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Jolly Boy Rescue From Basement Escape Walkthrough

Jolly Boy Rescue From Basement Escape

Games2Jolly - JollyBoy Rescue From Basement Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Some pricks have kidnapped our jollyboy and locked him up in basement room far away from the hometown. You are some how into his mind using the mind-transfer technique by accident. It's time for you to out run that boy's brilliance. Check out for clues, solve the puzzles you encounter and make him escape. Good luck and have fun!

Play Jolly Boy Rescue From Basement Escape

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How many dots of that color are in that particular row, not how many are in the whole grid.

add all apple numbers for 3#code.
the numbers are small, so here is a spoiler ahead

SPOILERgreen43, red49, yellow38SPOILER

BF the three double digit number circles. I don't know if something was a clue for this or not.

Find the square roots of the numbers and then round up to the nearest whole number. So, if the root is 7.48.... the 8 turns the 4 to a 5 and then the .5 rounds up to a whole 8. Do them all like this.

Fairly quick game.

Sorry, that was a little unclear. 72=9 because the square root of 72 is 8.48, rounded to the nearest whole number, it is 9.

Multiply each number by the one below it (9x8, 8x7, etc.) and enter each in the circles.

What is done with the plug? I can zoom, but can't do anything with it.

NVM, figured it out (need 2 plugs!)

That's crazy, dreamer, lol. Thank you. It's weird how rounding the square roots worked on my puzzle.

I love the description/sales pitch for this game...
''Some pricks have kidnapped our jollyboy and locked him up in basement room far away from the hometown.''
I'm of an age where a) I'm probably too old for escape games and b) I find this crudely funny though surely for kids this terminology's a bit rude.

I am of a similar view, rougebooze. I just noticed myself, and thought that it was a bit unnecessary. Hope this isn't a trend, otherwise I can see the description this time next year being "Some dirty m___rf____rs have kidnapped our jollyboy..."

4 stars, good game, no bugs

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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