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Escape Haunted Mall Walkthrough

Escape Haunted Mall

OddSoul - Escape Haunted Mall is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Odd Soul. You woke up locked in the haunted mall. Your friends must be playing a sick joke on you! Oh well, just get up and look around for a way to escape. Try to keep your cool and try to forget the place is haunted! Good luck and have fun!

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pink gem in planter

hi (again) ev1 ☺

creepy stuff in this one (e.g. the arm)...! :-o

SD under Theatre

4 jewels to find

3 locked doors so far

really eagle eyes Dazz - such a little tiny SD!

crowbar in scene of useless things, use it last right scene

I accidentally zoomed back in on the jammed door of the video game and my green gem disappeared. Then my crowbar appeared back in my inventory and then it disappeared again. I guess I'm out of this one.

Going in!

green key in a bag in scene of trolleys

thanks alpha:)

crowbar bottom of CB in mirror pillars room

purplr key in abox in green room, use sd

that Arm really creeped me out!

the map is in the first scene, to the right of the dead tree lying on its side.

bag is top right

fixed arcade

flashlight in ceiling in purple room

ah, thx zoz ☺
such little tiny stuff, my poor eyes... :-/

gold key in dark room after the theatre, in chair

I was abut to ask about the map.

Thanks ZOZ

then crowbar in H

SD in F

purple gem in C

blue gem from word box: threat

red gem from grid box, clue in gold room

green key in M

purple key in K

and escaped, thanks selfdefiant!

Where is SD, exactly? I can't find it in Theatr-Scene.

purple door in B

flash in A

on the counter Nom

gold key in L

about bottom left

use flash

Ao Where did you used SD ?? Can't find it

green door in E

gold door in C

blue jewel in letter box in I, hint in F

Gika on the small box in the room you open with green key

Green key in M was hard to find

Have restarted three times. screwdriver wont open box in K. Green key room. had enough

use SD in K on box

played without a map,so don't know the rooms

The small box doesn't open with my SD :(

zoom in on box, hotspot is a bit scewed there IIRC

hairbone click a bit to the right of the corner of the box

Hairbone I am having the same problem

Thanks Dazz got it to zoom in and opened it

Man, what a pixel hunt today. But thanks, small box is open.

I clicked on my flashlight to use in dark room and it disappeared.

Can't zoom in on box in K. Where exactly should I click?

NVM, got it to zoom.

Moved the hit spot on the box, I thought was fixed. It must have been the ghosts!!

did you find golden key there Gika?

one jewel was in G (dont remember colour)

use crowbar from H

LOL selfdefiant!!

And finally out. Thanks for all the help.

No Dazz. My flashlight disappeared and it says its too dark to see. Now I will have to restart the game.

I'm looking into flashlight but can't seem to recreat it. It works fine for me.

grid hint in I but now I cannot find the grid anymore...

Thanks SD. I restarted the game. Will see if will work this time

SD it worked this time :) I love your games btw

would like to know what animal that is hiding behind the armchair in M...

alpha in the room before the theatrs scene, if I'm not wrong:)

hello, where is the grid box plz

AO the grid is in E

and I am out :) Thanks everyone of the help

ah, yes thx Dazz

grid box in E

red jewel from grid box

book for jewels in N

besides the tiny SD & crowbar an enjoyable game - thx SD & ppl for the hints ☺

Found crowbar, map, and 2 gems. Can't find SD or green key, no idea if it's just a pixel hunt or what.

Finally managed to find SD and green key. Can't open box in K with SD, nor will the box zoom. Not finishing. Never thought I'd see the day that I didn't like a Selfdefiant game. :/

yep, smokehalo
pixel hunt - stuff mentionned above in comments, you may search with Ctrl+F & keyword

I had a lot of problems with this one - I had both the green key and the purple gem, placed the gem and went to the green door and my key disappeared. But I had the gem back. Had to re-start (Played a 3rd time and this didn't happen again)

Also had same problem with not being able to zoom in on box and flashlight disappearing.

I can't open box with SD either?

as mentionned in comments above, click a bit right of box to zoom in

when I got to the door my red gem vanished - but I was done right? Don 't want to restart

No sorry, gave up half way through, too much a pixel hunt. Nothing really to hold my interest I'll wait for other games by SD as he is a great game maker, just not this one.

this is going to sound stupid but I cant find where to place gems, help please

Beth did you find the map? It is in room N. Go all the way up from the start scene, past the creepy arm.

thank you so much Gika.

No problem Beth :)

btw I am not the same beth I have seen on here before, I am Beth from North Carolina and I play on this site every day I just dont post much because its hard for me to type, but I could not make it thru half of theese games without everyones posts. Thank you ALL

btw I am not the same beth I have seen on here before, I am Beth from North Carolina and I play on this site every day I just dont post much because its hard for me to type, but I could not make it thru half of theese games without everyones posts. Thank you ALL

thank you so much Gika.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Good game SD. I guess the people who complain about pixel hunting don't know about using the tab key to highlight the hotspots.

for me tab d/w in SD games...

Ooops! Lost screwdriver clicking on gem hole.

Usually, I love SD's game (including the fact that SD himself answers to gamers and fixes quickly problems when they are some). But in this one, the items are definitely much too small. I have been staring during a long time at the scene where the crowbar is supposed to be, but I couldn't find it. For me, it was a pixel hunt, painful for my eyes and I had to give up.

This was released several months ago. Played it somewhere else.

No, g, this game was created by my and released yesterday. Thanks everyone!

No sorry SD this is sub standard for you. Couldn't find the green key - probably didn't help that half the screen was highlighted with the curser. Nevermind can't win them all.

As you all know I am an SD fan
Sorry guys and SD...I was NOT a fan of this one
The pixels were too small and a little obscure
SD games usually flow smoothly
This one just didnt
I guess u have spoiled us SD

vic, for your green key, go to scene where there is a useless junk and flashy neon, click top right corner, there is a handbag.

pixelhunt makes Selfdefiant's games cooler, it would be boring if these are easily found imo:)

oh c'mon Joe dude! I played this one without a map, and had no trouble finding stuff:)

Hey Dazzy
I guess I am getting old!
Played it without the map too
Can be done
Jusyt not up to his usual standards
That sall
How are you Dazzy
Hope you have recovered
Was concerned

thanks Joe! have recovered for long but what do you mean you're getting old?)

Vision not what it used to be without bifocals
Not as sharp as I used to be
Thinking more slowly and methodically instead of jumping to conclusions etc.
Glad u are better

you're cool no matter my dear young friend! don't let anything turn you down:)

I can't make every game the same. Each one has different elements to make it unique. I made the screwdriver small, imagine if it weren't. Do you know how odd it would have looked? Each object has a hot spot so you only have to roll your mouse around some. :) I could make the whole game a hot spot, I have before and the outcry was enormous. That is partly why things do change the cursor, for it to be easier. :)

that was my point selfdefiant, game would be boring if no hard thing is there

Good point SD
Great game anyway

As i said you have spoiled us

Good game. Scenery very different. Thanks, SD!

found grid pattern in room (I) have tried to use this on the box on the wall in room (E) to no avail, tried every combo imaginable and have refreshed several times ..start top left button to make a diagonal line to join bottom right?

POP only just saw on grid faint paler X's

On grid puzzle, you must
still click on the switch.


Fun game, thanks SelfDefiant!

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