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Abandoned Ski Resort Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ski Resort Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Ski Resort Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. In this year winter, you want to go to a resort that has long been abandoned, the resort covered by snow, and you want to ski around the resort, to the downtown, but your equipment gone and you have to find a way to find it. Good luck and have fun!

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Cross your fingers, y'all.

Not even 30 seconds in and this is just the weirdest.

Hi Lizzie, so far, so good, have done everything except the letter box puzzle in scene with fence and color clue. Doesn't like the braille clue. Also have 2 blue keys I haven't used yet.

I also need one more skull and maybe something to feed the wolf.

Hey max. I'm just royally confused. Not sure what to actually do with the the mask, gloves, & axe.

Wait. Now I'm getting places. Forgot about the down arrow. Usually CG8 are linear.

I haven't used any of the ski gear yet, although the skies have a puzzle on them. I think we need them to escape out of the wolf scene. The axe you will use once you follow the down arrow.

OOPS....the SNOWBOARD has the puzzle, not the skies, sorry folks.

and that is "skis" not "skies", I really do know better.

I think I'm just tired. But I'm missing an ornament & a scull.

Alas, Max. We usually figure these out together. I'm exhausted, though. Pretty please leave good hints so I can finish tomorrow.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh no, stuck here alone on a Sunday night! If I ever make it out I will leave a trail of bread crumbs for others to follow!

UPDATE: braille clue DOES work on letter box in fence/color clue scene. Items pop into the inventory bar if you correctly complete a puzzle, I just didn't notice before.

So I am stuck missing one skull, no food for wolf and have 2 house keys

Now I am where everyone else got stuck
1 skull from casket- using wood signs with letters
2 skull using axe- scene with yellow numbers sign

got Red ornament from doing Green Blue letter box.


Missing one skull, and have 2 keys.

I wonder if the R.F.K in far left scene is a clue....???

In my inventory= axe, shovel, 2 keys, googles, poles, helmet, snowboard and boots

Also got gloves behind box with Green and blue letters

Hi Gika, there's also a pair of skis somewhere but I don't remember where I found them. Otherwise we are in the same place.

Hi Lizzie Maximom Gika just gone in brr looks cold

From I previous game just like this (even the same clues). You need to use the keys on background houses. Get a gun and bullet to shoot the deer to feed the wolf. But keys are not working anywhere

Oh dear, can't we just show the wolf where to find his dinner?

Hi joycy, misery loves company! Hope you can get us out of here!

I found the walkthrough on youtube for Snow 11 Escape which is one of the similar games Gika mentioned, so I will see if there are any useful clues. So far all I have seen is that the 3rd skull was buried under a sign in that game, and I think I have shoveled under all the signs in this one.

Oh good grief, use one of the keys on the red slides (upper left) to get a gun!

got a skull fom using axe on ice don't understand green & blue letters on box

joycy, good find on the skull! Which scene was the ice in?

For the green/blue box just find 2 sets of letters that are the same only one in reverse, see Gika's hint at 9:35.

Joycy- green -reverse -blue.

HIJK in green and the reverse of it is KJIH in blue

I tried to use my axe in the opening scene and it disappeared!

done the b g letters duh got glove snowboard key 2 keys goggles boot axe used shovel used

found wear in the braille type puzzle doesn't fit behind gates

hopefully we won't need it again MAximom!

Joyce Yes it will fit behind the gate. There are 4 letters spots there

joycy, I used my accessibility magnifier set to 200% to do the puzzle behind the gates so I could see what I was doing, you will get boots in your inventory if done correctly.

ice in down arrow scenes

I still need 1 skull

items not clear where they come from sort of appear

ice below the number clue

Oh, that was the wood bridge! According to this video walkthrough the other skull should/could be in the opening scene. Seems like they may have made some alterations to the game, although in the "original" there was a house where the slides are now, so the key worked there.

I still haven't found the skis :(

can't find key bit in the red slides is there hotspot or just hovering key

No hotspot on the slides, just dumb luck, it's the far left slide at the top, down from the inventory bar about maybe 2 inches.

