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Crazy Insane Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Crazy Insane Hospital Escape

EightGames - Crazy Insane Hospital Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside crazy insane hospital. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

a big map...

thx 8G for this game ☺

Morning all.

Hi guys! Loading.

put hook on stick & tie with rope from scene with baby bed to get golden key in start room

again have troubles with orientation...

What a horrible place.

spray & cloth is used in room 2 right of start for symbol hint

the daily red herring hotspot is in most right room start row

Me too - keep going up when I think I'm going down.

use iron rod on one stone & use the other stone on rod

so prepared iron rod is used in room 2 right of end (no connection) for purple button

Put iron rod on stone.

Green arrows buttons go in bottom room.

Whow, one call and you're almost out! :-o

lazy dev again LOL - increasing number of clicks at symbol puzzle in top row 2nd room (thru sprayed door) - get blue button

nope, merit
it still will take some time...

pink blobs go under navig. arrow in room 1 bottom of end

On my first round I missed sd in start scene.

don't miss green pencil in baby bed 1 room right of end

unscrew plate for number in left room 2nd row from bottom (sink)

Merit, AO's way ahead of me too.;-)

Sadly, I don't think that cot was for a baby AO.

Did you start before the game was published on EG24, Alpha? ;-)

there's also a pink blob I missed the first time at baby bed

1 or 2 minutes before merit ;-Þ

ah, cot is the right english term - thx ☺

3# clue for 3 purple buttons.

don't miss yellow pencil in room just above start

& robot thingy caught me again...! :-(

Plue button goes above sink leftmost room.


red button from pink blobs
(my last 2 were from 3 purple buttons)

Red button (from pink pieces) also goes above sink (spot the difference)

Find 10 differences.

Lost the 4 colour puzzle now!

POPO found it 4 right of start.

same for the red button (sink), gives spot the difference puzzle - always missing the last difference...


9 diff. so far

crow, brow, light (2x), tree, stones, tail, tyre, rock,

Purple button goes on blue dartboard-like thing 2 below end.




get book with numbers

I'm in another call right now...

I'm in another call right now...

Perhaps dots on hair AO?

Going on. Got some difficulties with navigation today, the arrows don't work as I would.

blue dart board thingy gives order for pink/yellow dart board thingy in most left bottom room (1 left of hint)

Going round and round trying to use syringe, window hotspot, pills and pink buttons (3, probably need 4)

Oh and gold key.

Btw: Has anybody used the key by now? The only keyhole I found is the drawer in kitchen but it doesn't work there.

thx anyway meth re last diff. ☺

use pencils on book for puzzle in room 4 right of start - get 3 more pic puzzle pieces

How many plasters has anyone found? I have 3.

have the same in inv. but also 2 plaster...

Pink arrows go 2 right and one up from end.


take 4 pills

Yes AO, but what to do with the pills when you have them?

Plasters go 1 above start.

Next call...

merit is busy with business today, not fair ;-Þ

Well I've done the round using tab and I can't find another keyhole anywhere.

me neither... would not astound me, if it's a bug... :-/

oh, sneaky pic puzzle piece beneath blue dart board thingy

Already had that one AO, but still don't have them all. Do you?

missing 2 plasters, what to do with plate of water & 1 symbol puzzle not solved, neither 2 colour puzzles as far as I've seen...

not yet meth (pic puzzle pieces)

ah, & the green arrows not done yet...

Like you and also not done red arrows on keypad.

argh, missed 1 plaster & a pic puzzle tile in row 2 of bottom, right room

What a day.

Well, I can't complain as I get payed for working.

where was that ominous window meth?

lucky you get paid for playing games merit ;-Þ

Got a red button from the pink thingies now and without cheating I know where to use it together with the blue one, mind you!

The other question is how long it takes to get to that sink again. ;-)

Window 4 right of start AO.

I missed a pretty obvious picture piece on floor bottom right. Still not enough.

Lucky, it was one room to the left when I wrote the comment. Like those difference puzzles, I use a squinting technique you need for seeing those 3D magic pictures (quite common back in the 90's) and find the differences really fast.

oops, got lucky by fiddling around with the green arrow buttons & puzzle opened for 2 more pic puzzle tiles

I think it was 4x click top, 6x click right...

Still missing some picture pieces, dang. Thought the book with pencils would have given me the last ones.

ah, good to know about the technique - thx merit ☺

pic puzzle

you can turn the tiles by placing them on arrow & you have to place each turned tile first before you can take another one


my last two pic tiles were from the green arrows

pour acid from pic puzzle on pills for colour hint

Of course it only works when the two pictures are placed horizontally, then the differences kind of flicker. Green arrows, will check that, thanks.

