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Kavi Lotus Frog Escape Walkthrough

Kavi Lotus Frog Escape

KaviGames - Kavi Lotus Frog Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Kavi Games. Assume that you are in a village which has nice pond with lotus and frog; makes the pond looking very beautiful. When you went to have a look at the lotus and frog, you lost your way. You have to find the necessary thing and solve few clues to find the right key to escape from here. Good luck and have fun!

Play Kavi Lotus Frog Escape

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A number puzzle just to get in the game! lol

man we could go on forever on that number..

587 i think

I think it was 781 its on top on the game name on the screen

On window in 3rd scene I brute forced the box answer make a 7 on the outside and then just kept clicking the bottom left until I was right! lol

There is a key inside the airplane you get from that

where is the airplane?! lol

Once you solve the window puzzle in far right scene by doing what I said above.

oh neverminf found it;)

Hands for flower numbers, count fingers

Red scroll answers go on fence behind house

good find k stevens!
I have a clover, a knife and I have no idea what to do with them :s

we can move the sticks on the stump,

The 1-5 clue with arrow in the open door clue is driving me nuts, it would make a box or could be number clues?

Julie- clover goes in one of 5 holes on board in final scene

where's the green hand?

green hand is in zoom view of palm tree in scene with cross numbers in doorway and 3 barrels.

use cross numbers for 5 # door, need to click on blue glass above numbers to get garden trowel. (Hint: 1st number is 5)

the numbers on the door are used twice. use the plane in inventory for color clue.

for match sticks, there is no clue as far as I can tell. 3 sticks can be moved. Make same shape but with different orientation. think of beginning shape as a 7 shape with closed box in upper left corner, change to L shape with closed box in lower right corner.

HINT: for pyramid color puzzle, pink is bottom color.

unusual game screen shape, like the graphics, tricky number cross puzzle - thx Kavi ☺

number cross for door



match sticks


plane colours



number to enter is random for each new game, btw

there's a hidden puzzle (hint baby lid) on the right green hill in most left scene

my last clover was from chimney

letter code is dev's name

(although I didn't see an A in the hint, but a D...!)

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