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Hued Garden Escape Walkthrough

Hued Garden Escape

EightGames - Hued Garden Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a gardener trapped inside the hued garden. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the gardener to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

very nice fitting tune to this scenery, but pretty hard to find stuff...

be prepared

VWT is more that 15 min. long!
(just always being curious about the lenght, i.e. some long lasting puzzles in the game)

crowbar for big rock in waterfall scene

iron rod for small rock 1 scene right from start

my last paper piece was in flower slots scene

well, now dunno how to proceed...
have still loads of stuff in inv.
- cage with parrot
- 7 x-square buttons
- 3 birds
- shovel
- key
- 1 wooden piece (need more)
- assembled paper

assembled the puzzle with letters & direction arrows, but dunno how to play it...

Hi! Shovel is used on lawn in start scene, gives a carrot.

well, my LTM (long-term memory) is offline again LOL, almost forgot already about the chest in start scene

gives colour code for same scene for


ah, hi merit & thx
glad you're joining, we are always the same gang in the mornings, aren't we ☺

shears from colour code for grass for 4#code, gives key

In the scene with the stone bridge (bottom row, right scene) there's a hidden panel near the flower puzzle (north-east from that).

Yes, and our team has proved to be successful in the end!

now have 2 keys & noone fits at gate padlock...

there are 5 birds in plain sight in first 6 scenes (till the gate)

Got a bad foreshadowing about the puzzle in start scene where you place the X buttons...

AO, 1 key for cage, 1 key for house in starting scene

Hi Hotz, every helping hand is needed! Looking for the fifth bird.

Till now I had two keys, one for the chest in start scene and one for the panel in same scene (left part of house).

And found the last leaf!

hi Hotz & thx

KOOKEE - cute ☺

Got last bird.

is it only me, or has this site pretty long to load when refreshing...?

only found 4 birds till now...
1 in start scene e.g.

in far top right scene (new scenes): you can pick up some pink flowers in top left corner

ah, no we can combo kookee with paper for the direction puzzle

Got the KOOKEE puzzle and a golden button now.

Rats! have to restart the puzzle already the 2nd time, can't spell kookee LOL
once you choose a letter you can't swap/replace it with another...!

sneaky grey stone in scene with 4 eagles code (1 scene left of white bench): just next to water to the right of eagles code

after placing KOO, take the 2 E's first, otherwise you must restart...!

Alpha, I had KOO and took K next instead of an E. I put that K one row up, let it there, went on with the two E, put them into their place, went down with the K again and finished the puzzle. So I didn't have to start over. If that helps you! ;-)

In new scenes now, think Hotz has nearly finished by now. Had two phone calls while fiddling around with KOOKEE and the X puzzles (which is not difficult but takes its time)

nice turn
place golden button in the slots around the scenes for flowers

no, I am stuck :(
I have 5 birds, 3 stones, 3 green and 3 orange puzzle pieces with zeros, 3 black puzzle pieces and a blank paper...

Okay, we can use the time you're stuck to catch up to you! ;-)

turn leaf obtained by x puzzle for symbol hint

POP, you can throw the stones in water (3 scenes right of 'end'): drag the stones on stone plate on the left...

Hello all
Thanks for turning leaf hint, Duh! I've been trying to catch up.

3 fishes give last 3 orange gems..

Have you completed the flower puzzles? The last three flowers came from the buttons in the stone stairs.

Stupid question, there you got your orange 0 buttons.

Hi meth!

As you didn't mention it: I've got a knife, I think from plain sight maybe in one of the first scenes after opening the door for new scenes. Haven't used it by now though.

sorry meritneith, I can't remember. I think, I got them from some codes...

hi meth ☺

knife is used on 4 wooden sticks

Hi Merit
Use knife when you have four sticks.
Use cloth on garden bench.

use knife on 4 sticks in inventory. put 4 sharpened sticks on a stone in 4 eagles code scene...

Ah, knife is used on four wooden sticks!

Thanks for singing a tune with four voices, LOL!

