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Yolk Hallows Eve House Escape Walkthrough

Yolk Hallows Eve House Escape

YolkGames - Yolk Hallows Eve House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Yolk Games. You are caught in a haunted house on the Halloween eve. You have to get away from the house of endangered spirits by using the inventory items you get and explore the puzzles you encountered. Good luck and have fun!

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warning: nasty slider puzzle ahead!

make evil potion with bone, eyeball and cat fur

broom on spiderweb for key

I give at that spinning puzzle.

the key from spider web doesn't work on the door. I only have a box, bone, eye, an key in my inventory

it works on fireplace.

Oh I was missing the down scene

wow had no problem doing the spinning puzzle

did the potion with eye, none and cat fur. Pour it on mummy

place eyes on skull= clue for stars

after placing 4 brown puzzle circles. Use key for new scene

use shovel on ground in front of tomb stones

After placing blue symbols on gate and arranging them. I am out :)

I think it you get that spinner puzzle, you're lucky. I made it but it took a long time. The rest was fine.

I give up spinner puzzle is not worth wasting an hour on.

You need a skip button Yolk games!

I really like this game, but the 4 candy puzzle locked up on me, could not get eyeball or do anything else. I'll try later.

Lovely game. Really enjoyed it. I will however, join in the chorus about the spinning puzzle. They are so universally hated by the majority (me included) that a skip button is something that should be added. I rate this a 4/5.

I really wished someone would have told how to solve the 6 colors puzzle. I've seen the hint above the door but dunno what order for the legs of the witch. From down left clockwise doesn't work.

The skip button is there by the spinning puzzle, perhaps it's added lately.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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