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Escape Game: The Hospital Escape 1 Walkthrough

Escape Game: The Hospital Escape 1

5nGames - 5n Escape Game: The Hospital Escape 1 is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. Assume that you are working at this hospital and today, you are in need of rare blood for the patient undergoing treatment. You don’t know where you have placed the blood bag. Try to find the blood bag before the operation to save the patient. Click on the objects and relate them to solve puzzles and achieve your goal. Good luck and have fun!

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Set the monitor going with red button, then green button for clue.

Use monitor numbers a second time.

Tab works in some scenes but not others.

Blood sample gives hint for sliders.

I can't even get started. what monitor?

door on the left Jenny

green #s for med kit

Door on left of start scene Jenny.

I missed top drawer in drawers on right in scanner scene at first.

xray on yellow lamp.

Direction clue not working for me.

scissors used in first floor patient's room

stuck after putting yellow liquid in water bowl. have 4 # code in shape of diamond but no where it works.

Mr Techie, have you put the teeth in the water bowl?

ah, check the brain pic on second floor wall

yup, found them.

Directional clue not working for me either. do we need to see/do something else first for it to work?

direction clue isn't for switches...

Door left of start scene did not open for me. I restarted twice before it worked.
Other than that not a bad game.

oh. then stuck with a microscope and a syringe full of blood.

Microscope goes on counter in room with no patient on machine, put blood there and check the scope

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arrow clue combined with another clue opens a cabinet. NOT for switches on MRI bed

Ah, 4# drawer will not open until you have seen direction clue.

TY, Jenny. that was a hard pixel for me to find.

And out. nice game. I'll hang for a bit if anyone gets stuck.

That's a weird blood pressure.

The music is perfect, should be in every Hospital!

Thanks for hints.

direction arrows are combined with lighted #'s on bed if I remember right.

microscope in CB in MRI room

handles go on light machine in exam room

thx ppl for your hints above & thx 5n for an enjoyable game ☺
loads of running back & forth with the lift though - cheerful music btw

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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