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Autumn Forest Elephant Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Autumn Forest Elephant Rescue Escape

Games2Rule - Autumn Forest Elephant Rescue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to visit a autumn forest. But unfortunately you noticed that a baby elephant is fallen inside a sand hole. No one is there to help her. You have to resue the baby elephant from sand hole by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Autumn Forest Elephant Rescue Escape

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Use saw on wooden sign.

Eggs in pots.

what saw? LOL

get leaf clue but how to use on number game?

Leroy - only the last column moves - add up numbers of the same colour

use hammer sign scene right

Going in!

Use crowbar to open cave.

saw again on statue.

check the car carefully!

I did maybe I did it wrong..
dont miss knife last scene on left

Colored numbers work when they saw a hint. Folding of the same color. Forks in the right Loka, in the trees. Wheel used 2 times. On a wooden bench and a statue in the new stage.

still no saw LOL

Thank you for the car hint, LNS!

Leroy, did you get something from the window of the house last scene left? looks like a wheel to me, that's the saw

TY I had missed that pixel

Check under the car's front bumper.

pipe in the hole by statue, hit with flint, gives directions for birds

What clue those squirrels are for?

Trying to figure out the 3 color dials with bugs. If they're from the beetle clues, which one is which color?

Hi Roberto, squirrels are for board with red/green, look at position of squirrels

I keep forgetting I still have the pitchfork. It's so faint in inventory.

what to do with the 6 yellow shapes with a plus-sign?

Thanks yvonne. Had not clicked that board thinking I had no clue.

there's a board with red green squares - the beasties tell you which side goes red and which green

life preservers past hexagon door: put 3 worms in them for clue.

Get telephone and book with number. Battery low. Return near car and I cant return to the 2 last rooms, where i found bag. Bug?

Magnifier lights pile of leaves below washer door, back in color board scene.

Missing 2 symbols for door. 1 is up the tree. How to get it?

Pink, yellow green circles should be put after the fork in the hole to take the worms and put them on the lifebuoys.

use pitchfork in small hole for worms

Lupu put in place by the fire. Will the torch.

Roberto use the stone you have in inventory with sling shot

hmmm. No slingshot yet.

Found it! Thanks.

I put 2 yellow stones and they disappeared (. It would not have had to play first (

Where´s the last symbol?

My two ambers disappeared as well. Hoping the reappear when I place the other two. What to do with 5 green pollen balls and torch? I've tried to set fire to everything.

torch for box thing in walled area and my ambers vanished too

@nafanja no problem, put another 2 and you get to the last scene. But after, if you return, door is closed. game over:)

You get the ambers back when you place the rest.

Where was the torch?

Oh duh. Click the fire.

Nothing wrong. She put the rest of the stones and opened a new stage. In the cup to draw water, and pour on a swing.

My game crashed! I quit! GL you all.

New bug, I can't get under the hood for the battery. I could before I took the bell.

I'm going to count this as finished, then. All that was left was to charge the phone from the car battery and dial.

Same here, Lurker. The hotspot disappeared.

After the bell took the vehicle, the car's hood closed. Now we have to charge the phone. Is the battery terminals.

It's a shame. At the end of the game broke down (

Games2Rule shame, couldn't finish, it was a good game to play until the bug.

We have to give up? Grrr....

I spent all of that time and a bug ruins it!

TY I had missed that pixel

Hi all,

Sorry for the bug in our game. We rectified it and updated the game.

Games2rule Team

Good job, Games2rule!
I mean, thanks for feedback.

Couldn't find the hot spot on the car hood to charge the phone as in your WT. So didn't phone the animal rescuer and my elephant left in the hole :(

Can't get back through the bean door after backing out...not so good.

@ Games2Rule Team: I played this game using the above link on 10/23/16 and that bug is not fixed (or the link is not updated?). Once you come back through the door (heading for the car battery but having missed the jump leads), you can't get back to rectify matters and the game is over. Very frustrating after all that effort to be stymied near the end.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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