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Meena Locked Home Escape Escape Walkthrough

Meena Locked Home Escape Escape

Meena Locked Home Escape EscapeMeenaGames - Meena Locked Home Escape Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Meena Games. Imagine that, unfortunately, you locked inside your home. So, try to get the keys to unlock the home by using the hidden clues and puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in....

Ao Are you here yet?


placed a paper inside a hat (nothing happened) I guess I need more. Clock gives you color/ number clue

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Key for right room got eraser for dirty paper, gives 4 numbers

hi (again) ev1 ☺


placing 2 suns =key for right door

oh, I ♥ the tune

Use eraser on paper = number clue
To save your time the number is used on 2nd drawer where you found eraser

Wand behind couch cushion, two more clothes to put in hat around the room, use wand on hat

set telescope up in right room and look out window for word clue

stuff behind pillows and flower vase. place piece of papers inside magician hat and use the magic stick **Abracadabra**

Right room on dresser, connect symbols with same colors, use all squares

Sorry Everyone, hard to comment when they think you are a Robot..... :( :(

always ditto here Gika, know the frustration...

In starting room on bookshelf, there is one book missing (think of the order by year), that year goes in left room for bottles of color

oh, my, 3x 4#code...
you have to be lucky to get the correct number pad...

even 4x 4#code!

Still missing pink disc, 3 hearts. And no idea about those symbols, colors in far right room

make lines to same symbol, using same color for all the symbol puzzles in right room. Discs are placed by the front door and use boxes in inventory to click discs the same amount of times and bars on the boxes.

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missing pink & purple disk & 1 heart

where to use cloth?

POP for purple disk

dial gives colours for numbered colours puzzle

number for right room on cloth, got my last heart

what do you mean K Stevens?? I little bit confused here

smooth sailing after finding number on cloth

which puzzle Gika?

thx Meena for a nice game ☺

@Gika: join symbol squares of same colour by creating 'path' between them of same colour (click intervening squares to change colour)

the colors and symbols??? I am still missing the pink disc and 3 hearts. Have green and orange box in my inventory

Thanks Zu

Gika - you will get two more coloured switch boxes. Pressing switches will show vertical bars. Count lines. Gives number clue for another puzzle.

Where to put paper pieces (with dotted lines)? And where is hat ev1 mentioning?

TY Zu I got it. I just did not understand the color/ symbol thing!

I am out it was pretty smooth after that!

Oh dear god - how could I have missed that cupboard? (slaps self on wrist)

hi Zu
IIRC, hat was bottom in right cabinet behind panel in start scene

Ty ppl. If I hadn't missed that cupboard would have been out a lot quicker. Out now. Ty to Meena for good game : )

Not loading. I only see a bumping ball and hear the sound of an ad

Four 4 digit safes?!

That's a no-no!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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