Yay that set me thinking AO. Window is clue for arrows. 4 top and bottom, 6 sides.

tricky colour puzzle with the 2 pink

2x click for 2nd, last is a bit more apricot than pink

my last pink arrow, now where was the puzzle again...?

nice find meth re window ☺

tricky arrow puzzle (still working on it...)

Hm, don't know what to do with the green arrows. 4x top, 6x right - does that mean 8x down and how often left? *confused*

4 top and bottom, 6 left and right Merit.
Puzzling out the red arrows.

window as hint has 4 squares on top & bottom & 6 squares right & left

Oh dear, now I see that window clue, thanks Meth! I would have recognized that in a hundred years, always thought I had to do sth with the window (cleaning, breaking etc)

OMG, you have to place ALL 4 pink arrows...! :-o

Would never had thought of it myself Merit if AO hadn't mentioned 4 and 6.

Done. Still missing pieces! :-o

Have to do the pills yet.

Then this could take a long time. Haven't managed one pink arrow yet. I take it we are trying to get it to the black square. All I have done so far is identify a few fatal spots.

I wanted to note down all moves, but like that it's almost impossible, as there are loads of them...!

Okay, I've got four pills, the syringe, and the golden key. Seems I have missed a picture piece in plain sight.

2nd & 3rd button have the same moves, once you have it on the correct position

I posted about 2 sneaky pic puzzle pieces, merit

same for the 4th button arrow as mentioned above
they went easier & easier with each new button ☻

2 more plasters

Horrible navigation. Red X.

I got the one from underneath blue board. But I miss two plasters as well and haven't done anything with the pink circles in wall (same scene as the purple buttons for 313 were).

So I haven't missed a plaster. Working every scene again to find the piece.

place the plasters & remove them again LOL for the other symbol hint (now where was that puzzle again...?!)

OK, the key is for 1st aid box from symbol puzzle in room 1 bottom of end

1 pink arrow done!

Eh - what about the four green circles/buttons in 2nd row, far right scene? Have you done that by now?

filled syringe is for water plate in most bottom room, give 3 colour hint for end room

get key for that lonely keyhole (where was it again LOL)

that's the colour puzzle, you need the acid for pills from pic puzzle to get the hint

All pink arrows done now. Robot caught the last post.

Just been there, it's one of the rooms going down from the 2nd row, three from right.

Okay, so the 3 pink and 4 green circles are hint to be used later.

phew, got out at last - very nice game, liked the arrow puzzle & the pic puzzle as always

will stick around for a bit, great company, nice teamwork - thx ☺

Out at last. 3 colours were a bit out in my opinion


Thanks for the company and for the game. Like AO I enjoyed the arrows puzzle.

Been to every scene again now and still missing at least a tile. Don't know if I will continue...

Thanks though for your help guys!

will have a look merit

IIRC 3 & 2 tiles came from puzzles

do you have the other sneaky one mentioned above? 2 rooms down & 1 right from end (2nd row from bottom)

Doh, found it while watching w/t, have been looking there a thousand times!

Alpha, thanks, that was it! I saw the comment above but searched in the wrong room so I thought I'd had that already. #-)

pleasure merit
glad you can continue ☺

Got the acid now.

btw Mirchi has the reggae tune again - you may put it on to help not to loose your pleasure ☺

Thanks, my pleasure is lost while still working the arrows puzzle.

Cheating with w/t now. Call me a cissy.

not at all
the first arrow is the hardest, then it becomes easier for the following arrows, as you know already some moves

My brain was blocking at some point. Got the two plasters now.

And finally out. Thanks for helping and your guidance till the end.

Missing the tile was my fault, and maybe some people will like the arrow puzzle, but please, EightGames, the navigation was a pain in the a**! Thanks though.

Randomly placed nav arrows
earns 1 star from me!

Very good game except for the spinning arrow puzzle. Having to exit the puzzle with the arrow pointing left was nothing short of bizarre. There was nothing to indicate that was the case and it caused unnecessary frustration of falling through when the arrow pointed right making us assume the arrow needed to point upward. Much wasted effort realising that could not happen. The navigation was also dreadful, even with the map it was confusing. This would have gotten 4 stars from me if it wasn't for the arrow puzzle which sucked the enjoyment right out of the game. 3/5

The fourth room from the bottom has a fire door that I can't get through to go up to the fifth room. How can I get through it. Gold key doesn't work, nor did the metal rod.

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