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Shrine Escape

CriminalDetective - Shrine Escape is another point and click room escape game from Criminal Detective. In this game, you are trapped in a shrine and you need to escape by finding items. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

we need a Jap. speaking person for this one, it seems...

put paper on "fence" to other papers next to tree (hint for 6 sliders on tower)

I passed the game and pushed the blue label. The game started again. Strange fruit not applied. How many outputs in the game? The numeric code for the levels in the tree. It is necessary to supply as 1 + the number.

thx Hotz

papers around tree for box in pagodea

don't miss ladle behind box in tower...

The scraper is left high pogody.Dlya color code, it is necessary to order a different picture search.

not really. Just a lot of clicking around finding things to use

we can pour water at bottom of tree again and again, but don't know why

turned water green but now what

saw at left side of tower

The water in the jug to pour fertilizer. The fruit is used? I again went to him)

green water put on tree yes. Can't seem to get what it grew though. have sticks from grate..Ladder?

Green water watered tree)

use saw bottom left side o pagode on bars from shrine for umbrella for girl

use those bars to make a ladder with the flying sticks

Stick to join, will be the stairs. Used 3 times.

use ladder in temple (where you have used saw) for color order

flying sticks?

sign from girl gives green powder for laddle

now have fruit after using ladder...

Sticks will be when the lion let the ball.

i used saw for fan thing and it is gone from inventory. can't find anythng left of pagoda

put ball from pagoda box on left lion for flying sticks

that would be great if I had the ball. Don't know how to get that either .

you can put ladder at several places like to see sign of gate or of shrine

just got the number

Just starting...
language barrier?

colour sign numbers on gate


combo top of pagoda with numbers on shrine sign


hmm ..how come my colors aren't working?

NO language barrier!!

not really - just dunno what they say, but you can play without knowing Jap.

tx for numbers.. strange game

what has been opened by the gate sign?

you can just step thru gate

bit of a pixel hunt, but a pretty nice one - thx CD ☺

when you click red writing, you can go back to the game where you have been before (at the gate), so it seems to be a 2nd ending...?

I fixed the colour code, jumped a cliff, and got real buffed?

Green powder is for what?
Just some kind of "happy coin"?

The story is about to find medicine for pregnant wife. There are 3 endings. Green powder is medicine to increase strength. If being out with green powder your wife will become a strong 'man'.

thx tautau for the info ☺
never found 3rd ending

only the one with watering the tree & strong man end

ah, maybe the one when you don't make the powder...?

Ending 1 - Don't mix the green powder in the water and leave

Ending 2 - Mix the green powder with the water and leave

Ending 3 - Mix the green powder with the water and use it on the tree. Take the bloom.

thx Unknown ☺

This looks suspiciously similar to the Aztec games...

LOL I swear, sometimes trying to decipher the hints and clues lately are about as puzzling as the games themselves!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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