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Escape From Presidential Suite Room Walkthrough

Escape From Presidential Suite Room

EightGames - Escape From Presidential Suite Room is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside presidential suite room. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all!
Thanks 8G for that game!
Let's have a look ...

Ah, here we are, hi Rüdiger and hi to all those who may follow.

hi (again) merit & Ruediger & all other players ☺

colours with numbers on armchair for down arrow puzzle

thx 8G for the game ☺

Again the self-playing game first. For those with the same problem (meth?): Wait until it's finish and press Play Again.

AD is blocking my game since 2 minutes!!!!!!

take 6 colour first letters as they are, no need to swap them

Rüdiger, no adblocker? If not, you'll have that problem up to an unplayable state according to other comments.

Almost done with my first collecting walk. Cloth is used on mirror in bathroom, top row.

Hello all
Merit, my connection has miraculously improved so no more flicking through scenes (fingers crossed).

use cloth on mirror with ring in bathroom for clock time

Bottle from that bathroom is used in the green book for a clue.

Get an ad I cannot close every 2 minutes !

Hi meth, but just keep that in mind if it returns. Life can be bad, LOL!

adjusted clock as 3colour hint

Green number (with 2, only got one now) is used in start scene puzzle.

Here comes the ad again ! Will not play like this. Anybody else got this problem ?

we shall not use adblock cuz it's the only way devs can earn money as the games are for free, but I can't be bothered to have ads inside the game all the time, hence adblock enabled

use bottle on book

Here comes the ad again ! Will not play like this. Anybody else got this problem ?

Got all letter buttons (plain sight) and opened the panel in room two right of start. Golden coins go on the blue grid in same scene, missing two.

I'll play new Mirchi & come back to this again

Those puzzle pieces looking like branches (one from 6 colour puzzle) are hard to see in the inventory.

That was it 11 Ads in 22 minutes!

Thanks Merit, I checked every single button in my inventory and one of those branched things was hidden way down.

Two golden coins from colours in end scene. I did it by accident.

Oh, that coin puzzle (two scenes to the right from start) was sneaky! Hint comes from book with bottle.

You can turn the coins several times. The circles from the clue means you have to turn the coins until they look like an I and then one turn more so that the ridged edges are on the left side of the coin.

Hope you understand what I mean! If it doesn't work this way, turn the "circle" coins once more to the left but I think it was only one turn after the "I" position.

Hint for the puzzle you got your two coins was the armchair, see Alpha's first comment.

Oh-oh... the key from coin puzzle opens the panel above bed in left room second row. You can but the branches into the puzzle you get there.

Problem 1: I need two more branches.
Problem 2: That puzzle seems to be mean!

Very stuck. Missing one coin, one shape, haven't used blue bowl or tissue paper.

IIRC all coins came from plain sight except for the two last from the puzzle. I had the others at an early point of the game. Check the scenes again, sorry!

back & off for solving coin puzzle

I know well how impossible it is to remember where such things were Merit.

Got my last shape! From the dining room (bottom scene). Didn't trust that room as I remember I got only one item from that (either a letter bottom or maybe a coin, check that, meth!).

the coins don't match hint - only turn once again after l position, not twice

Progress, completed shape gives taphead for the bathtub, now I could fill water in my bowl.

Okay, Alpha, I was not sure about that, mentioned it because I didn't want to confuse others even more.

Pour water from bowl on the hotspot of brown couch in scene left of the bathtub for a Greek letter hint. That puzzle should be in one of the bottom rooms.

Yes, end scene. Two more colour hexagons.

where came tap from?

Hu? Bowl is still active, got to check the other hotspots.

Tap came from top row, right room. Put the shape (made of four brown puzzle pieces) into the panel

& missing bottom left brown shape piece

More progress! When you have used the bowl on the sofa you can zoom into it. Dip the tissue into the water and use it on the black mantle below the colour hexagon puzzle for a 4# clue.

