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Rainy Evening Escape Walkthrough

Rainy Evening Escape

Amajeto - Rainy Evening Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning, umbrellas for LR code.

for cb left of sofa (shapes) use hint in 4 top cb (view tv)

combine hint tv (order 4 shapes) with letters in 4 top tv for letters code

Cookies for # code.

Hi Emmes ! nice game as usual :)

Hi seb, indeed it is ! TV has more than one clue. Combine one TV clue with shapes in top cb for right picture.

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Thanks, Amajeto! Another great game. (:

very nice game to start the day, thank you !


Letters: CPST

scissor for piece behind left picture

for the grid: opposite direction of the black squares, make top right to bottom left instead

Great game - thank you!

another great game - thx Amajeto ☺
umbrellas were tricky

where to take scissors from? where to use screwdriver?

you have to look at 3rd TV programme to see order of shapes in CB corners above TV, then move the right pic as per hint combo to get a screwed puzzle tile & scissors behind panel

" for cb left of sofa (shapes) use hint in 4 top cb (view tv)"

I don't really see the hint there, other than to put the letters in alphabetical order and use the shapes that way.
Perhaps that's it, but not really logical.

Nice game all in all. I enjoyed playing it.

IIRC, shape hint was to take just from left to right

lol, yes, you're right.
what I described is to get the letters in the correct order.
must be the time of the day, thanks.

that's not right either, never mind, I'm out anyway.

for players coming later

at first programme in TV you can see an arrow pointing at the shapes, i.e. go from outer to inner shape for the letter puzzle (a bit unclear IMHO, but you only have 2 possibilities & as from inner to outer d/w, it must be the other one ☻)

Oh, crumbs! Sorry, @arrie. I deleted my comment at 11:34pm because I thought I had just repeated what @seb already said regarding the shapes and letters. But now I wonder if my explanation would have made it clearer to you.

I don't know Seraku. But thank you!

I like your games Amajeto. They seem to have potential to be much more - are you planning to extend them?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Probably Seraku !
sorry Arrie if hint not very clear, I'd do better next time (hope ;)

I have to replay to get it.


at window : puzzle piece.

cookies : number + colour and pp.
umbrella's : left/right clue (it's what side the umbrella hangs).

long painting : do the puzzle = pp.
pp on the cushions.

above tv : open the 4 doors = order of shapes from left to right.
use this clue on cupboard door left of the couch = pp and grid for cupboard right side of the couch, but wait ..... first the tv ...

use umbrella hint on top drawer right side of tv = pp, remote.
use cookie hint on bottom drawer = pp.
use remote on tv.

page 1 : put the shapes in order from outer to inner shape = letter order for middle drawer = pp.
page 2 : the grid has to be turned once for right cupboard = pp, screwdriver.
page 3 : look at position of the shapes in top drawers, click the corners of the right painting this way = scissors and pp.

use sd here to get this pp.
put left painting down, use scissors for pp.

place all pp's on the drawer left of tv, set the puzzle, get the doorkey, out.

Okay, replaying, I get it now ! YAY.

oh come, seb, no problem!

on a sidenote, one of these days I will do a wt in the style you all developed now : scissors left cb cabinet top drawer. LOL.

LOL arrie ☻
I never noticed that I have that style...! ;-P
& thx for taking your time to write a WT ☺
(rarely seen on EG24 meanwhile... :-/ )

Nice little game enjoyed the puzzles ;)

Nice little game enjoyed the puzzles ;)

Very nice game :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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