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Find the Escape-Men 177: Museum Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 177: Museum

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 177: Museum is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No1 Game. Solve some puzzles and find the 10 escape men. This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

that will be fun for sure - thx No1 ☺

o-oh, a maze...! :-o

camera from season puzzle

lol, it's as good as ever. Some patience here and there, some determenation to get him out of the couch.
Great so far.

summer has a nice colour btw

ooh ... you're not allowed to take pictures here? That's not nice.

LOL Alpha ... thank you.

interesting fruit pics

have a look right of couch

need flash for under couch...

And the positions of the fruit in the modern fruit paintings called "Counting One at the Time" is important for clicking the
modern art frames called : "White Spots in Frame, No. 1 to 6".

Ah, but now that the Green Guard is safely stored in my inventory, I'm free to take a picture of that modern art!

great hint arrie ☻

I need his chair as well though ...

I even took a selfie of mine with the pics!

going in...

You did!? Nice for the photo-album. (no hint)

ah, 10 EM will help you in the maze
(it would have been a nice trick to look from THEIR position at their arm directions, but it isn't like this alas)

Stuck with 9 EM and a flashlight. Can't figure out where the missing one is?

forgot about the poster direction hint, had to go thru maze once again... duh

Oh I'm an idiot. Found the 10th. :)

the magazine is also interesting just to look at

btw, need flash under couch .... twice ...

and thank you for posting your selfie ... you look rather ... eh ... gray, Alpha.

for white pics


look not only which fruit pic, but also side of the fruits

---pic: MRLRLM
fruits: LRLLRR



10 EM show directions

poster shows EM order:

start left go clockwise


grey is fancy ;-P

10 EM


- selfie in magazine
- left pic above magazine stand
- waiter (take photo)
- behind waiter's chair
- on summer pic
- stuck in couch (click 10x)
- screwed poster (SD right side of couch)
- under couch (use flash)
- take selfie at fruit pics
- on season puzzle door (look a 2nd time)

btw you also have to colour frames at right side of couch

by the by, on the side of the couch, when you plug in the fruit colors, don't forget to also color the frames around them. ;)

LOL snap cate ☻

ahh, and for the safe in the right couch-arm, not only the colours of the fruit count, but also the frame, lol, the things you find out accidently.

AO, thanks for the frame hint. I was about to lose my mind!

pleasure Lizzie
we don't want you mindless here, do we ;-)

hahaha, yes, the direction of the greenmen + the direction on the board. fooled me as well the first time.
Wow, great quality game again.

and 'snap' here too Cate !
just refreshed.

hello alpha. :) great minds, eh? ;P

@arrie, there was something in the air...;)

always ;-P
(only not when LTM - long-term memory is offline again to remember where I found stuff ☻)

It's not a far trip...:)

I give. Where's the flash?

       Anonymous  9/23/16, 9:00 AM  

How do you take a selfie? I can snap pics of the fruit paintings, but that's it.

Flashlight is behind the 3 white paintings - Click on them in order of fruit from 1 to 6. But important to click on the right or left side of each pic according to which side the fruit was on.

Take a peek under the couch.

(seriously: where's the flashlight, y'all?)

To take a selfie, you need to get the flashlight and use it under the couch for the selfie stick

I put the frames to the right colors (white, brown, black) and the colors (red/orange; green stripe/red; and pink/yellow/green) but it's not right. Can't get the colors right...help!

Thanks, Janet!

ps, you need a selfiestick.
Look TWICE below the couch with your flashlight.

ah, Janet to the rescue already :) Thanks.

Gee Zoe, those colors worked for me - just tried it again

Zoe, are you sure your red/orange is correct?
Red on the left, orange on the right?
Same with green striped and red?

you write it down correctly, you see ...

Janet, I'm aMAZEd you got through that maze safely, with all those left/right directions, well done!

the frames, too Zoe ☺

Yes - I've tried it five of six times now. I even went to the WT to make sure I was doing it right, and it's still not giving me the SD. I wonder if I am supposed to do something else first? I have 9 EM

Whew! That was wild. Never played one of these before. Thanks for the help!

Yup, the frames: white/brown/black

The colors: red/orange, green stripe/red, pink/yellow/green

Oh, and I can still use the flashlight (I used it twice under the couch so far)

I have no idea Zoe. what you're describing is correct.

       Anonymous  9/23/16, 9:09 AM  

Ah, there are two sides to the underside of the couch. Thanks!

Zoe has the frames correct Alpha, read her comment at 9.01 .. replaying now.

it works instantly, you don't need to do something else first.

Pick on the poor directionally challenged people :-)

Well, I tried it again twice and still doesn't get me the SD, so I'll just call it a day on this one. Strange, tho, that it's only me with the bug.

pity ....

Yes, the only thing really left after that was the maze. (and the one EM from using the SD)

Well, I just restarted and, of course, it worked this time. Very odd, but at least I got out!!

Yes, arrie, I did notice that there was a red/orange as well as an orange/red, so I was sure about the correct one. I even tried the wrong one to make sure.

Oh, Great Zoe !!
Yes, I know you wrote it down correctly, but sometimes you get a blind spot when you try it often ...
I'm glad you're out.

I can't figure out the maze.

hi willis,
see Alpha's comment at 8.27.
Does that help?

Zoe, I think there is a bug. I had to cycle the white frame back to white to get it to work.

the 3 white paintings not working
first no.1 game, I`m not escape

Note: You need to find all ten escape men before entering the maze.

I can't click twice R. That spoiler above doesn't work. And I thought we should look at the green men what direction they are pointing on. The it should be LURULULRUR

oops, I forgot about the poster.

I think he's lost in the Louvre, hah!

Notice the inventory view of all 10 green men can be compared with the "exit" poster with directional arrow on the wall.

rot13 seasons spoiler zz ar nz et

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