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Gloomy Moon Forest Escape Walkthrough

Gloomy Moon Forest Escape

EightGames - Gloomy Moon Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside gloomy moon forest. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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loading up... hope we don't finish on an impossible puzzle - again!

Hi guys, going in. Collecting stuff first as always. Cartoon style!

hi (again) merit & Robert & all other player ☺

thx 8G for another cartoon style game ☺

Hello all
Both catapult and stone for it found in opening scene.


a button from 4 golden crosses

I know by now there will be a tetris puzzle I'll fail at.

a puzzle board from eagle puzzle

shovel used in RH scene

a worm by using trowel in right scene about bottom right

& another worm just under right navig. arrow in left scene

Another worm in left scene, to the right of the left tombstone you can zoom in. Tab works for hotspots!

self-fulfilling prophecy, merit? ;-P

No, facing reality. ;-)


skull is placed on pentagram in left scene

& torches around it

Stick goes in hole middle left scene.

my 4th worm was in right scene left of fattest tree

Just a stupid question: where is a catapult in the opening scene?

place 4 earthworms on wooden block RH scene

rock from right scene for placed stick, get locked box

there are no stupid questions (only stupid answers ☻)

slingshot about bottom right in plants

Play the carillon with the hint from tree in left scene (left of tree with axe pattern)

use rock to hit stick into ground

where exactly is that wooden block?

Thanks Alpha! Got the slingshot now.

Didn't dare asking about that wooden block, LOL

Black gems give three more tetris pieces.

Use stone to hammer placed stick in left scene.

AO's right Merit, no stupid questions. I couldn't find trowel for ages but felt embarrassed to ask.

place fire stick around skull head and hit with hammer...

So we are all wimps, aren't we?

LOL you two - this is a WT site ☻

how many firestick for skull before we can use hammer? only have 2 so far...

Ah, place wooden slab on rock to place worms and attract owl.
LOL AO and Merit.

Yes, but it's like meeting people you don't remember who they are. The longer you wait asking them the more embarassing it is.

Three firesticks needed.

use fire on gravestones for skull clue

in younger days I often felt embarassed to ask, but with the age I'm getting more bold ☻

So true.
Check unused
3 sticks
3 horns
catapult with stone

well, missing a firestick then - anyone remember where they were ;-P

okay, this tetris is going to take a while...

4th stick came from the 5 black gems, all others were in plain sight. Would say in left scene but could not swear that.

Alpha, only got 2 firesticks too.

Skulls gives 3 more tetris pieces. Not enough for me yet.

Picked up two firesticks in plain sight. My third one came from something, locked box I think, after feeding owl.

my last firestick came from unlocked box

& here we go again with the robot thingy grrr!

My 4th stick below gravestone left of left scene.

Do you remember where to use stick and rock for the box? I'm trying all hotspots but with no success yet.

there are 2 holes left of pentagram in left scene

where to place board?

Stick to hole left of placed skull Merit.

Right scene AO, right of big tree.

Oh dear... thanks!

I wish hotspots would disappear. I've no idea which ones I haven't used yet.

Where to use 4 sticks?

This comment has been removed by the author.

meth, in front of the skull with torches.

button also goes on board

Thanks Merit, just found it. So I'm missing a horn.

missing 1 horn...

LOL snap meth ☻

place slingshot about bottom middle in scene to shoo crow for button

Well, I'm always a few steps behind you - still looking for the place to put the board on. Got three horns and an unused slingshot btw.

after placing purple button, have enough tetris tiles to solve the puzzle... :-/

Good find AO. I thought I'd tried to shoot everything.

Nothing in inventory. Still missing tetris, key for gravestone and 1 horn.

Dang! I always had missed the right hotspot for board, always got the one a little bit to bottom left!

Just found my last tetris near skull. Now down to work.

board goes in right scene where stone arch is

Thanks Alpha, got it at last by myself. That tetris is worse than my most evil nightmares - hope there is more than just one solution.

tetris FINALLY done. worse is to come people! Get ready!

Robert hasn't said anything for more than 20 minutes...

Oh Robert! :-o

bad bad, that you can't see all tiles... :-(

merit - last puzzle is a nightmare. not sure if this one is finish able without pulling out your nails...

did you make a screenshot Robert?

If it took Robert that long, what hope is there for me?

What? Did the tetris? STRIKE!!!

no Alpha, I was going to, but I missed the opportunity before it opened!

And I was so astonished I haven't made a screenshot!

(after several tries in vain)
that tetris is a PITA, I can't stay on it till tomorrow as there's only 1 solution, so I will officially cheat by watching the VWT...! ;-P

Too bad I can't buy a lottery ticket today.

(I'm not a very patient person...! ;-P )

I don't think there's only one solution Alpha, but in the end it was pure luck. Yet I see more chances for myself getting a tetris than a spinning puzzle.

I started with putting pieces in, got quite far with just a few things not correct, and in the end I had some luck.

ok, I only watched where to begin & with which 3 tiles & finished then on my own (just to save my reputation ;-P )

Skull gives fourth horn. Meth, are you still on board?

one hour ten minutes later...

well, my skull is whole at turning puzzle, but nothing happens...

it has too look more down

OK, cheated on the tetris, and its only just half way through the walkthrough!

Good news: Horns go on wooden sticks.

Bad news: Opened the tombstone for another puzzle board. Know what Robert meant with the worse still to come.

Meth, take a look please: Are there so many things to come after the axes or do the axes take so much time?

oops, about 4 moves only at axe puzzle & it opened - lucky me! :-D
where is a kiosk where I can buy a lottery ticket? ;-)

Am going to admit defeat on this one and look at WT

No I'm past the tetris AO. Did axes real quick to my surprise by getting top row correct then middle left. Then shift column 1 up 1, get middle tile correct then column 1 down 1.

Don't know Alpha, but just imagine after the tetris I would have run to the next store spending my whole October earnings for lottery tickets just to come back finding that axe thing?

Wow AO well done.
Looked at the WT at it took them over 4 minutes to do!

it's the final puzzle I suppose, merit

now, where to use that magic wand with so many hotspot, but I suppose on a non-hotspot, like the slingshot... :-/

Merit, it seems the axes took a long time on walkthrough.

Wand used left in right scene. Not obvious why. And you're out.

wand is used at the thickest tree in right scene (no zoom)

now that would have been a way longer game for me when I wouldn't have looked re tetris beginning...

& lucky me, got the 100th comment & even without robot thingy that one ☻
(I really should buy a lottery ticket today...)

thx for the company & the nice teamwork guys ☺

Thanks guys for that information. Well, I got the first row but by doing the second one I messed up the whole thing again. So if that's the final puzzle I skip the rest and feel myself out with a good tetris feeling.

Thank you all my friends for helping, encouraging and doing some mental treatment... ;-)

@8G: Not a bad game but too many similar hotspots and again some puzzles in the end which spoil the fun. For those a skipping button (seen in other games) would be nice.

Thanks for your company AO, Merit and Robert and for the game 8G, but please consider disappearing hotspots.

good job meth re axes & you even remember the moves! (me not as usual...)

Just played the recent Mirchi and here you are - there was a skip button for a quite easy slider puzzle.

Well, no 4th stick, no 5th gemstone, number code won't work for me and I'm not restarting. Thanks for all of the other hints though!

Thanks for all the hints and yet another one spoiled by a no fun final puzzle. :(

Well, since I can't even find the 4th worm, I think I'll spare myself the trauma of the remaining puzzles.

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