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Bianco Restaurant Escape Walkthrough

Bianco Restaurant Escape

BiancoBianco -  Bianco Restaurant Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Bianco-Bianco. In this game you are locked in a restaurant and you try to escape it by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Long time since last game from BiancoBianco.

So far got empty lighter, sunglassed, hook, and pointer (used). Stuck!

Hook doubles as screwdriver

hi (again) ev1 ☺

ah, BB - LTNS... let's see...

Found note under table B

Pixel hunting for hook. Got A-F numbers, A-F symbols, lighter fluid I can't puncture top, and sunglasses. Used expanded pointer somewhere, and putty knife to open box behind table.

Have lighter fluid but cannot put in lighter.

Site is running slow. Had an error first time accessing, now the game is taking awhile to load.

But I will exercise patience. Haven't played a BiancoBianco in a long while. (:

Tiny nail up by sign F to puncture lighter fluid.

Where´s A value?

Mine is having problem loading too. I'm stuck with a little bit of a gold and black jpg trying to load.

found only hook/SD on pic so far...

A value is on the opened box lid next to E. Click lid.

Takes a long to load, picture builds one line at a time.

unscrew outlet for chalk & hint

click on C table to get to outlet

Thanks Tiquer!

Thank you AO, hook was hidden on F3 picture. Thought I clicked everywhere on that.

use chalk on seating chart

A is on flipside of box lid
where are B and C?

pointer behind F table in box

Hmmm, A-F numbers not working on chalkboard...

lighter on chair of table D

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Late but joining you. The last time I played a bianco-bianco rubber boots were still made of wood.

B is left side of E table, on wall.

C value behind wall picture of square, triagle and square

Sign says Reversed seat, but doesn´t work either.

B number is at table E, tiny hotspot on wall toward left.

sunglasses on ceiling above table C

B value left side table E, along with putty knife

noel, I went to the bianco site and it loaded fine from there

Is something supposed to happen after entering all table values?

also chisel for A table box in that E table view

get lighter fluid

I have A1, B2, C3, D4, E4, F3.

I've got 123443, tried subtracting from 4 as well. Neither works. Haven't used sunglasses or lit lighter.

where to use pointer?
(was it for sun glasses?)

I think so, cuz can't select it anymore...


Anyone use the lights under the Restaurant sign? Bianco-Bianco has 12 characters but see no clue (thought using sunglasses on Bianco-Bianco on door, but no luck).

C value under medal plate

I noticed that some of the table letters don't match up with the pictures on it's flag. B-House, A-Bull, E-Champ?

Thanks, just1

@Sam, possibly, but perhaps A=Animal, B=Building, E=Excited? (:

how to apply outlet hint on numbers?

need D & F still though...

I think I'm as far as you now. Which doesn't help, just to say. ;-)

@Alpha, D was under table B, and F is in the painting.

Alpha, do you need the numbers for D and F?

POP F on pic in plain sight LOL

ah, thx Seraku

Have used chisel, telescopic pointer, and hook/screwdriver.

Entered the numbers on the chalkboard (123443), but nothing happened, and piece of chalk is still available for use.

Filled lighter, acquired sunglasses.


Jules, I think that is where everyone is.

I'm assuming that the 12 squares under the restaurant sign (can be changed from red to pink) will open the cage with the candles, and that is were the lighter will be used.

But I haven't found a hint for the squares...

still thinking about that square x square hint from outlet...

I might have clicked every pixel with the sunglasses (or maybe 3D glasses). Nope.

Something different: Has anybody found out what to do with the sign above table C? That with circle, triangle, square.

it was just to lift for table hint

gtg. leave good hints and GL all.

Alpha, do you really think it's a red herring? Hmmm...

Oh folks! We've been had!

Take a closer look at the clues for A and E in the box. The color of the text is wrong. Match A with 4 and E with 1. (:

Nice! Then use glasses!

For the sq x sq thing: I tried to change the opposite tables (A <-> F and so on). Nothing. Then I thought I might be clever as hell and watched the filled out board and multiplied the numbers in each row (A x D) to get the numbers 489. Lighted those underneath the RESTAURANT. Nothing.

check the colours of A1 E4

Great find Seraku! Thanks!

And I'm out! The rest was pretty easy.

Thanks, BiancoBianco!

Seraku, Brilliant!

Seraku! :-O

And in case folks get tripped up by the math for the 4# clue...


When I click on play this game it says service unavailable? What's up with that?

@bondslave, the site seems to be having some problems. It failed first time for me. Just try it again in a bit.

nice find Seraku - thx
once we know, it's easy
how interesting, that such a small flaw can cause a big stuck party ☻

Thank you Seraku for saving us!

Great game (would be time for a Tesshie btw), thanks to all for helping!

