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Yo Escape Island Walkthrough

Yo Escape Island

YoEscape - Yo Island Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yo Escape. You went to the beach to chill but ended up falling a sleep. Somehow you floated out to sea and when you woke up, you were on some island! Now you must escape! Good luck and have fun!

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cell phone bottom right

stick right scene

lighter from log for torch, use on tree hole

banana top left scene for monkey

coconut to close snake hole

far right scene chest behind palm, shapes on signboard is the hint

sword for weed

sword to cut flower

move the piece of tape over the marks on map for word clue:


Cute game - thanks SD

use shovel far right scene where you found bananas

combine WN with numbers on cellphone for 4#:


my last coin was behind one of the rocks you blow with dynamite

how to light stick

select lighter, then re-enter inventory & click stick

It shouldn't take you out of inventory when selecting the lighter, I made a point to make it the only item not to take you out. :)

nice little game - thx SD & Yo ☺
sneaky GPS location

maybe the stick was too wet ;-)

tried again in a new game & now it worked indeed like you said SD ☺

even after watching the walkthrough I can't find any hotspot for the shovel in the bananas scene

it seems the cellphone gets a signal here - but no message flashed up to me this may be the x xpot on the map (as per the walkthrough)

You must look at the x and click it too.

I have the stick in my backpack, but cannot select it?

Ah, I first have to "put away" what is already selected...
Why is this so unneccessarily complicated and user-unfriendly?

Hmmm... and now I no longer have to "put away" whatever is selected to be able to select other items from my inventory...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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