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Old Anchor Guest House Escape Walkthrough

Old Anchor Guest House Escape

Games4King - G4K Old Anchor Guest House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side an old anchor guest house. You need to get escape from the old anchor guest house by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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key beside birds

r/l hint top of sliders

blue bird behind barrel far scene, goes inside house for clue paper and flower

clue papaer for grid, red and green, get key,ring and yellow gem
blue one behind plant

Hi Dazz - joining you : )

key for house far scene, rings for columns on table, need 3

Game still loading - please don't let there be an issue...

number above phone in house after anchor

5# hint last scene top right corner

hey Zuleikha!

ring(s) for sticks on desk

direction hint beside 5# hint

In - and I think I've caught up although game is slow here

Colour hint behind 4 jewels door

2 leaves, flower, pink stone & stuck ☻

Me too Alpha - exactly same items in inventory...

I'm stuck with you guys, no idea where to use the color hint or the 423 numbers, have a flower, 2 leaves and a flower

Think 4 2 3 clue may be for rings on sticks in far scene

Ah, leaves have numbers on them

Hi all
Clicking on the leaves gives numbers but we need more.

Too slow here Zuleika. LOL

No worries Shirl - I have a slow connection too. Only on these games... ok on everything else.

I have the 423 hint, colour hint, placed 1 green bow tie and one purple blob? and..stuck.

I had one ring put it on the sticks but I can take it back?

Tried placing ring on each stick x4 x3 and x2... not the solution.

Darn it. Was trying the ring thing again - but properly this time (x4 x2 x3) and my ring disappeared!

That's it - I'm off. GL to anyone still hanging in there : )

does anyone know what do with the color hint?

Zuleika, don't quit us !!! How did you find9 rings ?? I've only one :(


Either the game is el-busto or there is something incredibly tricky or obvious that's being overlooked.

Well, I'm stuck and frustrated. Can't find anymore leaves, have a flower and a pink gem.

I think Zuleika has only one ring as well. That's all any of us could find. I also think this game is not ready as we are all stuck in the same place.
I'm out. GL to everyone who trudges on.

Totally stuck ! I have 2 leaves,a pink stone,1 flower.
I've put 1 ring, 1 bow and 1 blue head ...

@G4K: is it really something wrong on game or doen't we all understand or find ?

two leafs, purple stone, flower and the ring that goes on the three sticks

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There is a faint outline above and to the left of the doorway in the starting scene. The outline is the same size and shape as the purple stone, but you cannot place it there, nor can you click on that outline to zoom in. I assume that this is a mistake and that the game needs to be fixed.

has anyone figured out this game?!

I am stuck @ same place as everyone else
Same stuff
Tried everything
Hi dazz

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place red diamond up
pink down
green left
yellow right
in diamond shaped box

place black stone scene 1

How did you figure out the diamonds? It's not working for me.

Thanks Chris! How did you figure that out? The yellow one is on the second row from top and green is second row from bottom.

Finally figured the diamonds out, haven't gotten a black stone though

Stuck again with a hook and 7 rings. I assume I need 2 more rings and probably a rope for the hook.

Ugh, I can't even get that far. I'm stuck with two flowers and 3 leafs and can't figure out the color puzzle.

Mysteriously found a chain somewhere on the house in the scene with the anchor. Don't really know where. Was just clicking around randomly and it appeared. I think it was on the exterior of the house near the open door.

Brandi - which color puzzle?

Thanks Puffin.
The chain is between the cart and the door.

There are colors you can click in the middle house, the one where you can put the purple stone.

Colors are Y, Pu, Pi, G top to bottom

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Fruit goes on cart in anchor scene

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
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finally finished it! :)

there was no chain, no color clue, nothing for my game yesterday, have to repeat it

Hiyo Joe!

I bet it was BFing Chris made & got lucky, cuz didn't see any hint...


I think it was the scarecrow, because the puzzle worked immediately, just not sure because he had only 3 buttons.

no chain btw

position of faces: red

no progression, no place to put pink stone, no color,no chain. think my game's bugged

that purple button is definitely blue at hint!

attention, no autosave in this one!

(opened game in another tab)

3524 for sliders, get cyan flower & SD

btw no chain for me either...

You got the chain after you place fruits(4) at chart

Use hook with chain on the gray thing at the scarecrow scene

Game over. Thank Krisu.No spoiled impression about placing stones .Not seen a clear hint to this puzzle.

no chain in my game tried everywhere

don't think anyone saw the diamond colour clue

put the ball in the hole under the direction clue anchor house got a sword & bow tie

or should I say cutlass refreshed game

been better if more hints were left ie where fruit came from stuck again

Dreadful game
No clue for diamonds
lots of stuff done for no reason why!
Finished but did not enjoy @all

found a crowbar in the big pumpkin with cutlass

pink stone & green gem from under drain lid anchor scene

green gem in scene with hint 423 gets a fruit & vase thing

plus pink tie now getting somewhere

got a handle from pouring vase into hole

got chain after placing 4 fruits game got easy after all & out

not a bad game only hint I didn't see was the 4 gems probably missed it

whoa - VWT over 20 minutes...!
well, can't continue just right now, probably later...

ok let's continue
maybe I will repeat stuff already posted above, but better 2 hints than none ☻

stone from colours goes in wall slot in scarecrow scene

ball from scarecrow for unscrewed hole in house after anchor, get sword & blue bow

cut pumpkin in house after scarecrow with sword for crowbar for drain in anchor scene

use green gem on wall in house after scarecrow (2nd room) for vase & fruit

bow puzzle gives apple, red blob & (my last) green leaf for 4#code

use vase on bowl in scarecrow scene for handle for house after anchor

handle gives red blob & bananas

blob puzzle was not really hard, just tedious (loads of clicks...!)

die from letter for 3#code in bow puzzle scene

leaves 2413 for buttons in house after anchor

press 2nd, then 4th etc.

valve go in house after 5#code

place rings a bit right of particular stick

423 from 2nd room in house after scarecrow for rings, gives last blue mouth creature

final flower slider is a PITA again, loads of clicks, too... :-/

well, I officially cheated by following the VWT step by step, otherwise I would be still on it & there are still more games to play...!
thx ppl for your hints & a very nice teamwork yesterday & thx G4K for a fine game ☺

got all the way to the end and couldn't get those flowers to go in the right places without getting one stuck somewhere. there should really be a skip button or something. I take it that was the last thing to do, but I couldn't finish it. I also agree with previous comments about no clue for the diamonds. What's up with that?

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