Seraku, you're now the official GG (game grandmaster). I saw those different colours but others were cyan or black and so I thought that wouldn't matter. Great find!

only see 8 for square... where comes 6 & 4 from?

AO that's where you use the clue in the outlet :)

ah, haha, thx just
my LTM (long-term memory) is off again it seems...

& how to apply the pink/red numbers on buttons?

(just asking for later players - it's easy, as I said, doesn't help nobody...)

@Alpha, use them left to right. The number says how many buttons are that color.

Ah, the old EGDAW principle. (:

it's how many between the particular squares, 2 red means 2 between the previous & next pink



light in pink from left to right


ah, key was behind candles

got out with 3d glasses still active & no need to do sth with the bread on tables, or the flags
btw what was E \o/ for a word?

nice ending tune

thx ppl for your help & company & thx BB for a great game with tricky stuff in it ☺

@Alpha, Elated Excitement of Enduring Excellence, perhaps? (:

does anybody understand what BB means at end screen (willy-nilly seems to be the mouse, that, were at door...)?

maybe, Seraku
you could be right ;-)

huh, what did I write?

*mouse that was on door

tsk, tsk, tsk

       Anonymous  9/20/16, 6:53 AM  

Kind of reminds me of GotMail games

Outlet says: square x square = 64

Painting says: circle (9) Triangle (3) Square (64)

I know there are a couple hints for it, but I am having no luck finding the nail to open the lighter fluid. Can't find anything near the F sign. Anyone?

For nail (screen picture)


great game thanks !

Beautiful !!
Thanks for : A-value + how to apply A-E and the nail.
I needed that.

yes, this one needs a WT, if no one is doing it, I will. Great game.

oh and thanks for telling that that white tube is chalk, I had nooooo idea what it was.

Get pleased ( ^ ^)

Get pleased ( ^ ^)

Fantastic game. Thank you.

THIS is the type of game that keeps me coming back to EG24! (So sad that it's only ~ 1 out of 40 these days)

That was excellent!

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Click the chalkboard left of the door, we need chalk to fill in the numbers per letter.
Going left …

Click D-table, an empty lighter on top left chair.

Click E-table, click the wall at top left chair for B-number and a chisel on the floor.

Click F-table, click the box, take the pen and click it’s end to make it longer.

Click A-table, use chisel on the box, get the liquid oil-tube (open it, click the opening … it’s closed). Click the lid of the box to turn it, see A-number (white) and E-number (red).

Click B-table, below it is D-number.
Click the painting on the wall for F-number, on top is a hook.
Check it, it will be used as screwdriver.

Click C-table, click the socket, use hook/sd, take the chalk, see a clue.
Zoom out, use the pen to get glasses off the ceiling.
Click red box on the wall, see shapes clue. Lift it’s bottom for C-number.

Back to the chalkboard.
Fill in the numbers with the chalk.
Put on the glasses … click the chalkboard, do the math. (spoiler below).

Zoom in on the ‘safe’ right side of the door.
Fill in the numbers. Open the safe.
Sort of remove the items by clicking them, (they’re put on the tables now).
Zoom in again.
See a pattern of 9 purple and red numbers.

Go left twice, click the beam up high (restaurant).
Note 12 buttons. Use the pattern on them.
1 means give 1 button that colour, 2 means give 2 buttons that colour.
The bars lift and the candles can be lit.

Click F-flag up high, there’s a small white shining hotspot.
Click it, use the liquid oil-tube on it, it’s open now.
About item the lighter, click oil-tube and click the blue part.
Open the lighter and turn it on .

Light the candles … zoom in again and take the doorkey.


as socket shows, do square times square,
the order of the numbers is on the red box at the wall above C-table.

pattern for buttons:
1 pu, 1 red, then 2 buttons purple, 1 red, etc etc.

After a shitty day that was epic.

What should happen if I put the glasses on?
How to put in numbers in safe?

Did you read the wt, Tina?
putting on the glasses and clicking the chalkboard shows the math.
after that you can put the numbers in the safe.

Glasses highlighted and clicking chalkboard = nothing happening for me

did you put in the numbers first, jazz?

the chalkboard should show : 'selected' if you did it correctly. then you can use the glasses and see the math you have to do.

A1, B2, C3, D4, E4, F3, that are the numbers I got.After putting them in and highlighting glasses nothing happens. Do I Have to put them in, in a certain order? The chalkboard does not show selected, nor anything else.

Great Game Thank You xx

Wonderful game, out with no help! It seems we are lacking some really good quality games recently so this one is a breath of fresh air. :)

Tina, A and E are wrong.
As I wrote : the A number is white, the E is red, so A4 and E1.

Great game. Long but not too long, hard but not too hard, tricky but not unfair.

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