Sticks go into stone where big ball was.

pointed stick go in wooden bridge scene, 2nd scene from most right

new Mirchi out - CU there ☺ - bbl here...

Just to mention it:

I've got:

5 birds
3 green buttons with 0
3 orange buttons with 0
stone ball
3 black buttons

stone ball goes on top of pillar 1 scene up from gate...

Thanks, had completely forgot about that scene but had decided to try the bottom scenes anyway.

Exactly what I've got in my inventory Merit except I have one small stone as well.

Doable spinning puzzle today. Metal pipe now.

Hotspot in three navigation arrows scene. Throw in small stones for fish.

A small stone? Like those we've thrown into the pond near the waterfall or a new one?

Well, question answered.

methanwy, you need 3 stone (1 stone my comment @3:03 AM) read my comment @3:15 AM for, where you can use stones

Another green 0 button from putting pipe into the hole in the stone-path-in-pond-scene. Haven't used the 4# hint by now, will go down in map.

I think, 4#hint is used in 'end' scene

put birds on branches in scene3, but you will get anything...

Thanks Hotz, have my three fish now. Looking for things to do with paper.

POP, same scene as fish.

Hm. I went to all scenes now and checked them with tab (which shows puzzles and places to zoom in), found nothing to use my stuff. Strange: we had the birds before unlocking the first gate and they are still not used...

thanks methanwy!!

Good find, meth! Wouldn't have tried that on my own.

Time for maths! :-O

and out! thank you all for hints!!!


So the 4387 and the birds were red herrings? Or has my old mind forgotten that I had used them? Strange.

Thanks anyway for an enjoyable game with all your help and company.

OH, I'm out with my five birds ??
Didn't take screen shot of maths Merit, but I'm pretty sure my bottom greens were 482

Thanks for your hints everyone, and the game 8G

meritneith, 4387 is used on #code in 'end' scene, place birds on branches in third scene to open hidden panel on bridge...

Strange, I opened the panel on the bridge without placing the birds.

Just restarted to check and the birds did indeed open a panel that I had already opened.

don't miss flowers in most right scene

Played Mirchi meanwhile. I definitively didn't use birds and number. At 2:42 I wrote about the panel without even having found all birds.

ah, dip paper, but no zoom, in scene where you got fish

you're right meth
about the maths numbers at bottom

final maths


never found 5th bird, so that must be a bug, while I could open hidden panel just like that, without placing birds on branches

very nice game of this style, thx 8G ☺
liked the KOOKEE puzzle, although I had my difficulties with that LOL & the maths puzzle

Checked it again (and of course I needed hours again to find the last bird): if I place them on the branches it takes me to the panel directly. I could open it without that though. Little bug, no problem.

Btw: There are some of those redstarts living around here and breeding in a roofing in my neighbourhood. Like them, and they aren't very timid.

hey friends, that little bug has corrected and updated. sorry for that. Play, enjoy and leave your comments.

thx 8G for fixing ☺

Thanks for fixing, no problem as you still could play the game. You know I have been criticising you very hard in the past and have even refused to play your games for some time. But recently your games have become better and better (all of course in my humble opinion), and especially this one was fun to play as there weren't any of these mean sliding or spinning puzzles. So thank you, and if you want to do me a favour go on this way.

This one was really stupid.

I got the gold button, placed it in the slot in the gate, and got a flower. Then I went one scene to the right, placed the gold button in the slot, and the gold button disappeared. I can't find it anywhere and got no flower either! Help please.

Also, I Refreshed and then Resumed, and the gold button is still gone.

yesterday it happened to me too - losing the golden button while placing it to get flowers. Today, I restarted, all was ok. But now, I can't throw the stones into the pond, nor slide them on the slab on the left side of the pond. I'm getting tired.

stupid, stupid, stupid. The stones must be placed exactly on the edge of the slab, right under the fern.

Thnx AO for the math puzzle solution.
The game could have been 5* but the bugs and the annoying problem with the pond disappointed me terrible.

Today all the puzzles worked fine for me! Nice puzzles, not too difficult or frustrating.

I actually LIKE sliding and spinning puzzles...

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