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Butterfly Escape 75 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 75

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 75 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. After a long working day you decided to relax in your room when suddenly you realized that there are 10 butterflies trapped inside. Don't waste your time! Try to solve some puzzles to catch them all. Finally release them to freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you Angelika, glad to see you again :-)

Many thanks Christina! I am also glad to see you)

Well lets see A beautiful friend has for us!

I found a bottle of wine so this might take bit LOL

That was not an easy game but out with no help Had to think hard about the seecreature. Hint: look at what puzzles work!

Those plates are stacked just right.

I cooked the CRAB LOL goes well with wine.

OH no I cut the painting!

I was looking for a coffeecup to put the spoon in. Had to rethink that ;-)

my game froze on me have to restart. Bummer.

Ok back again use bulb on light for a hint.

Welcome back Angelika! I hope you are feeling better!

I got the math but ?? were to use?

bandytrc, K Stevens Hi, thank you very much! I'm better.

I am stuck! I have tired math every were and nothing! I may be over thinking this one?

Bandy I think you have to combine the math from the light bulb with the car plates!

math behind picture bandytrc

Where did you get wine and spoon?

AHH Thanks batesbunch5 !

Gika There are 3 plates?

I was right. You have to combine clue from cars with the math. Got knife and other clue

math is (3+2)-1
3rd plate + 2nd plate= 73511
Minus 1st plate=??????

Wait Clue is 1-(2+3)- so how dose the (3+2)- come into play?

Bandy note that it is a reflection the words are backwards. And 2+3 and 3+2 will have the same result.

NVM I am over thinking that one again Thanks Gika!

No problem Bandy :)

Where to use marker?

Ericka on cat statue above Tv

Cat, NVM

on cat statue.. shelf over tv

I need help with the colors for the fridge!

Marker on ceramic statue. Where is spoon?

Fantastic- great to see you back Angelika.

Enjoyable and suitably challenging, yet so logical throughout.

do not know how to solve puzzle on refrigerator..the one with coloured squares and circles..any help please?

Red x

Dani & Gika

have you found the clue yet for the fridge? Apply it and you will get 4 numbers

I found it...but do not understand it..

nice puzzles!

Yes I have found the clue! How do you know when you get the right numbers??? I clicked on squares/circles as shown on clue and nothing happens.

Thank you Angelika!! Great game! Welcome back. Everyone has missed you!xo thxACxo

Glad to see you back Angelika.
That was a really nice game.

Gika the four maths lines on the fridge give the code for under the cooker.

Gika I am in the same place?

Click on the coloured symbols and sums should appear in the centre. Use the results for the 4 digit code elsewhere in the kitchen

I saw that after messing with he puzzle on the fridge the numbers below the stove works. But How do I know If I am clicking on the right squares if there are 2 of the same color. I've tried 2 combos of numbers but it doesn't open the door.


if you get the right blue square all parts of the sum will be on the same line

enzed, Sharon,Austen Many thanks! I am also glad to see all! хо

Gika only one combination per line makes sense.
The correct three will always be on one line.

had the same problem Gika..but I closed the game by mistake..silly me :P thanks everybody anyway

WOW ruff one! still struggling Thanks Austen for the help!

I refreshed the page on accident I meant to refresh the comments page. I will restart the game and see if it works.
Thanks Guys for the help :)

BTW- well done all. Its great to see the "right" (well to me anyway) interaction on this. No major spoilers but lots of help and answers to proper questions. Love it!
I'm sure the spoilers and walkthru will follow but that is perfect

I can't get it right. I need a spoiler :( :(

Gika- start with the circles. There are only one of each colour. Then press the squares. If they appear on the same line you have the right square. If they don't then press the square again to clear it, then the other square of the same colour

Lovely game Angelika. Thank you.

Finally! Thank you so much Enzed.

Glad to help Gika

Thanks Angelika for the great game :)

What a great game!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. All the puzzle were excellent and required some out of the box thinking without being overly difficult or relying on the player to make huge leaps of dubious logic. Thanks for the game!

Angelika, glad you're feeling better. This one was hard in places, but doable.

help please, I think I'm at the end and done the make-up the same as the cabinet but nothing happening??

was the flippin nose, how could I have missed that??? Thanks so much for the game

Gika, Forgotten One, Lurker Smurf, Mystris, Many thanks for the nice comments!

Hi, I can't find where to use the spoon

I normally adore these games, but some of the clues in this one are too obscure and took too long to work out. I found this one far too frustrating to be enjoyable. Glad to see you're well and back at work again, Angelika.

Hi Angelika, good to see you're well again!

For me this was one of your hardest puzzles, took me ages to get the word hint, and the fridge killed me. So thanks for the helpful comments.

Aridza, on the table there's one place setting where the spoon is missing. Hover with the mouse over that place to find the hotspot.

thanks Angelika for new game :)

and thanks a lot guys for help especially for fridge

don't forget the view on the right of pic in view fridge

Italian song!

Nobody said what to do with the 7groups of lines on cat...

What a great game! Thank you Angelika!
So glad you're back!

@Giuse lines (Top or down) are hints for left drawer under TV

Thanks a lot Seb! I tried before, but could'nt count up to 14...

Thanks, Angelika, for another exellent game! And thanks, meritneith, for the spoon placing hint, I just lost all the hope to find a function for it. Another hopeless thing was where to put the bread, somehow I thought that I've already toasted it. Perhaps I need a bit stronger coffee.

In case you haven't had enough with hints above...
Get started in kitchen, with white and yellow plates on shelf for the 4x6 grid
Dining room, look out of window with binoculars to see the 4 letters sea creature
Use razor on picture in corridor
Sitting room, put bulb in lamp, read clue on book 1- (2+3)
Use remote on TV, note car plates in Channels 1, 2, 3.
Do the math with car plates according to clue on red book.

Input the 5 # under picture in dining room
Use marker on ceramic cat above TV
Use the cat hint on up-down puzzle under TV, copy the colored squares and circles sequence
Follow the sequence on fridge, just a bit tricky, try either squares of same color to have numbers on the same line.
You'll get 4# for kitchen cabinet.
Put missing spoon on dining table and open wine bottle with corkscrew. Look at the symbols.
Go back to picture in dining room, follow the sequence of symbols on toast, pan etc.
Oh, toast the bread first! (and click on it)
Input sequence in kitchen cabinet. Look at drawing.
Modify drawing right of picture in the corridor.

Sam Winchester,meritneith,seb,Rüdiger Lupp, punnivinn,many thanks! I am very grateful to you for the nice comments and I really missed everyone!
giuse thank you for Walkthrough!

copy the colored squares and circles sequence
Follow the sequence on fridge, just a bit tricky, try either squares of same color to have numbers on the same line. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
You'll get 4# for kitchen cabinet.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


it took me some time, but I got out without help

thx anyway for the WT, giuse &

Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика ☺

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AlphaOmega ΑΩ many thanks!

YAY!!! Thank you, Angelika! So very happy to see you again!

FireFly thank you very much!I am also glad to see you!

joanne halko, example:
1. SQuare cyan, Circle yellow, SQuare blue =
click the fridge buttons in the same order, you get a sum or subtraction to work out.
The result is the 1st of four numbers you need.
Very Important: RESET after each number.

Missed u so much
Welcome back
Tough game but awesome as ever
I am sorry you were sick and I am so glad you are better
We missed you!

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Joe M thank you very much, and I'm glad to see you!

Great game, fridge was tough, thanks Angelika!

giuse - thank you for your very clear and precise help on the fridge puzzle - without it, never would have escaped

Codeman many thanks!

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