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Escape Relax Golf and Spa Resort Walkthrough

Escape Relax Golf and Spa Resort

EightGames - Escape Relax Golf and Spa Resort is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Relax Golf and Spa Resort. There are some clues, puzzles. and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in! Hi to all who may follow and help!

As always running around to every scene and collecting stuff first.

Today's red herring: two right from start, grey thingy in floor. I'll click that every time I'll enter this room.

Hi Merit and everyone else. Loading and looking forward to your company.

Might want to take a screen shot before you put last Pic. piece in place.

hi (again) merit & meth & all other players ☺

just starting to collect...

thx 8G for this game ☺

Use mag. on 4 flower pots for word clue

Bet you can't guess the word LOL

Colour clue in start scene is used in end scene. Don't miss the golf bat there, I found out I watch out for little things like buttons and don't see bigger ones. ;-)

Oh, I'm not alone anymore. Bandy, are you out by now? You must have loaded the game directly from their site.

Knife is used on carpet in scene left before end for a shape. I'm still collecting but trying out some things may keep the inventory tedious.

use spray & tissue paper on mirror in most right room for colour number hint for room before

Used 3 color keys ( 1 right of start ) don't know what for yet?

Mind that today the items don't go to top in the inventory automatically when others are used.

don't miss shape in drawer in bathtub scene

No I loaded here I just got in as it posted. I put 2 green balls in puzzle were color keys used but ???

Cut out leaf from carpet goes in back wall of fifth scene in 2nd row

5 switches gives color clue for 5 letters

3 colour keys go in room right of start

start with purple one

For those keys: Click them to get a kind of lever clue (I think).

You need 2 green balls for that also ??

key from pic puzzle goes in room 5 o'clock from end

Need place to put golf balls ?

Every time I come here to post, one of you has just beaten me to it!

my last switch was in work out room on bench

After getting to every room I can change the tiles in the green 3x3 grid in 2nd row, left scene. Don't know what the clue may have been.

Need that place too, bandy, got them all.

Meth, I know that feeling.

key from letters goes in room 2 «left» of start

It seems the 3 coloured keys clue activated the 3#s in 4th room 2nd row from top.

How is it possible I forget the screenshot before putting all pieces into a puzzle every time? Not hard though.

I wonder if 3 letters on bathtub could be a hint for 3 #'s ? I see 0 - 9 on chair also ?

In clue from keys the gaps between the places are not equal. First numberis Spoi£4$ler.

Thanks methanwy but that was a weird clue.

Colours from switches gives 5 letter clue.

BRB dog needs out LOL

Key from 5 letter puzzle used leftmost room.

Meth, you're a genius for sure but - what? Which gaps? Which clue? That where we put the two green balls at?

We will need a lot more purple tiles!

XZC used on 3x3 grid.

This comment has been removed by the author.

meritneith 3 green balls think 1-4 bottom being 1. so top is 4 so you get 413 that help?

After putting inthe two balls, they go to different heights Merit. The middle one at the bottom is position 1.

Any one use the flash light ( Torch ) ?

DOH! Thanks, I had that 0-9 in mind and didn't think of 1-4.

not yet bandy...

Good find, btw!

And an even better find for the XZC! *beingimpressed*

I wonder too if we missed a totally clear spot to use the torch or the gulf balls

Interim check of inventory GOLF buttons, golfclub, torch, vases, incomplete paper, magnifying glass. Haven't found aeroplane button.

And I'm missing a whole bunch of pieces for the paper puzzle.

methanwy Mag. is used on vases

Meth, got the same here. Will go to every scene again and try club and torch on tab spots.

Strange: The five WI-FI symbols are not active yet.

Done that with magnifier bandy. I guess it will disappear once we have found the spot for the GOLF buttons.

Ok spike thing on floor is a Golf T use golf balls there!

I'm checking hotspots again too, but I think I've done them all. Don't forget that yesterday there was a sneaky clue on the sofa that had no hotspot.

Those boxes in start scene... red herrings? Used torch, balls, and club there of course. Nothing.

I mean no hotspot that tab showed up.

in room 2 right of start there is a cone in floor, it's for golf balls

And Golf club LOL

Bandy! Just read my third comment here!

Good find! Thanks!

That should be the 4# hint combined with 0-9

Great find Bandy. I'd been trying to look for a hammer for that. But what did firing the golf balls do?

POPO, the back wall changed.

meritneith LOL I thought it was a red herring also!

0-9 is hint for golf balls top being 9 so that will give 4 digit # hint

The 4# is now active, yes. But 1467 and 7641 don't work.

Sorry bottom is 9 not top my bad

2358 I think was it

8G logics. The hint is 0-9 from top to bottom, should be vice versa.

Huh? don't get the how...

I did not count the green bars so it is confusing

Don't get it. I've only got 3 green bars in golf tee room.

it starts with 0 not with 1!

Alpha, the bottom wooden thing is 0. Count them from bottom to top and see which are green not brown.

There's the screwdriver for my boxes!

you should have 4 from G-O-L-F balls...

Still no place for flash light and need Triangle for wall puzzle ?

Meth, you should have four golf balls and hit them. Then you see four green bars!

SD used in start scene for paper piece

On transport puzzle I moved mobility scooter to bottom slot and train to top spot before I could get them in place.

triangle was in drawer in bathtub scene

flash for assembled paper for wifi puzzle

Triangle was in drawer in a bathroom I think Bandy. I did hit 4 balls, but only 3 lit up, but the spoiler worked for me anyway :)


That triangle thing could be the sneaky drawer piece he mentioned quite early here. Just look above.

From the 4# I got the SD, opened the boxes in start scene and got the last paper pieces there. Completed the puzzle and used the torch there for the WIFI buttons.

Got all purple pieces now, slider alert!

This purple slider puzzle is ruff!

My! Those purple tiles were tedious.

Out. Thanks for the company Merit, AO and Bandy. And thanks 8G.

Well I give on purple slider Need skip button ! I will just say I am out. Thanks for all the help EV1

Hey, got the first piece on its place! :-D

same here merit LOL

2nd. This may take a time so let me say I enjoyed our teamwork and thank you very much!

Alpha, I think the hardest part will come when I get to the latter ones which are messed up and I don't have the spaces left...

finally got it

thx ppl for yet another nice teamwork & your company, CU in another one ☺

I did the 4 left ones first, then the 2 right ones

No, it's getting easier, done! My strategy was to get the left ones to their places, after having the first four at the left I put no.3 above and no.4 one to the left. Then I did the same thing for the right part, and things got really simple. Do the middle at the end.

Got that on my own without cheating, ha! So it has been a great pleasure to play with you guys, thanks again and see you next time. Out now, of course.

Great game. Some of the clues were straightforward, but some really made you think. Thanks Eight Games!

I did not get a screwdriver from the 4#'s, I got the airplane circle piece. I can't find half the stuff mentioned above and sick of looking. Also sick of these constant pop up sears ads!
Not playing 8 games anymore at all.

at the last puzzle 2 pieces of it where already in place, also having in my inventory. A minor bug, I could solve it.
Thank you everyone for the great hints and solutions!

A great game ... till the last slider.
Really 8G, this is just moronic clicking.

When this one isn't crashing, it's making me watch ads. I give up.

The number clues ruined a pretty good game. Neither one made sense, but the clue for 0-9 clearly indicated top to bottom.
too many bugs and clues that are NOT LOGICAL!!

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