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Find the Escape-Men 178: Halloween 2016 Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 178: Halloween 2016

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 178: Halloween 2016 is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No1 Game. Solve some puzzles and find the 10 escape men. This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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LR hint first scene for cupboard same scene, gives garlic.

Also, other side holds a flashlight with a escapemen, and a escapemen.

Vinyl hose under table with pumpkins.

1 Escapemen under couch cushion and 1 under couch, use flashlight.

Put vinyl hose in hole of casket, blow garlic in.

1 Escapemen under casket lid, also one extending pole in casket.

Play around with green stems of pumpkins till the middle one blows off the table. Gives another Escapemen.

Extending pole for witch-men.


Pumpkin hint is the Halloween-Poster. Works easily without, though.

1 Escapemen under table with pumpkins in the pumpkin that flew away.

Stuck now with 8 escape men. and just flashlight still useable in inventory.

Each pumpkin changes colour of other(s) one(s).
Check colours to match HAPPY

same place as you jenny

I'm stuck with 9. Candies give number clue, I guess? No idea about colours for lock.

Go back under the couch...there is a second astronaut escape man.

missing one

I have 9, missing one. Trying to brute force the halloween poster.

Basket has candy with different shapes and you can only open one at a time. Different amount of shapes on each but no idea what it all means.

9 Em and a flashlight....and stuck

Nomivor where did you get the 9th one?

Somebody figured out what to do with the bonbons?

8 guys
Can't figure out how to open painting and what candy is for

No, where is the 9th man please???

9th guy...

one on the back of flashlight

one man back of flashlight

jenny, behind flaashlight?

POP 9th one is on the end of the flashlight.

why do we still have the flashlight in inventory ?

Go it!

Bonbons: First count them: Click them 1-4
Then count the shapes 5-8. Click 1-8. Done! And out.

Geez. Thanks, Nomnivor!

good find Nom !

got myself some sunglasses!

I can figure out the final colour puzzle on the door.

Jenny, first letter that is highlighted (click on all characters).
e.g. first letter of treat is T in red, next is yellow, then cyan etc

You need sunglasses to solve colour puzzle

out by big X

Must wear glasses to know if letters are dark or light green

1- couch
2- pumpkins, cliue is happy
3- cabinet, use r/l
4-under couch, use torch
5- torch
6- gray pumpkin under table
7-vampire tomb, use hose,garlic then keep clicking
8-tomb lid
9-window, use wand
10- candies: click c,t,h,s,h,t,s,c



What glasses? I can't find anywhere the glasses would be, except maybe behind the happy halloween sign, which I haven't figured out (if it's even a clue or a red herring).

Got it...combine number of each candy with the number of shapes ON each candy to find the order.

Got it...combine number of each candy with the number of shapes ON each candy to find the order.

Take the glasses off of one of the kids at the end and put them on to solve the last puzzle.

That candies basket... grrrr

The candies were a bit over the top, but apart from that a good game. A tricky ending :).

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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