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Knf Frozen Ice Cave Escape Walkthrough

Knf Frozen Ice Cave Escape

KnfGame - Knf Frozen Ice Cave Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Assume that one day you’re enjoying the weather in the snow mountains and all of sudden you fell into in a frozen ice cave and there is no way out. Later you see the way is blocked by a Ice rock. To blast the ice rock you need to use the objects and solve some puzzles around the cave and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in ...

LU/RU hint solves puzzle for hexagons hint

Not sure how to cope with double digit hexagon numbers.

Ah combine arrow hint with hexagons hint for 6 digit number

Mountains puzzle (right of start scene) make right hand side match left

Placing compass, fish and glasses gets key and ...knife blade?

Oops misinterpretation of hexagon and arrow. Just input the relevant numbers (shown by arrow hint) and get two ...fishing reels?

...fuse wires!

Use blade in scene with arrow hint for key in ice block

Break ice with stone for key. Use in start scene for 4-digit clue (use on rucksack)

I don't get the arrow/hexagon hint. I only get a 5 digit result (789 x 53 = 41817)

Some explosion - out. Went on a bit of a rollercoaster as hints followed on from one to another - sorry forgot to post more clues. But ...

Stick is pickaxe handle
Look closely at ski
Quite a few hidden hotspots where ice cubes etc hiding
6-digit clue from 3 'spinner' stars - above hexagon hint.

@ Casual: actually input those numbers where they should be on the hexagon. It will give you 2 x fuse wires reels.


Water drops clue please.

Missing spinner clue and slider clue among others.

Come on, Knf, surely you can make the game window smaller than this!

Too much stuff disappearing from inventory to play this game. 1 star.

missing a star and an ice cube, stuck with slider puzzle, tear puzzle, star puzzle, block of ice in first room.
what ski?

Unknown, the green cube is in the first scene behind some rock on the back, leftish.

Game remains small with
browser zoom = FAIL

Items vanish from inventory = FAIL

Navigation arrows move away
from cursor = FAIL

Required to BF puzzles = FAIL

Summary: FAIL!

1 star is too good for
this submission!

i just got a roll of red cable and black but now it has just disappeared off my list of stuff i have found???

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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