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September 30, 2016

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Plane Crash Survival Escape Walkthrough

Plane Crash Survival Escape

Games2Rule - Plane Crash Survival Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game you are driving a plane. But unfortunately due to some technical fault it crashed in a island. No one is there to help you. To survive you have to escape from this island by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all :)

'sup guys!

Hi Yvonne, joining

Use pump on hole

very sneaky G2R, use hacksaw twice on cylinder, plane scene, and add handle for knife

Faces for hands

Dazz Ley :) happy to 'see' you

Stick for rose

Stick in the flower for a lightning bug.

combine stick, flint and 'ribbon'

There is a stone last left bottom, combine that with rope and zoomed stick to make axe

use plunger looking thing in hole

use stick in far left scene, hole in rock for word clue

use axe on crate for gold key

Place bug last scene for dices

Use what looks like to me a white flower on leaf left scene

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Axe for rock

Shell thing for walrus

hacksaw for bamboo, use on sand apple scene

close door on firefly, for no's

how to interprete math on green leaf?

Hi ipi just add each line I'll spoil if you like

Maths: the "/" symbols just indicate 1/2 (not division)

That green and yellow puzzle was a pain!

Dazz--totally. Glad I finished it. Moving on. Stick in the hole for word clue.

Log for hole in 2 scene

Lol Dazz Ley, I did that first, to get it out of the way

Thanks, Yvonne and Lizzie.

Rocks go on the beach. Very faint outlines.

How many stones do we need? I've placed 8 on the beach in the scene with the three giant rocks, but that doesn't seem to be enough. Stuck now.

Still missing one, though.

in new scenes, use what looks like a strawberry to me, on the rock behind statue far left scene

Nine stones for L/R turtles.

Can someone spoil the leaf clue? doesn't work for me


Sssnake symbols.......sss....form a ....sss...word

haven't seen a clue for blue circles (above 8575)


Robert, cut apple with knife

aha! so missing a knife then!!

Robert read my comment 7.13

superstar! Thanks!

Far left in new scene: click on lower cube for final color wheel clue.

Yvonne, how did you get to new scenes?

I love you Yvonne! Didn't see your clue, thanks!

Beatnik you need to get the biohazard symbol

Yay! Found last rock by digging in the sand with bamboo (in 8575 scene)

teeth from skull go on necklace, which is taken back and used on all statues

Okay, finally got to new scenes (last rock gave clue for turtles, which gave last symbol for rock door in last scene on right, which opened the door)

Hi Beatnik Mary, when you have placed all the symbols last scene right door opens

Love you too Dazz Ley :)

I got, see you!

Hm. What to do with the sun hat & strawberry?

more math? Oh no.

Hi Lizzie, see my comment 7.32

Aha! Missed that. Thanks!

Bonk the octopus on the head with a stone.

Use black stone on green thing in water, statue wants to wear it

The berry isn't sticking...

grey arrow pieces go to screen, give direction hints for new scenes

GAh. Gotta get the berry JUST the right spot.

Lizzie, use it on the light bit of rock behind statue, it should reveal clue for safety pins

We're gonna need more sun hats. :)

The number circles are baffling me.

The colour/number clues all over the place (green '2') etc correspond to rows in the puzzle at the beginning of the second set of new scenes. Each row is all one colour, and there are 4 rows.

Thanks, Mary. have to drop a rock on a cute little hedgehog! Then he gives you a number clue, but I'm not sure I understand it...

Lizzie, have you poked the hedgehog with a stone from far left scene? is that the clue for maths?

I think it goes with the number puzzle. Still working it out.

My last sunhat came from the red/green circle puzzle. Don't overthink it. You just change the colour of the wedges around each circle to correspond to the colour in the centre.

I don't understand this number thing though. It's easy to get 4 numbers to add up to 24, 16, and 20, but 10? Are they different numbers? Or all the same? Because if they're supposed to be the same they don't make sense...Wait...just a sec..I have a thought...brb

Ok, adding didn't work to come to the red 6 answer times did, going by the clue 1x1 = 1, 1x2 =2, 2x3 =6

My brain is stuck.

Oh my gosh, Yvonne, you're right! You have to get the numbers to add up to the middle number if they're MULTIPLIED, not added! I tried a couple of different solutions and it seems only one works. I know for 20 you have to put 4511 and for 10 you have to put 2511 (pretty sure). I think I had 2222 for 16

for that weird math puzzle. use 1's where they do and for the other two numbers, simply input two numbers that when multiplied equal the number needed. for 24, use 4 and 6, etc.

Oh I'm out!

Lizzie do you want help?

Can't get the big #'s puzzle, tried lots of combos that add up correctly but none work. Anyone else get it?

Jenny, what no. puzzle?

The one with #'s in the middle. I read the explanations above but it did not work.

Jenny, IIRC it's 2222=16, 1125=10, 1145=20, 2223=24 (I think). I think you may have to also position it so they go from lowest number to highest number in a clockwise position starting from the bottom, just like the hedgehog clue, but I'm not sure if that matters or not)

Yvonne is that a hint somewhere for that multiplying one?

Yes, Mary! That's right.

Jenny ok, so for the one with 24 in the middle, starting from top put in 2223, for 20, put in 1522, for 10, put in 1521, for 16, put in 1441

After the number puzzle I had the logs (5 or 6, I forget), the red maple leaves, two flint stones, and two bundles of green leaves. All of those combine to form a signal fire which calls a rescue boat.

Jenny the hint was on the hedgehog

POP got it! dropped a rock on a hedgehog. I thought he was just part of the scenery. LOL

You have to see the hint from the hedgehog BEFORE that multiplying one works!
Out now too.

Thanks for the all help left here.

Finally! Made a smoke signal & got rescued. :)

The last stone needed for fire comes from placing gold nuggets, (that's what I call them) :)

Thanks for the game & the help! I just can't math today.

Lizzie, know what you mean :)

Games2Rule, thank you for a good game, enjoyed playing :)

would someone spoil where the 3 sunhats are i have 2 and i have looked everywhere except for the right spot? Thank you

Hi Kmoorer, there was a sun hat in the water scene where you got black rock, did you get that one?

That was it yvonne thank you so much

Great game! and great hints everyone :) Couldn't finish it without help.

This one took a little while be cause it was long, but it was a really good game.

Love the long games, and this one was great. Thanks Games2Rule!

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