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Colorful Park Escape Walkthrough

Colorful Park Escape

Games4King - G4K Colourful Park Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to a park on a fine evening to get fresh air. While you were enjoying the park’s atmosphere, you forgot to keep track the closing time of the park. So the park security closed the park without noticing in the park. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the park. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, all. Going in. Hope it's a good one.

Good Morning Deanna.

Number clue is for slider

use shovel on far left scene

Lots of stuff to collect in this one.

Combine letters with paper clue= number code for box

Morning, Gika.

and out...
After doing the colored ball slider you get a key for the gate

Short and boring

"fcgd" isn't working on the box for me as 6374 either forwards or backwards.

6374 not working ? Have paper clue ?

not at all what i was expecting with a g4k...a bit disappointed.

Or the clue is wrong ?

Guys you have to used it in alphabetic order


Order it like in the paper dudes

What a trip should have known. Thanks Gika

easiest & shortest G4K ever!

thx also for this game G4K ☺

You're welcome Bandy

OK, out now. Thanks for the number hint, Gika and Dazz!

That was a really short G4K, which is unusual.

where is the paper everyone is talking about? the paper with 4132? combining 4132 with fcgd or cdfg isn't working for me.
I am so stuck in this "so easy" game :(

its in one of the boxes forgot which one

you get a-z 1-26 paper from placing 3 crystals on box in right scene

finally, this paper is in box with 3 red gems. my third green circle was below a bush in center of middle scene...

I know, Hotz. I still have a hammer that I haven't used, a stick and I'm missing an orange button for the puzzle and the third shape for the box in the left scene.

Deanna use the hammer on brown thing you got on far left scene.

Deanna also, the stick is for the shovel. the other part of shovel is in opening scene

This comment has been removed by the author.

3 crystals from sliders, from placing 3 white balls (one sneaky under shroom thingy about bottom left in middle scene) & from insects box
(my last was green about bottom left in right scene)

The stick/log looking thing? I've tried that, but it doesn't do anything.

sorry, shovel blade in on left wall of middle scene

Ah, it's the other part of the shovel I didn't have. Thanks!

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After the blade for the shovel, game was quick. Really odd for a G4K.

aw missed this live was playing meena game bad site got knocked out of game to ads just clicking for a clue

I mean in meena game

got straight through to the letters 6374 doesn't work

Use alphabetical order: cdfg

& out thanks Gika for the alphabet order only thing I got stuck with lol

& thanks Mac Carter :)

Ok game. score 58697. Thanks!

My gosh, is that all? Pretty short but fun.

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