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Abandoned Sanatorium Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Sanatorium Escape

EightGames - Escape from Abandoned Sanatorium is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside abandoned sanatorium. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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The name of the link to this game is wrong, but it lands you in the right game.

hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

sth new - empty room with nothing to collect...!

thx for this game, 8G ☺

Hi meth, was confused about that. Loading up! Hope I'm more successful than yesterday.

And hi Alpha. There's a symbol hint in start scene. ;-)

Big map! :-o

huh, after writing with chalk on little black board in inventory, board disappeared - it's for the dolls on wall, but can't move them anyway...! :-/
restarting... (with muting this tune, not my cuppa)

Red herrings all over the place. I'll be trying to pick up various red things all through.
HI AO and Merit.

Same here, meth. I've been going to the left first. Caps go to back wall in top row, rightmost scene, probably a clue is needed.

tedious - you have to find the 1 particular place for each cap...!

After your warning I took a snip of the board AO, but it didn't disappear for me.

For me board is still there after using chalk.

nope, my caps won't go in (yet) - may see hint first...

Yellow buttons go on the first aid box for a syringe.

ah, duh, board is connected with the dolls & the caps, as I solved caps the first time, it disappeared - so everything is ok unless I restarted for nothing! :-/

Bottom row, rightmost scene: on the back wall you can use the green (green? patrol? blue? a ball anyway). Push the ball from one slot to the other using all little slots. Three green puzzle pieces.

My caps went in by trial and error, and the board disappeared. I had already examined the board and the girls.

Torch is used on completed paper puzzle for a word clue.

Use hammer 2 right of start.

Sneaky keyhole in right scene of 2nd row at the Y from the graffiti. The only key I've got doesn't fit of course.

Okay, first round, now putting things together, starting with girls.

Were all the paper pieces in plain sight Merit?

5# in scene above start (no link) gives a hexagon button. Clue was somewhere on a wall.

NVM found all the papers now.

Yes meth!

Key fitted in start scene. A hammer comes always handy.

Word puzzle is in scene left of start. Solving gives another puzzle: 6# (no hint, just to say)

After entering word, check pencils on clue.

numbers at letters are the amount of pencil hint is formed



Just wanted to say I have that suspicion! Will check it later when I'll be back there.

Not sure what to do with rugby ball, cup and bell when put in puzzle.

POPO, you have to slide them rather than click them.

not looking forward to that knife puzzle, I bet it will be a slider...! :-o

had to refresh & resume cuz my symbol buttons on 1st aid box didn't move...!

Green liquid used above wheelchair 2 right of end.

Cheery hedgehog symbol very out of place in this grungy building, LOL.

Yep, knives are sliders. This may take some time...

my bell won't move back at it's place...!
(& I'm sliding it)

Hm. got rugby ball and bell but no cup. Did it come from a puzzle?

In-between check: Three boxes (don't know what is missing), three buttons (car, skirt and unknown thingy), and syringe.

had to click on its border in the direction of top right :-/

got liquid now

Stop, missed hammer hint!

Take care on the knives. The blades for the middle slots are positioned slightly differently from the blades for the edge slots.

in case you need knife slider hint


Only two tiles to go on knives!

record of all records - VWT is over 42 (forty-two!!!) minutes long, only the knifes take
over 28 (twenty-eight!!!) minutes!!! :-o

any suggestions re knife order meth?
did you do centre first or borders or how?

First phone call, can't complain about that today.

WHAT? 28 minutes? If it gives the final key I might skip it. ;-)

Nope AO. I'm back to loads of tiles out of position :(

Took me long enough to do the ball-bell-cup puzzle, LOL

unfortunately there are some more puzzles to solve after knife slider, merit...

Ooooh. The slider suddenly opened for me although I still didn't have it right. It was not that I had either the edge right or the centre right, cos I'd managed that before.

Yes, just realized that. Cheating is no option, copying their moves would take at least two hours.

Hey, got the first tile in place! :-D

When (if) you get the book from the knives enter number as shown in book and shift letters according to arrows. The puzzle isn't active till you see the book, so their is no point me posting a snaggy of it.

Okay guys, to be honest: This is a classical slider I always fail. I might try for about an hour before I quit but I'm sure I won't solve that on my own. So I think it's better I quit now before getting mad.

lucky you, meth
dunno if my patience lasts so long...

Meth, congrats for getting it done, best of luck for you Alpha. Thanks for help and company so far, see you again in another game or tomorrow.

I have the borders now, but the centre... :-(

CU merit - thx for your company ☺

Merit, earlier you said "Word puzzle is in scene left of start. Solving gives another puzzle: 6#". Did you mean 7# from the pencils? I ask cos my 6# puzzle 2 right of end is now active. Not sure why.

Missed a few posts. See you Merit.

Is there a trick to the symbols IE> Football trophy ect.? I move the football down and it will not move again.

No congrats due AO. It opened all by itself without me solving it.

I had to fiddle around with those buttons by sliding them Bandy. Try sliding them in v slightly different directions.

methanwy thanks will try again.

I had to do the trick by clicking the border in that direction where you want to place tile...

Thanks AO I am still working on it.

Has anyone done anything with the hotspot on the door by the rugby ball puzzle?

Good grief finally !!!!!!!

at knife slider
there are 2 equal single knifes at right side, trying to move there the centre tiles, but with no avail yet, only 1 tile to place...

Red X on knife puzzle! Eight games why no skip button any more ?

Progress! The swirling windmills are clue for 6#s 2 right of end. Gives 3 keys.

Three keys for three cases. Use syringe and get 3 colour clue. D...d robot gets me every time.

Nothing in inventory. Missing 1 brass coloured button (razor).

I'm proud of myself that I managed to open the slider!!!



mmm 4# puzzle is now active for no obvious reason.

Well done AO!

The windows are a clue again!

Take a screenshot of final puzzle before putting last button in. I forgot.;-(

I'm not getting the mechanics of the final puzzle.

missing razor blade symbol button for puzzle behind keyhole in room 1 down from top right room (no connection)

Its a case of sliding rather than clicking again.

windows are in which room meth?

Razor blade came from 4#s AO. Window was a clue again.

I'm out so can't refer to map, but it was by rugby ball slider.

thx meth

now to the final puzzle


The final puzzle is not too hard, so I'm off. Thanks for the company and hints. Thanks for the game 8G, but a skip button pleeeeease.

that one is a PITA, too...! :-/

phew, finally out, wasn't so a PITA than the knife slider eventually - thx for the company & the nice teamwork - always fun

As usual another screwed up 8game.
Not even bothering.

Eightgames, if the knife puzzle had been one where you can exchange pieces anywhere instead of slider, it would still have been difficult, but at least doable. Sorry, one star for this one.

Red X, that knife puzzle is impossible.

I agree, knife puzzle was impossible. Having that stationary tile in the center killed me. Not willing to spend 30 minutes on one puzzle. Red X!

Call me crazy, call me different :P but I always love a good challenge. I really liked the knife puzzle !! Thanks 8-games :)

I cant find the razoe blade :(

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