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Halloween Monster Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Monster Escape

Games4King - G4K Halloween Monster Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you standing are in front of a little mountain fort. The mountain fort has many mountain fort rooms which is used by pirates in the forest. Suddenly you heard a voice of a little Halloween monster, shouting for help inside the mountain fort. Somebody must be locked inside the mountain fort. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in and around the mountain fort to escape little Halloween monster from mountain fort. Good luck and have fun!

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Well stuck all ready Need one more green ball and don't know what monster thing on table wants ?

AHHHH Both pics have green balls

Lots of hotspots on walls, etc.

Note has clue for kittys

Well stuck with ladybug and a knife ?

AAAHHH use knife in start scene

hi (again) ev1 ☺

place 3 gems (missing 2...) in s3 on floor

thx for the game G4K ☺

Game loading...

Ax dose not work on board? maybe need to sharpen it first ?

Nope it works on vase though LOL

Hi dudes, clue for cats is the paper in arrows scene

where did you find the knife, bandytrc?

Third button in view 7

I think knife was in far right scene on a barrel

Knife was in cat scene under the right one

After locked door ( 4 green balls )

Missed you bandy:)

Hi Dazz !

found it, after using the clue for cats

Anyone use the Ladybug yet ?

Ladybug goes after the buttons, wood for board but need hammer

3rd gem behind tree in View 3

Did anyone used the axe yet?

Looking for last oval gem for door? Got one sneaky one from V7 ?

NVM used it on vase

Gika use it on vase left of start

Bandy did you check barrel in cats scene?

Yes Dazz got that one

What about the plant in view 3?

All I have left is this dang ladybug ?

I am missing pink gem too

I'm royal stuck. moving in circles

Yep Got that one LOL

Also stuck with 3 gems for door, missing one.

Got 1 in View 7 on the couch (the left side of the pink monster )

Last pink gem from V1 on twisted tree trunk

I got Oval gems so far From V7 V3 and V2 ?

Blast! Can't remember where I got it

Bandy it is in V1 on twisted tree trunk

Finally got rid of ladybug LOL Thanks Gika for gem

Have no Idea for Holloween hint or #'s paper ? Dang robot crap!!!!!

thx Gika for last pink oval gem

No problem bandy! I hate when the robot thing happens.

I am stuck now

Where does the ladybug go?

Mac In view 4- after placing all oval pink gems

Where's ladybug from?

Halloween paper with 9 dots is for 3 hanging faces in starting scene. go from left to right...
Gika, thank you for 4. pink gem

Lady bug is from V8 left door

Thanks, Gika! You're always so very helpful

Unfortunately, still missing one pink gem. Got the one from the twisted tree and in V7.

Ao I think V2 cats scene

jug is used in starting scene...

Thanks hotzy! I thought they were for buttons

I don't have the one from V3

POP! Got it from the 4-digit number, which in turn came from clicking the candies from the broken vase.

Thanks Hotz

Thanks Hotz!! Good find

5 colored christmas balls go in V8

Got hammer to use on wood log

Skull goes in V2

Clue from placing the skull is used in V6= hammer

Color clue bottom to top

use jar in v1 for color clue

Arrows on log for ghosts tails

What do we need to water with jug ?

5 arrows clue is used on 5 ladybugs...

use jar in V1 Bandy

Stuck with 3 balls and paper with #?

Where to use the arrow clue from the wood log? I've tried on pots and ghosts but it doesn't work

Bandy colored: vgpb

For ghosts gika: lrrl

Color code not working ?

It is the opposite them what it shows.

Thnx Dazz

Dazz, there is a number in background of paper, do the math for 4 #clue...

Bandy: purple, green,pink,blue top to bottom

I assume colors are for flowers but It won't work ?

Blue is on the bottom, work your way up!

That's the problem hotz, I can't see the number

Finally Thanks Dazz

Dazz, it is a "2"...

