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Real World Escape 173 - Cork Walkthrough

Real World Escape 173 - Cork

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 173: Cork is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some man who has lost his lucky bottle cork. Could you help him and get it back? He will also help you to find 12 sniffmouse icons to unlock the exit and escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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try the doorknob

key with the guy

Hit the doorknob more than once.

combine color hint with arrow on doorknob, but you need to keep moving the handle till the line's clear:


handle and rag for sink

use wet rag on bottles for l/r buttons for stove:


tv for 4#: 2712

mirror for door beside color clue, empty bottle for cb top of guy

paper for corners

fill glass with water and use on bottle

Where did you find the rag, Dazz?

JACKPOT! my last sniffie was behind mirror where you place green bottle

Hiyo Bear, my rag came from black key, it was on the guy's hand

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Oh, I never tried clicking on the key because I thought that I had to find his cork before he would give it to me. Thanks.

rats! even with the sniffie found my door is still locked

JACKPOT!! hit the green number on TV

Thanks for the sniffie behind the mirror Dazz, and also thank you Steve for saying that we need to hit the door handle a few times for the hint to work.

Thanks Guntars - that was a lot of fun!

I don't get the 4# clue?

lobster which one is nr 4 ?
Thanks for playing Rüdiger !

Lobster after you use remote on tv, the numbers are mirrored

lobster, for the 4# clue, look at the tele and mentally chop each symbol in half vertically and use the right side of each symbol. Also, click the green one at the end, to get another sniffie. Thanks for the game, Guntars. Lots of fun this evening with Sniffmouse games.

err...Dazz's comment was more succinct and understandable. lol

I did not find the last Sniff Mouse :( I've got the one from the guy, the green bottle in mirror, the one from the water filled bottle in cupboard... and now?

Oh the one from green number on TV too

thx Guntars for yet another fun game ☺

that one was my DUH-LOL game ☻
first I tried (of course in vain) several times to click on colour hint (naturally as per door hint), then I thought the guy will give me the key only in exchange with sth else, till I realized that I just can take it - then I was searching for a pretty long time as usual the last sniffie, till I found it hiding behind the mirror in green bottle on shelf scene... ☻

my eco-side liked that we could turn water off again ☻

very nice tune btw & thx that you don't cut the music at the end

Boah I got it now. I didn't see the one left in the mirror. Thank you :*

sorry Alpha, I left my water running:)

The sniffmouse hiding behind the mirror got me, too. I had to look at the walkthrough. Great game!! 5 stars again!!

Dazz, please do not give away all the clues to the puzzles. Its one thing to help out another player, its another thing to ruin it for the rest.... and nobody was asking for help before you gave away the answers. Be smart. Thank you.

Excellent Game, Guntars! Thank you!

Another great game - thank you Guntars!

Loved this one Guntars!! Thank you I loved the water faucet...made me crack up! Another 5 star game from me!

I hit the doorhandle more than a hundred times, I think, but it does not work!
What do Ido wrong?
The line becomes clear but the cupboard still tells me, that somewhere must be the right order.

Tina, add that hint to the color hint and do the color puzzle

How do Iadd the hint?
I can't take it or anything

see from which corner doest it starts ? and look where does it ends

you have to put colour code in another place as hint on CB is, combo with order arrow from door

Great fun game - thank you!

Sorry, but I don't get it :(

Tina, look where does the arrow start and where it ends, then look at the 4 colors in corners, you will see the arrow starts from the same position as Yellow, follow the top left corner, it's red, the the bottom corner, it's blue, then it stops at green, it tells you the order of the colors

Yes, I understand that, but the cupboard won't let me give the colours in.
Excuse my english, it's not my motherlanguage.

never mind that, are you sure you got the pattern on the handle black and clear?

or zoomed on the colors?

Yes, i did both.
Maybe a bug?

just read the comment of alpha omega, now I understand.
I tried to push the colours on the cupboard ;).
Kind of blond today.
Thanks a lot for your help!

And out, finally.
Thanks again for your help.

I'm watching for you to Rick Roll us one of these times Austen :) ty for wt

Excellent! Thanks Guntars (and thanks Austen for the hint for the last Sniff).

best song on an escape game ever

Great Game guntars
Sneaky!!!!!last sniffie

       Anonymous  9/12/16, 1:30 AM  

Nice game, thanks

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