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Zooo Elephant Cave Escape Walkthrough

Zooo Elephant Cave Escape

ZoooGames - Zooo Elephant Cave Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Zooo Games. This place is a cave and you are trapped in the elephant farm. To escape from the elephant cave, you need to collect clues and objects like onions, tomatoes, insects etc. Good luck and have fun!

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clock hands for 3# to open door

This comment has been removed by the author.

3#: 936

clocks in 2nd scene for 4# in 1st scene

This comment has been removed by the author.

hey just1! elephants number in words: four

brown key for left panel first scene, click sssnakessss...innnn........ssssssss.......order

Hey Dazz! Could you read that word under the snakes? Starts w/ p I think but...

just just click in order: third snake. first snake...

hands in S1 for 4#s in S3

Thanksss dear, I got the shovel - just wondered what that word is!

hands for 2#: 55

beat on boulder w/ hammer

same here bro!

hammer for rocks left side

don't know how you got 55, but thanks!

use hammer twice - R in S2, L in S3

the last hand is rejected because it has no sign, do the maths you get 10,, half of 10 is 5

use shovel front of elephants

Just1 Hands 4x3 = 12 - 1 = 11 x 5 = 55

Were did you guys find snakes I don't see any ?

hiyo bandy!

sss.....sssnakes......in left panel........sssssss.......first sssceeen......sssss.........use.........red.......key!

Hey ya Dazz !

just try not to let them bite you:)

Oh I don't have key for that yet LOL

Thasnks bandy, now it makes sense - but they're ignoring math rules (as usual), and it was evil not to put a plus sign between the 2 and 3 - I was convinced they meant 23!

Key for snakes comes from color code in S2, clue in S3

key I think came from 3#,or color code, I didn't steal it:)

anybody do red dials yet?

LOL I assumed they did not use math rules LOL

thought the directional one in scene three was where it was used but that doesn't make sense..Also the clue above them? what is that for?

Good grief had to do color code 3x's for it to work ? Thanks just1

I've been trying to figure that out too bondslave - already tried URDL and NESW for the letters, to no avail

yup.. me too.. and that crab? hmmm

squirrel doesn't want it lol

I am stuck with 2 rocks and 3 onions ?

crab goes in the big hole then the rocks

oh my.. crab and large grey rock goes in the whole near front of cave

Pushed up mushrooms but can't grab them or anything

still don't know three colored buttons or frog eyes, dials, and have 3 onions but don't know where they go

red blue purple

lol, what crab? haven't found that

Thanks KM..small brown stones from using hammer go in the bottom large holes in wall near dial scene. Put in left side.

Well I have 4 onions now LOL ( 34 used on plant L/R )

and I don't see where to use that number LOL

Yup that gives me 4 tear balls

Thanks @kmoorer for colors - comes from clock S1 I think - 34 works on both frog and plant beneath for a 4th onion!

Bondslave 34 ? if so just left under frog

squirrel chases fly? Has this author ever seen a squirrel?

can't plant them. squirrel no go, and they don't go with grass either in forth scene

no crab here guys?

4 onions gives 4th tomato! Time to make salsa!

hahhaha just1 ..Are you an artist?

LOL Just1 I was thinking the same thing ROFL

crab is from placing 2 rocks in hole last scene if i remember right

So are you going to share where the onions go?

Trying to smack the frog with them. but no go

Key from squirrel gets place for onions

That squirrel just needs to go on a diet

Maybe she is pregnant.

Well 1 rock goes in but not the other ?

can't place rocks anywhere in either scene guys, where exactly?

Oh. so the squirrel spits up the key that is making it fat?..and what makes the squirrel give up the key then?

bondslave you need the key the squirrel is sitting on - give him a fly to chase (fly from frog's mouth)

NVM, in the left hole, thanks knoorer!

Dazz last scene right 2 round holes each side of rocks

Dazz, sm rocks go in L side lower hole, S3; crab will come out - put crab in L side hole, S2 and follow him w/ gray stone

Did you get both to go in? I got 1 but the other won't work ?

the small brown rocks go in the last scene with the FOUR.. left side. the large grey stone goes in the hole after frog in different scene

I don't have a fly.. prob cause I can't figure out the stupid dials

OHHHH I see Can pick up different size rocks !

By the way. I am not ready for Christmas. Not done my shopping yet.

Bondslave use 34 2 X's once one leaves and then on frog

AAAAAAHHHHH awesome thanks

Fly so big, it could eat the squirrel.

No wonder the squirrel is so fat.

Great..no one left the eat potato

Is it just me or does this game make no sense? Away in a manger playing...I don't see no manger anywhere...And where in the world is it Christmas now?

I have no idea about shrums or the plants sizes ?

UDLR for dials, and letters too...think it came from mushrooms but not sure.

Hey,, I just tried that Just.. didn't work..

and out! thanks for good company, that was fun.

Oh,, i hadn't set the dials before i wrote it.

LOL I turned off that music right away. Even Twisted Sister couldn't be less appropriate

Still don't know what to do with potatoes.

Thanks Just1 I was about to X this one LOL

taters go on either side of door S2

I don't think we ever used the plants in front of S3?

Guys where are the mushrooms you talk about en where did you find the hammer?

CLue for Hammer? Cant find.

Balou and Soapy, hammer from 4#, clue are the hands first scene

just1, the plants were for the snakes, I think that's what the word was referring to

ah! didn't see the color clue came from the clock itself

planted crab, got shrooms, now have nothing, and clueless..

this game sucks donkey dick!

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 1:46 AM  

that's not a squirrel, that's a beaver ☻

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 1:54 AM  

had to restart cuz darn snakes didn't give me shovel the first time...!

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:00 AM  

hand maths missing + sign between the last 2 hands to get




not as per math rules (multiplication before addition)

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:02 AM  

clock also for 3 colour code

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:04 AM  

number from 3colour code for left plant in same scene

amount of clicks

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:07 AM  

oops I should stop posting, the hints are already above (but better 2 hints than none ;-P )

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:24 AM  

once you have found the correct hint a pretty nice game - tricky directions puzzle - thx Zooo ☺

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:25 AM  

size of shrooms are for dials in combo with number circle above them

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 2:29 AM  

34 from 3 colour code actually for frog eyes, then you get another 34 for plant leaves ☻

The maths do not follow proper order of operations. This game scores thumbs down from me.

what is the order of the snakes?

       Anonymous  9/16/16, 12:11 PM  

click in order of the numbers, i.e. 1. 3rd snake etc.
but it didnt work for me the first time playing (glitch) so I had to restart...

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