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Mirchi Rock House Escape Walkthrough

Mirchi Rock House Escape

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Rock House is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to escape from the rock house where you are stuck. You have to solve some interesting puzzles and get the clue to escape. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we are! A glass of refreshing water after crawling through the hell of a desert!

here we are again, hi hi ☺

I try not to play too fast so the game lasts longer.

In the second room now, not hard until now.

And no game without a candle! ;-)

sometimes I think I'll stop posting, if the robot thingy doesn't stop to bother me... :-(

LOL merit ;-P

No robot today for me!

crosses for coloured numbers

count positions

Oh no, already out! I wouldn't mind if the Mirchi games would last more than an hour. Life isn't fair.

Thanks Mirchi! Alpha, I don't think you'll need help? Will stay here a few minutes, no other game to play anyway.

they should put the option that reCAPTCHA notice that we solved the pic mini game already loads of times in a row, hence it's prooved that we are not robots for sure & it can leave us in peace...!

the lever is for barrel to fill vase

Maybe we should send EG24 a message...

oops, almost missed to take the ladder

ah, that was such a relaxing fun, even more after that newest 8G - thx Mirchi ☺

& thx merit for your company - there will be new games soon, dead sure ;-)
(hopefully good ones...)

I suppose Escaper has to answer loads of e-mails re that robot thingy, it affects more ppl than you think... but if you want to, just do it - you speak better English than me to tell him what the prob is (contact link top right on this site)

Okay, I'll do that, will tell you if I receive an answer.

ok, TVM merit ☺

Ohhhhhh late again. Hi AO and Meritneith.

Good game :D

Very nice game Mirchi. Thank you so much.

Hi ppl you'll have gone now nice game thanks Mirchi didn't need the hints this time lol, I only ever got a robot once maybe my security stops them

Why does a ad come up after the game starts? Is it just me?

Great game Mirchi, thanks. !!

hello to whom might be around :)
where is the hint for the pink and orange solutions?
I still need to solve the puzzle from the 3rd scene, the one with the sack with seeds.

I wanted to refresh this page, in case that some new comments appear and I refreshed the game!! Thank God that I could resume it!
It took me a lot to realize that the letters+numbers from the walls are the solution for the puzzle from the 3rd scene. Then went smooth and I'm out.

Nice game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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