupid clue, but that's the logic behind it.

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