Thanks Hotz I didn't see that number on the background

I can't think how did you get it but thanks hotzy!

Hi Dazz Ley :) hope you are well

I backed out of V8 and can't go back?

Hi Yvonne!!
Place pink monster in view 5 for buttons clue

I am missing 3 blue diamonds for V8, and I have 3 Xmas balls

Isn't there an arrow bandy?

Gika I got my last two from the buttons inv3, do you have a monster?

use bottle on paper for t/b hint

Thanks Dazz I just got them

My last two ladybug from the hearts, clue from Xmas balls

1-2 paper for fruits beneath ghosts

DUHHH Thanks Dazz LOL :P

Next time I will nick some items from you gika))

122... paper clue is for pots in V4

Don't look at me, bandy asked me that))

Put the ears on monster- his teeth moves haha

LOl Dazz I was to mad at robot thing to see the arrow LOL

levers are horns for pink creature in s7

you can move them

Escaped at last

Gika what paper to use bottle on?

and Out.

Thanks everyone for the help :)

Can't remember Dazz. I think it was in the floor after doing after doing the buttons

where's hint for pink creature?

Paper from Lady bugs used on pink monster thing

Ah! Don't know where did it come from, perhaps bandy lent it to me:)

On the floor*

from bugs

And out after verifying 10 times of store fronts! ( Robot crap )

yeah, bandy
store fronts or street signs

Haha Bandy I feel your pain.

Store front, street signs, house numbers

grass, trees, rivers & till there are noones left - that I hate the most

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi guys where is the place for use axe?, thanks

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use axe on Vase on the right side in View 3


Key on right side bush
Use key on door in V9
Pink and blue diamonds in V5
Yellow diamond in V3

Place diamonds on floor in V3= faces clue
Use face clue on door in V1

Gather green/blue symbols from : barrel in V5, plant in V3 and 2 from wall paints in V9
Place them in V5

paper on left wall in V8= cat clue ( use squares on background from top to bottom)
Cats are in v9= knife, green gem

In v8 Click on left door= lady bug and red arrow
Use knife in V1= green gem
Place green gems in V7= axe

Use axe on vase in V3= number clue (click on candies and note numbers)
Use number clue in V1= pink oval gems+ metal cone

collect the 3 remaining pink oval gems from twisted tree trunk in V1. Chair in V7, and big barrel in V2
Place them in V6 door

Collect white paper clue on the floor and brown paper on tree

(Note that on brown paper there is a fade number in the background %$2@#$) Use the numbers do add and subtract= number clue
Use number clue for door in V4= water bottle, pink monster and red arrow.

White paper clue is used on Blue faces in V1 (note their positions)= skull, Xmas ball, red arrow
Spoiler:$%L%$M%$R$% M%$L%$M%$R%$M%$L%$

Place pink monster in V5= Sliding buttons clue
Use clue in V3= paper, 2 Xmas balls

Place skull in V2= jar and clue on wall
Use clue on wall from v2 in V6= Hammer and red arrow

Place metal cone on wood log in V6 and use hammer on it= blue gem and arrow clue

Use arrow clue on ghosts in V4 (hint: use the opposite of what is shown)= xmas balls and lady bug

Place Xmas tree ball on ceiling in V8= arrow paper clue

Place all 4 red arrows in V3 and use paper clue from xmas balls= ladybugs

Use jar in V1 under blue faces= Color clue

Use color clue on flowers in V4 (hint: blue starts on he bottom)= blue gem and ladybug

Use arrow clue from V8 wall on ladybugs in V4= blue gems and paper clue for pink monster

Use water bottle on paper= Top, bottom clue
Use TB clue in V9= pink item and 122...paper clue

122…paper clue is used in v4 pots (Left=1 right=2)= pink item

Place pink items on monster in V7
and use paper clue from v4 on it= key

Use key in v2= blue gem
Place blue gems in V8, click on door

And you are out :)

Thanks for the great walkthrough Gika!

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