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October 19, 2016

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Halloween Fun Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Fun Escape

Games4King - G4K Halloween Fun Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to a monster Halloween forest to celebrate the Halloween. In the Halloween forest, there are many good witch and ghosts will come on the Halloween day. It will be little fun on Halloween party in the forest. After the Halloween party, as its dark, you don’t know the way to get out from there. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest to escape from the monster Halloween forest. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, colored papers are the clue for colored smileys in left scene

Hi Hotz

Don't miss knife left side passed smiley door

Hey everyone :)

Use knife on barrel right house

stick goes in floor in scene with left/right clue

in clock scene there are 2 green balls in right plant

Working on grid got one right so far need 2 more

Place gear that you took from pipe on hole inside door passed smiley face= football, jar,

There is a valve under shell puzzle left door

Use knife on football

After using knife on barrel to get key. Use key little house. get book one the book there is 2 white paper with squares combine them both for a number clue

Use jug clock scene

puzzle in back of clock

hello blue eyes

I have a solution to 2nd level of grid, but it looks like they want a specific one. All possible solutions should work on a puzzle. It's really trivial to program.

Red X

wow, I have so many items in inventory and don't know, what to do. and I am missing 1 white diamond...

You can click the window on the right in the room that was past the smiley door.

sysin, just keep trying, there are not so many possibilities. I wanted to make a screen shot, but the grid disappeared so fast...

hello last diamond was in the scene right of venus fly trap, kind of in the center.

stick opens & shuts got an insect creepy crawly

Yes, there are multiple solutions to the second grid but only one is accepted.

good find, thank you Brandi

Me too. I have 2 valid solutions to 2nd level grid puzzle but neither gave me a green light.

Hotz, sorry, no. I can't stand trashy code.

Man this inventory is slow!

True! I used 2 different solutions for grid and none worked.

Plus I got the robot thing that is really pissing me off

venus fly catcher refuses insect

Make that 3 valid solutions

Got the 2nd one for the grid

I don't get anything by fly trap or right window ??

You can water tree by the door though.

bandy, you will get the note "a ghost is calling" and you can go through window...

Screen shot for the 2nd grid. Just add the low right one for 4 and 1

Thanks Hotz I don't have note yet

spray bottle/potion is used on wall above clock

Got All the grid. Anyone need another screen shot????

It is more than annoying that there are many places where you need to use objects, but they have no clickable hotspot.

I put the 2 grids together

I mean the 2 solutions

great game...thank you g4k.

You can put brown bug (ant?) on the paper with 4152 but don't know why yet.

After using spray bottle above clock, what does it mean? How to use this clue?

cate, are you out?? could you give some hints please?
what to do with pipe, rod, ant, skull, dials, paper with red lines...?

Puffin, where is the paper with 4152?

It's the round paper(s) that came from the book

where to use clock clue or what to do with paper in starting scene?

ah thaks Puffin, I think I have already used 4152 on a 4#code...

For paper in starting scene, press the numbers of the clock time in hours, minutes, seconds starting with 02

@hotz...the big rock like skull goes on crate on left in scene with venus fly trap...i think you get a pitcher? can't remember...will go back in in a minute...the little cartoon skulls on the opening scene space in front of little witch.

Yes, Hotz we used 4152 but you should still have the paper in inventory.

thanks again Puffin and cate

Hit skull with metal pipe after putting it on the left crate per Cate's comment, Get a green ball.

Items from my inventory is getting stuck on screen :(

No autosave on this one. Will try to replay it later. Thanks everyone for the great hints

hi (again) all ☺

still live? just starting...

thx G4K for this game ☺

yes Gika, same here. but the items go back in inventory after a while...

we can shake the frame with crying man, but I am missing a clue...

all my stuff is just staying on the page this game is well up the creek

POP, spell "street art" and click on the frame!! ignore the "S"

hotz, the clue is from the liquid on wall above clock "street art" you spell it with the corners of "tear".

t is ul
e is ll
a is lr
r is ur

Thanks Hotz.. I wish I haven't closed my game :(

I got it, but thanks anyway cate!!!

what to do with dials with red needles? or where is the clue for 4 square puzzles in diamond scene?

Thanks cate!

Where is the spray for over the clock?

you're welcome. :)

AHAHAHAHA I refreshed the wrong page and I have to restart!!!!

i have to run out for a bit...will be back...good luck!

Gika, do you still have a screen shot from third grid?

oh, got it. and again no time to make a screen shot...

i get that the paper are colors for the faces but whats the click pattern for them ? nothings happening after i put the colors in.