Merit, where in the dining room (the large one with the round tables?) did you find the last shape? I've been over this room for the last ten minutes, even reopened the game... Nada!

Alpha, that was the one from the dining room (bottom scene). Under one of the chairs, cursor changes).

Went there, it should be the right round table, and then under the left chair.

POP... it's under the left chair under the rightmost table!!!

Finally... my last coin.
1 end room, + 2 from colour puzzle end room
1 6 colour puzzle room
1 by big brown sofa
1 first bathroom
1 second bathroom
3 left room above end room
1 floor of dining room

got it thank merit

my last colour hex was from under TV in CB

4# puzzle is in start scene, got two more coloured hexagons. That will give me a hard time!

No, it won't. That puzzle is very easy with clear positions.

nope, not my last...

me, too still need 2 branches & at least 1 hex button...

I think at 1 o'clock

Take your time while searching, Alpha, meanwhile I try to make sense of the 123 puzzle in start scene.

ah, didn't solve greek letter puzzle yet cuz I can't find it anymore LOL


in end scene

1 o'clock? That could have been my last piece before getting the final ones.

I manages to get the branche puzzle. It's not as mean as it looks.
Start with the two top outer circles and try to put one of the two horizontal braches to fit.
If it does it sticks.
Then move the inner circles and try the vertical branches.

I am stuck with the last puzzle. No idea what its meant to do or look like.

Merit 123 puzzle gives a number of blue fields when you press a bottom. These give the 3 number hint for the start room (I think?)

I'm trying to figure out the 123 puzzle too.

Pfff previous comment: bottom=button of course.

Cool, thanks, that could be a great help if I get this far. What's the deal about the 123 hexagon thing in start scene? Is it a puzzle or a hint? I've done everything else and only the branch thing left. And a 3# number puzzle with no clue.

Alpha, have you done the Greek letters?

123 puzzle is for 3#code

just count the hex with dots

Cool, thanks! You've got to be here every day!

Hey Friends, Sorry for frequent advertisements, Now it has been corrected, and extended the time limits.
Sorry for the mistake. Play and enjoy. and share your comments.

Ah got the last puzzle too. Out now.

You are right Cool, but not in start room. 3 numbers in last but one room bottom right are active now.

Merit I am, but do not always comment.
Eight Games often turn me off because of puzzles I just have no patience for.
If you need any more help just ask.

methanwy .... my sense of directions is non-existent I'm afraid. Just run around in circles till I get somewhere. :)

Hey, got that first branch! :-D

branch puzzle


The rest of it is really easy. Thanks again, Cool. Now to the final one.

NO! I'm missing one shape for the final puzzle! :-o

left or right merit?
(have another new game open)

Phew, found it lying in the door of a livingroom.

Thanks Alpha, got it.

Very nice game from 8G!

Eh - that final puzzle was VERY simple?

Thanks for your company everyone.

actually all puzzles were more or less easy...

thx ppl for the company & the nice teamwork ☺

And out. Thanks 8G, this was a great one. Don't get me wrong, I don't need a hard-as-hell final puzzle I've been playing for almost 90 minutes though.

Thanks for all your help, guys, really enjoyed your company, my daily gang as well as the hidden regular guests! ;-)

Can't finish this one. Sick of going over and over the rooms looking for tiny little sticks etc.
These games are just NOT fun!

Really nice game. Really like the puzzles in this one. Sure beats the hell out of the horrible slider puzzles we've been subjected to in the past. These ones just moved the game along nicely. So glad I discovered that you had to solve a puzzle to get the final two branches. For a minute there I thought I'd missed them! 5/5 More like this one please!

I agree that it was an enjoyable game, not too difficult and interesting puzzles.

i agree with Jenny
Japaneeze kept the best escape game mind SIMPLICITY and NEURONS

YES to getting pop up ads. So ANNOYING. But you can plain Eight Games on Escapefan.com and not get any ads whatsoever. That's what I've been doing. You also don't receive the chat/hints which is a drag so I have to use both sites.

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