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Relax Golf And Spa Resort Escape 2 Walkthrough

Relax Golf And Spa Resort Escape 2

EightGames -Relax Golf And Spa Resort Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Relax Golf And Spa Resort again. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello all. Loading.

Sneaky chisel rightmost room top row.

Use chisel one room below that.

Am I too late???

I haven't found anything at all one room above end. There must be something there.

Hi meth!

Hi Merit. I'm still on my first go round, so I'm sure you'll catch up;)
Shoot multicoloured picture 8 times. I'm not sure why yet.

Collecting too.

After first round I'm still missing top right tile for beeeater jigsaw.

Sneaky water bottle on table 1 up and 1 left from start.

Sneaky # clue in room where chisel is used, on the blue divan.

Play guitar with pick (triangle called stick here) for the word clue used in billard scene. No anagram! ;-)

Note the colours from shooting the gun or you'll have to go on another shooting spree. Colours are used on bells.

Hi, my 4. glass was on big black table with 10 black chairs in "last" room

A load of keyholes, but not a single key yet!

I'm still collecting, had just found the bullet for the gun, shot 8x and was clever enough to note the order as I had seen a colour puzzle in one of the first scenes. ;-)

use knife on candle in inventory for a key

Hi Hotz.
Don't miss code on window in bottom right room.
You're doing better than me on the glasses Hotz.

Bottom row, left scene: On the wall there's a 6# puzzle, use the clue I mentioned earlier. Gives two gears

Switch used in bathroom (two scenes before the last room to reach) for a colour clue.

Ah, th e thing I had missed in the room above the end was a stone on the left.

Been to every room now, will go back to get things together. Get four glasses, pour water from bottle first, then acid from one of the last two scenes. Gives another colour clue.

the key from candle is used 1 scene above "start"

Hotz, thanks for the candle hint. I would have been searching for a lighter in despair.

stuck with yellow symbols and stones. No place found to put them ...

Was the switch in plain view Merit, or from a puzzle?

Do you remember if all nine square puzzle tiles came from plain sight? I'm missing one...

stones are used in start scene

does anybody know how to use the clue from colored circle arrows to heart puzzle in dining room at the top third from the right?

place blue "OK"symbol on octopus-heart-picture to activate... you will get a clue from using switch in another scene

stones in start room. gives clue (sm to lg) to get key for place to put yellow symbols.


I'm missing one tile too Merit, top right.
Found the switch btw.

Sorry, just saw your switch question now... glad you found it yourself.

if anyone needs a spoiler for colored hearts-octopus-picture, I made a screen shot...

That arrow-colour-puzzle was a pain in the behind. And I'm not colour-disabled!

hi (again) all ☺

I'm late (or 8G was earlier than expected) - loading... still live?

thx for this game 8G ☺

Doh! I thought the colour clue from glasses with acid would go in bathroom scene, top row, rightmost scene but it didn't work.

Just realized I hadn't poured the acid into the last glass. Man!

Gives two more yellow buttons.

I guess it's the hour change made the game earlier AO. I'm having trouble with the coloured hearts, but I don't see how you can easily give a spoiler Merit.

any hint for colored gears? I have no idea, what to do with red gears...

Hi Alpha, yes it is.

That yellow button puzzle! :-O

Hi guys, the arrow-color-puzzle is driving me insane. What's not working?

here is a spoiler for colored hearts/arrows:

IIRC those arrow hearts were most sneaky for the two very dark colours at the two right circles at their tops. Maybe try to change them, I zoomed my screenshot up to 500%.

Missing some gears, Hotz. I have to face the yellow buttons now.

Thank you Hotz. I'm positive I tried that option

thx for the screenshot
you're using snaggy, great!
how do you like the programme?

Got it!

Thanks for the snaggy Hotz. I swear I've got mine set up like that, but still nothing. I guess I'll start over and be really systematic.

AO, it is my first try on snaggy :)

there is a #6 clue on the window in the bottom right room: 245361. Anyone knows where to use it?

Orit, would like to know that too. Officially stuck now. No items left, missing some gears, a puzzle tile, one blue button.

Could it be a hint for the six symbols in end scene?

ok, there is a little glitch on gear puzzle: I tried some combinations (with no success) and walked around. when I came back to this scene, the gear puzzle was open...

missing 2 glasses, they're hard to see...

I resorted to the VWT in the end. Copied the hearts moves. At the end they swapped the two orangeish positions (although they were clearly right already) and the thing was solved. I did the same and my game has frozen :(

and finally out!! thank you guys for your hints!!
I think, I haven't used the number clue from window.

One hard to find glass was on floor 1 up and 1 left of start IIRC.

Alpha, IIRC I got three of them in the first scenes (maybe from one single scene?) and the other at the last (see Hotz' hint).

My game is now unfrozen on resume and the hearts puzzle solved. Yay.

- 2 glasses in 1 scene above start
- 1 glass under a chair in scene with bread
- 1 glass on big black table with 10 black chairs in "last" scene

still searching for last tile and blue button...

Had a phone call. I'm left behind. Missing some gears

I had no probs with the hearts (without snaggy) - dark orange is orange, orange is apricot that was the difference between hint & puzzle

beeve, blue "OK"-button is on a table in scene with 8 colors code (from start go up, left, left)

Oh! Went around looking for anything I can do and found my last puzzle tile, so they were in plain sight!

It was in the bedroom right of end, in front of the orchids.

Puzzle gives an umbrella, open it for two pieces to use left of the gear puzzle

thx ppl for the glasses

That gives a fan with the six symbols hint. Hope I'll get my last gear from that!

Yes, here they are! :-)

oh, if you are talking about blue token for the puzzle with 4 yellow arrow buttons, my last token came from gears puzzle.

And the last blue button. Don't ask me what to do in the gear's puzzle, it suddenly opened before I even realized what to do! ;-)

Slider alarm now. Sigh.

thanks for all your help, finally finished.

Hey, got a lucky punch there! Final key???

I have to go. Bye all

Yes! :-o

Didn't use the glass hint either. Red herring.

bye orit ☺

argh, can't find the 8 colour puzzle anymore...

Meth, Alpha, what about you? See a light at the end of the tunnel?

Games2Jolly is out early today, even with clock change.

& the keyhole for candle key...

And finally. Thanks for the hints everyone. Good game apart from the hearts puzzle. Don't understand why when there are a zillion possible colours to chose from games designers use ones which are so difficult to tell apart.
Been looking again at my snip of the window clue. Can't think what it could have applied to.

How are you doing AO?

found the bells to colour 2 rooms right of most left room

oops, didn't take a screenshot of the gears...

OK, profited from the glitch at gears

another POPO
keyhole 1 up of start, gives (my last) blue button

final slider is a PITA, will play Mirchi first...

thx for your help ppl ☺

I was so lucky with that slider, I kept on clicking and moving to note down the pattern. After doing this I moved the chips to their correct side. Everything was in place besides the right column which I had to move down once. That was luck!

Alright, liked this game! Thanks 8G for making and everyone else here for helping. Don't think I'll be live tomorrow. Leave good hints!

OK, merit
have a good time ☺

Good game except for a couple of problems. The gear puzzle was bugged to all get out. For starters there was no red to match the gears with, and secondly after shutting it down it just opened so I have no clue as to whether I had the gears in the right place or not. Also, the colours on the heart and arrow circle puzzle; please, if you're going to put clues in the game make sure they match the solution. The orange colours looked nothing alike which seemed to cause massive confusion for everyone. But that said, it was a very good game except for those glitches.

ok, finally solved the final puzzle

btw, had to mute, the loop is too short - it's like a disk with a crack in it...

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