Skis comes from using one of the keys in elevator- skulls box scene

Oh wait, I should have read your comment more closely first! USE the key on the slide (pretend it's a house)

Thanks Gika, on the video, that's where the key was used (there was a house there)

Looks like we just need the magic spot to find the last skull. The bullets should be in that box. Then we can shoot Bambi, feed the wolf and ski home to warm up!

Where does the helmet come from???

When I tab through the opening scene, there is a big highlighted box in the upper left side (where I lost my axe). I think that could be where we need to find the skull, but I can't get the shovel to work there.

Hi AmyElvis, helmet is on left side of ornament tree in the snow, a little tricky to locate.

Ohhh Damn my axe is gone too lol

Oh, regarding the box hotspot in the opening scene, apparently in the "original" game, there was text located there.

Thanks Maximom!

Oh, no, Gika, not you too! Let's hope we don't need the axe any longer!

have the boot already must have worked lol

I should've listen to you Maximom :( it was too late when I read your comment.

got 1 skull from the coffin


This comment has been removed by the author.

Gika, a missing axe is probably the least of our problems! I have a sinking feeling that CG8 neglected to place the 3rd skull. Someone please prove me wrong!

Well since we already know that placing 3 skulls will give bullets. Combine bullets with gun to shoot dear and feed the wolf and you are out. I will consider myself done, I hope someone can find that last skull, I've tried using the shovel and the axe (until I lost it) everywhere.

got the rifle & ski's not sure where they came from was trying the keys everywhere on the slides also got the helmet

Joycy Rifle from slides and skis from elevator both using keys

Gika, I am going to exit as well, I am exhausted from all the shoveling. I may check back later to see if some clever, patient person has found the skull.

Thanks for sticking around Maximom. It's Always a pleasure playing with you. I will check later as well.

if using sk's to get away don't need snowboard or vice versa so maybe something to do with bullets or skull

Thanks Gika, I like playing these games with you, too!

try my best Maximom it's 9.30 am here

I am counting on you, joycy!

cool games is full of bugs and maybe viruses; all kinds of warnings and phishing; should be on a blacklist

I usedy Axe on wood but it's still here

Has anyone done the color code on crate? Clue doesn't work

The color code on the bulbs. Red, blue, top, green, yellow-niz.Ya also did not find the third skull.

When you enter the code object itself appears in the inventory.

anyone found the last skeleton head yet tried everywhere

Hi Dazz when you input code you don't always see objects they just appear in the inventory, you probably got something & read Maximoms comment about the keys so difficult to find spot

found a pair of ski sticks left side of box for colours hard to spot a little dark bit far left

Hi Joyce, had to leave for a while, good thing CG 8 has autosave

But the annoying thing is hotspots do not go and you don't know whether you did the puzzle or not

yes Daz I know & unless you play again you ca see better where things come from you need skis snowboard rifle 3 baubles 3 skeleton heads ski poles glove boot & bullets not got last head or bullets think the problem is the head been trying to find it on & off alld day lol

also 2 keys

even tried knocking the snowman's head off to see if it's in there tried putting snowboard on ledges no avail, cool games 8 give us a little hint or spoiler plz

Alpha Hotz Roberto Zuleka stc where are you all

Natanja just saw you playing did you find the last skeleton head pleeeze

The last third of the skull I have not found unfortunately.

My shovel disappeared in bottom left opening scene but I got nothing

If I need shovel to find it then that's a bummer, not going to repeat the whole game, Joyce, check the left side of Christmas tree, it's the only spot I didn't check

Too bad no one found the 3rd skull :(

Did you find it Gika?

No Dazz. I don't think anyone did :( maybe it's a bug or they forgot to add the last skulls in the game lol . I tried the shovel and axe everywhere. My axe disappear after using it on top left in the first scene.

Hi Dazz I got the shovel & all the bits the helmets at the sidr of the Xmas tree only place I found to use the shovel was the right side car wheel nobody could find the last skull give up been out tonight to a party too tired now

thanks for your reply Natanja :)

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