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Girl Friend Fantasy Escape Walkthrough

Girl Friend Fantasy Escape

Games2Rule - Girl Friend Fantasy Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to see a fantasy world. You noticed that someone trapped a girl and her boy friend standing alone. No one is there to help that boy. You have to help the boy to rescue her girl friend by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Girl Friend Fantasy Escape

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The game froze on me when the five vines lowered. Anyone else?

Yep! Me! No problems with the five vines -
hint for towers scene far right

Now stuck with knife, stick and some gras

Wow - that was a long one and not really very logical

Have a lightning bolt, the knife, and a transparent egg.

In statue scene, there are two hotspots on the right tree that blend in with the one for forward.

The gourd hint for the tree isn't very good. Had to play with it for a while.

This is just weird. The dogsnake was a surprise.

I am stucky mcstuck... I usually like G2R! Lurker, which tree? I've got a file, a weird fruit and a knife and can't do a thing.

Sorry, that was me, can't log in for some reason.

Feed weird fruit to guy with eyes on top of head

Little men for snake head directions.

Venus fly traps for barns. Barns?!

Tree: The statue scene with the girl holding the green ball.

Lizie -- little men? Are you through the door? Where's the key?

omg, watched the same 2 minutes of the video about 5 times before I saw it. When you place the 3 shofars, you don't just get the color clue for the cards. There's a skull-mushroom on its side. Moving on...

Don't forget the green flower in the slider scene before first locked door.

"little men" are the petroglyphs with numbers under them.

Random, the eye symbol goes on the plant right above where you placed the 3 green flowers.

The drawings on the trees are LR clues for after the door.

Noooooo! A new set of scenes!

Transparent egg goes on stump in that first new scene. Looks like we need 2 or 3.

I need somewhere to put this dancing chicken before I lose my mind.

And a lot more lightning bolts.

Left scene, where the color/line puzzle is. That flat part up near the top.

Oh good. Thanks.

Green bug drinks from pool.

Place bug on sphere the statue is holding for another lightning bolt.

Knife on bamboo for yellow/blue hint. Use net in same scene to catch those two annoying fish.

Water the hole in lightning bolt scene for another square-berry.

Still need somewhere to open jar of fireflies, place for square strawberries, and place for fish.

Feed fish to statue in 6-house scene, but you have to find the two tiny hotspots on each side.

Running in circles, here.

Crap. Butter fingers and I accidentally clicked out. Good luck with this rando...

Putting out fires with water can got me last lightning bolt and… more scenes!

Okay, I'm giving up. I can't get to the new scenes, I'm stuck with a flower, a knife and a rasp and utterly stumped. Thanks for the hints anyway!

Fireflies on pearl for another strawberry.

Knock minotaurs over the head with 3 strawberries. After that, you can figure out how to use remaining inventory. Not that it makes any sense, but you can do it in one scene.

I'm with mrshamil .. How did you guys get through the door

Wheres the key for the first door?

Okay, checked out the wt. You need the last lamp to get the egg that goes into the minotaur's scene, which gives you the key to the door. My last two lamps were in the green jug and the puzzle under the two parrots.

Ok, couldn't resist starting over.

What in the world were they ON while making this game?

I give up.....too many scenes.....

Hmmm funny ending.

This game will not load!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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