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Ena Halloween Search For History Escape Walkthrough

Ena Halloween Search For History Escape

EnaGames - Ena Halloween Search For History Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Dream up a situation that you are going to grandpa's house to celebrate halloween festival. After visiting there you have found that your grandpa was missing. Now its your responsibility to find that how he was missed. Good luck and have fun!

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This should be fun, but will have to play later

Gravestone pumkin faces for puzzle left of opening scene.

the spider puzzle....not working?

Use ladder to get doll.

Anna have you pressed the padlock bottom left of puzzle?

Put chain on box bottom right.

Spiders enter from right to left.

Can´t get the spider puzzle also.

Maze inside house get red in to position first, then green then blue.

Iron symbols go into green panel in kitchen.


Spiders = ne, se, sw, nw

Thanks for spiders.

Knife from kitchen used on grave in scene one to get little ghost pie piece

Have a ladle and an empty flask.

Put the coin in place but nothing happens.

Don't miss 4# hint back wall rightmost room.

Use knife to collect puzzle piece from gravestone outside.

ok! Need a clue to solve coins and get a sword.

Use sword on shield.

Roberto, I think the padlock symbol with extra lock on coin puzzle shows that we need an extra clue.

Roberto, you got there first! Where is the clue for the coin puzzle?

Get a purple liquid using ladle and flask, pour it on mat and you´re out.

Have you solved the 2 rows of skulls?

Creepy crawling baby toy needs key then goes in fireplace scene

Two rows of skulls? I've now done the skull dials and I've got the clue for the coins. The thing I had missed was sending the toy into the hole in the wall.

Where to use the symbol that looks like an lens with 4 arms?

in rocking chair scene.

any hint for the iron piece puzzle (moving 2 pieces around w/ green arrows)

Thanks Roberto. Got last piece for pie puzzle.

never mind. was overthinking the thing

Put small one inside big one and drive them to the gates.

Not playing this one. If I want to skip, I am NOT going to share this game.

Other than the mysterious order of the spiders in the beginning, all worked well. Anyone know why the clockwise order from top right? Thought witches eyes, maybe, but I don't see it.

Jenny, you don't have to REALLY share this game. Just push a button for one of the social medias (I pushed Twitter), and let it open up a window, but don't do anything with it. Then go back to the game, try again and it'll ask you if you want to share the game, with a Yes or No option. Choose Yes. Then the skip will give you the puzzle pieces or items you need. Then close your social media window without posting. :)

I don´t know why skip the puzzle. It´s so easy!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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