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Real World Escape 176 - Boo Walkthrough

Real World Escape 176 - Boo

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 176: Boo is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in some room with a friendly ghost, but looks like he is not talking too much. Your target is to collect 12 sniffmouse icons. Look around for some hints and objects that may be useful to solve the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Good evening ladies and gents. Sniff right in front of start screen.

Sniff 2 times right, click on lamp and on the curtains.

Yay, Sniffy! Thanks!

Sneeky Sniffie above the little white lamp.

Put the same symblo on the boxes with the symbols and get calendar and spray bottle.

Game loading....hello everyone!

Same as here ... possibly only one is same in both areas, gives sniff and calendar.

I think it was the one on the books. Kinda horse shoe like.However, I'm stuck with a calendar.

I am stuck with calendar and nothing else :( Not even a black key in sight!

Mine was a sideways S symbol? Color puzzle under bedside and broken wire under lamp....sniffing...

This is annoying. They used to be enjoyable, now they are just sadistic, making us go round in circles without any hints ...

As I said before there are harder ones and some easier ones.
This may be harder this time...
A little hint - next you should open the 1-2; 3-4 puzzle

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I love a good puzzle challenge, Sniffmouse! Keep them coming and thanks!

FireFly same here!

Loved this one Guntars thank you.

Tania the 1-2;3-4 puzzle is it's own hint.
Say what you see.

Yeah, i already tried adding numbers, substracting them, no luck yet.

What do you mean Austen64?

hahaha Got it! One two....three fours!

Ido not understand calendar

The hint tells you how many of each number to use.

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Thanks got a little distracted watching football!

Window hint says October 31 in reverse..

Window square is hint for knob puzzle.

Okay, could please somebody spoiler me with the calendar. i don't get it.

Get magnet from knob puzzle. Place on books. Get red pen. Use on calendar!

Give calendar to ghost...

Thanks FireFly.

I will have to finish this one later. Got company in the house

Fix lamp...get colour clue..

Sneaky game Guntars - enjoyed it. Thank you

My pleasure, Gika! Enjoy your company. :)

I'm still with 1-2;3-4. Probably should get a bible.

Nomnivor - you need to say what it's telling you One (1) 2 three(3) 4's

Then the lippy! You know what to do with it. Had a hard time finding the switch under the blue chair. Sorry if too much too soon...seems we get in trouble for no hints and for too many. I just love to play and really appreciate a nudge when I need it. And I totally enjoy reading Austen's walkthroughs even when I don't need them. FUN!

Spoiled it above...there is one single 2...three 444s

Use magnify glass under white chair

Very funny! Another great game, Sniffmouse!

Sneaky little door...heehee.

Thank you Janet i've now completed game

Thanks, Janet, but i still don't understand.

Austen! I need your walkthrough. Please extra DAU-friendly.

Company did't stay very long!

Nomnivor- So there is 1 number 2 and 3 number 4
code= 2444

Where are you stuck @Nomnivor?

Got cloth from using key and spray bottle from "the same" box

Out, @Gika?

Thanks, Gika! Now lets get stuck somewhere else.

And out. Thanks again, Gika.

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My pleasure Nomvinor.

I am out now. Thanks for the great hints everyone!

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thought that was a fridge..

The green lights:

You need to make a 5, and then 1 up.

thanks nomnivor, figure it out as soon as i posted my comment. Still cant get out, missing one mouse grrrrr

Do you have the one next to the lamp in couch-view?

Paula-- my last one came from clicking on the lamp with color clue. The mouse is hidden up int the curtains!

Also remember the cord on the floor near where you use the magnifying glass - before you couldn't pull it cause it said you needed a tool. Now after reading that you don't need a tool - it works.

thanks!it was the cord one, now out!

5 stars!!

Oh my gosh I loved this one - had me stumped for awhile then boom! Thank you Guntars great game!
I love the sound effects!

Just spoil the same puzzle I can't even get off the ground. . .it looks like and upside down horeshoe on the books but I just don't get it!!!! I am really dense today

LeAnn - the upside down horseshoe is something different (later). The two symbols that are the same in each place are wavy horizontal lines.

I am stuck with calendar. what is it for?

LeAnn as Janet said the symbol needed (on both panels) is the tilde.


Jenny, you won't use the calendar until you get the red marker.

Jenny you will get a red pen to scribble on the calendar.

Thanks Austen.

I gave up and looked at the walkthrough. I would never have FOUND the red marker without it.

Very nice and out on my own (well, with some of the hints above)...thanks Guntars!

Thanks for the sneaky sniff firefly

The symbol on both boxes: ~

Spray for window

The 4# has nothing with calendar as I thought first.

It says there is one 2 and three 4s so 2444

Rag from black key for cloth, symbol in window for dials

Magnet for symbols

Marker for calendar, read the word in opposite: October 31 and mark it then, then give to ghost

Fixing the broken wire will give color code under your bed

Grid: don't forget to click the middle left tile last thing

My last sniffie was from pulling wire after reading the paper

Good, funny game! Thank you!

Best figure & jibberish ever in a sniffie - couldn't stop LOLing ☻
some tricky spots again, was missing the wire scene for a long time (as usual I always miss a scene in a sniffie)
thx Guntars for yet another fabulous game! ☺
& thx ppl above for some hints ☺


great game a bit hard for me but all the comments helped thank you x

Where is Tesshi-e...?

The way of thinking in this one is too hard for me. :)

But retried and now I'm out.

They should label replay games as replay.

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