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Escape from the Planet of the Dravids Walkthrough

Escape from the Planet of the Dravids

[REPLAY] KitFox - Escape from the Planet of the Dravids is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Mark McKay for KitFox. In this game, you guide your hero who had a crash landing on a remote planet. Can he survive? Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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good game. managed to sleep and got color stones, a glove, a machete, a boomerang and a hook. need to figure out cravings on the tree.
anyone playing?

made some progress finding new paths. now having more stuff but think i need to build a boat to get to the transmitting tower.

Got to the end and I'm trying to put in the code I got from the tower but it's not doing anything.

Oh! You need to get TWO views of the tower using your telescope.

what to do with the lizard or honeycomb? can't find other scenes after getting water in the pouch.

where is the telescope?

after putting water in the pouch, water the flowers by the cliff, they grow giving you more scenes

got it. having the telescope now.

I don´t know why put a link of the game above the game window. I clicked twice on it, and had to restart from beginning!

Going in :)

got long way but lost now LOL

hey Gika ya get out of other game?
sorry I couldnr remember all the pots

playing sticks with a dravid now..

nice nap...bad dreams?? I wish I still had my machete.

Hey again Leroy. yes I did :)

you will find it LOL

ohhhh more views where you cut tree.. Now I can see lizard and honeycomb ppl were talking about

plenty of views that slowly open for ya here..

use glove to take lizard (fire lizard? more like a baby dragon)

I stuck at village LOL

yeah do damage to someone LOL

There are symbol clues scattered about that give the correct color stone to place in front of the seated dravid in the farmyard scene

Why would I use boomerang when I have a machete to defend my myself??

What to do after solving sliders and flushing the water?

Don´t know where telescope is. Have a bunch of items but I´m stuck. Ladder, fishing rod, spikes, hammer, 2 keys, dynamite and many more.

Hi, enjoyed playing this one so far. But I got stuck at the flower-sliders. It's not the number of symbols on the paper, combined with the order of the flowers inside the cave.
How to solve it?

Fishing rod is used in the ocean, you'll catch a fish.

of course you first have to combine it with the hook.

Finished! Great game, thanks!

Finished! Great game, thanks!

is that a sheep or an elephant???

Thanks, now I found a new scene and got a pickaxe.

... and the flower-slider-safe inside the cave?

I am missing 1 colored stone and I don't know what else to do.

Clue for sliders is inside wooden cabin.

Use berries on ground where you use fighting stick with dravid, use vine as rope to climb down to box with lockpicks inside.

Where did you find the telescope?

placing stones gives scope..

almost missing the hook on my spaceship

You get telescope from placing colored rocks on the alien's table - there are symbols scattered around that tell what color to use

yeah heap of stuff LOL

what does the chief want?
I tried ladder etc..

Leroy have you used the telescope yet?

lol, I'm not going to repeat myself. :)

The chief inside the cabin?
He wants a vase just like the one on the shelf there.

Leroy, chief wants the matching vase - you get it in the wooden cabin when you pick the lock

he want a jar like the one he has placed in his shelf.

Repeat yourself - do you still need the slider clue?

Use hammer you got inside locked cabin to remove wood planks from window. Use planks to repair bridge in cave.

Thanks but found only blue clue not the others.

Leroy---You need the key to get inside the cabin.

One clue - orange maybe was on the tree trunk, red was the M in the chief's cabin

Roberto where the chief is there is the Red clue for stones and jar the shows you for the Green one.

Oh! I thought the jar was showing me blue. Thanks Gonna try.

Got it! Many thanks!

There was also a clue - the blue one? - on the wall of the white building in the village scene

I do, Janet.

In the wooden cabin above the bed was a drawing. use the heights of the buildings for the slider puzzle

ah, I see, I had the wrong drawing, thanks.

Sorry - saw that Roberto had posted a clue and thought you saw it

used hammer on cabin window

Yep - you'll use the flower drawing for the other puzzle in the cave

For the flower puzzle, use the 1st symbol for each flower combined with the order of the flowers from the other room in the cave.

where is the slider puzzle? I seen the heights clue. Also Ive used the red button.

Gika, the slider puzzle is in the lower room in the cave, just right of the bridge.

What does those sliders do? I heard a sound but.....

Gika, use the pattern from chief´s house to open the cave.

Ty Maximom but Are you talking about the cave after you place red button??? I haven't open that yet.

Ohh Thanks Roberto!

Open cave by placing button and then hit red dots as per chart in chief's hut

Sliders turn off the lava so you can get the pickaxe

In the cave, there are two other caves but can also go right on the path to get to the lava room

Have to go for a bit now. Bye

What to do with the keycard?

Ah Thanks I haven´t been in that room before solving sliders, that´s why I didn´t know there was lava in there.

Use pickaxe to widen hole in upper room in cave.

Ah! Use hammer and spikes on mountain, after using pickaxe.

Use telescope again outside of hole in cave wall.

Finally Out! Thanks all for the great help!

Dracarys!! for dynamite on plateau.

Leave fish on new plateau for giant bird.

Maximom "Dracarys" LOL

Honey badgers like honey and anything that it is placed upon.

Gika, I couldn't resist! Hope everyone is a Game of Thrones fan!

Maximum---I am a super fan that's why I thought it was awesome.

btw This was a nice game.

Thank you for all the help everyone :)

Hi, Been going around and around not being able to open the cave so I check the VW and sure enough, I was suppose to get a button after placing the second jar by the chief but I didn't get anything...

Hi, Been going around and around not being able to open the cave so I check the VW and sure enough, I was suppose to get a button after placing the second jar by the chief but I didn't get anything...

Dravidians. Hehehe.

       Anonymous  9/9/16, 4:33 AM  

for final code

enter symbols first from right side on tower, then from left side

       Anonymous  9/9/16, 4:38 AM  

yeah «DRACARYS!» - me liking GOT, but not the utter violence in it...

great game, like SF, nice graphics, good story, liked the bird & the puzzles, but had to get used on navigation first... thx Mark/KF & thx ppl for the hints above ☺

Excellent. Would love to see more from Mark MacKay. One small thing to consider changing would be the size of the dialog pop up. At times it was quite distracting, especially until you realize the size of the image map.

When I read the comments above, I think that I'm not playing the same game...
I have an orange stone, a red stone and a glove, that I can't use anywhere.

Great game! I enjoyed it! thx

pdgph - click on the top of your ruined plane - use the code from inside the plane (it's backwards if I remember) and you'll get a fishhook and a machete. The machete will open up some new scenes


Thank you very much ! So, these weird symbols are numbers...

Well, they are not really numbers... I was looking for numbers...

Was not easy for me but excellent. Thank you

Loved the game! I hope we'll be seeing more like this soon!!!

       Anonymous  9/9/16, 2:22 PM  

that was AWESOME! ty everyone for the HELP!

Excellent game. Loved the fresh design. Hopefully there will be more from Mark McKay

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 10:51 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for creating this game, Mark ☺

Use the TAB key to find several "hidden" navigation directions. I found two of the color stone clues difficult to clearly see the tint of without blowing up screen very large. Great game!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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