Brandi, spray comes from using key in ghost scene, through the right window

Yep, got it thanks though. I'm stuck again now though :p

street art clue is for TEAR picture. TR are top corners and EA bottom

Did that, did the animal puzzle, now what? Need to figure out where all these dials go :p

Oliveya- Click on all 4 faces first to see the color. THEN APPLY The clue from paper starting with pink, green......

finally catched up. what to do with paper with red strokes?

We were waiting for you to figure that out ;)

For whoever needs the Screen shot for 3rd grid. Have to add 1 to top right corner

nothings working for me... how many times to do click each one?

Finally found spot for white circles. On the post that comes up after doing the snake puzzle (left entrance from start scene).

Gives clue for pinwheel in scene with TEARS pic but all I get is another green ball.

Ant on paper is clue for 4 circles next to Witch in back left scene. Gives brown colored disk.

BF'd Barrell under Fly Trap.


Use LR clue for turtle arms= key, but can't use it nowhere yet

For paper with red lines, look at what is NOT there. Give 4# clue.

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Oliveya- Click on each face 1 time. Once all faces have colors click on Pink face, Green Blue Yellow Pink Blue

NVM used it on chest in ghost scene. I am a little behind everyone

good find thanks Puffin!!
I can't get clue from paper with ant...

Thanks Satchel for the ant clue. Look at the pieces the and has chewed on the outer paper.

I'm not getting the ant paper either, little help?

"ANT" not and

Thanks Gika!

THANK YOU Satchel and Puffin!!!!

Got it!

So close to the end but need to find place for rings and brown post and clue for dials.

Where does this stupid stick go??

and where to use hammer?

The metal cone goes on statue on ghost scene, use hammer

Use the hammer with the pointy thing on the statue head in the scene with the ghost

ok, where is metal cone?

Oh and guess I need 3 more green balls and/or clue.

I think it was in the box with the three numbers

Ant gives number for squares in scene where placed the diamonds. (look at the tip of the paper)

The 3 number


3 numbers on barrel


square - coloured papers - %&$%&6&%$&%
cross - on buildings - %&$%&5&%$&%
triangle - diamonds - %&$%&4&%$&%

POP the clock gives hint for green balls.

thanks for 3#explanation!!!

extinguish fire for 2 green balls from panels

good find Gika!!!

Now I need someone good in math

Finally out!

This comment has been removed by the author.

whats press number for the clock?


use stick and place tapes= key
And Out challenging game

Oliveya for behind the clock use numbers on wall from scene with picture frame

I'm not understanding the clock/green balls relationship

thx Gika

there were loads of use everything on everything by trial & error actions...

Thanks Gika for the green balls hint!! Out now.

Science Nerd, count the number of "ticks" in each section and put that number of green balls in corresponding section.

No problem Guys. Thanks for all the great hints :)

thx ppl for all your hints ☺

and out. thank you all for help. that was a great teamwork on a very challenging game!!

Science Nerd- Count the numbers (sticks) and the hands of the clock separate the sections.



Thanks Gika! But it seems I must be missing some green balls. I only have 7. All I have left are the colored rings and that stick.

i dont see a picture frame anywhere. where is it at? could really use a walkthrough video.

I found them!

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so the clue for the clock is the clock then...

The clue for the clock is used on paper (top right -scene with witch) Hour, minute, second= 02, 45,30

The clue for behind the clock is past the LR door

and Clock also sho the clue for green balls

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oliveya I hope that can help you out :)

The game is really messed up. The grid in my game has no dots on the right to turn green. there is no room to the right near venus fly trap etc.

i did most of that I'm just stuck on the stupid clock... and what else do you use the water jug on?

oliveja, the clock has a code on the backside to get battery. and the clock gives 2 clues: time for paper in starting scene and the clue for green balls.
the "street art" clue is used on picture frame with crying man in scene with exit door and "ghost" letter code.

Jenny- You will only access the right scene(windows) from venus fly trap later on in the game.

water jug is used 4 times: on plant in clock scene, on little tree behind colored faces door and 2 times to extinguish fire in new scene behind witch in starting scene.

Thanks for the help! finally out!.. i had to restart it because the graph with the all the numbers was missing some numbers.. but glad to be done. that was very challenging.

Gina there are no numbers on wall in next room

Jon Kay I am sorry its the left door with the grid not the LR door

To get to the clue for the back of the clock, you have to solve the 5x7 grid puzzle in the lrrllr scene. The door will then open into a new scene.

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