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Escape From Admirable Hotel Walkthrough

Escape From Admirable Hotel

EightGames - Escape From Admirable Hotel is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside admirable hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning! Greedy me, I've been playing for about five minutes.

It's not necessary to try to use the stick (found quite early) everywhere - it's a screwdriver part, you'll find the handle in one of the last scenes to go.

hi (again) merit, morning gang & all others ☺

just starting...

thx for this game 8G ☺

very nice tune, so propulsive

oh, wow, so many puzzles & almost all of them not working yet...! :-o

take water with mug in bottom right scene
(dunno yet what for...)

Yes, I'm a little bit stuck now - seems I have to look at everything more clearly.

Some hints:

In scene two right from start there's a hint for the six green buttons in start (use remote), don*t miss a sneaky paper piece on the bed.

Use the black mug in the bathroom (one of the last scenes), in the champagne cooler which doesn't move.

Break mirror in exit scene with hammer.

Btw: the screwdriver hides more than you might see on first glance (but don't overthink).

you can turn SD point to unscrew all screws in room 1 bottom & 1 right of exit scene

Doh! Noticed down one wrong number for the compasses and wondered why it didn't work.

Oh, if you find a bottle opener, please tell me. I've got five bottles (as well as five cups) but don't know what to do with them.

Paper from using binoculars hint (you get thes from the compasses) is used in 2nd row, 4th scene on the lamp for a symbol hint

That gave me my last two puzzle tiles.

btw, the green bar sliders are active now, but from which hint...?

& where to use number from hammered mirror?

And with candle and matches from puzzle I could heat up the black mug.

Alpha, good questions!

smiley is a bit buggy, when you place it on game screen, but it's not disturbing the playing

Pour the hot water into the five cups.

Got that paper puzzle now, it seems to be the hint for the crossword in start scene.

Saw that with the smiley but I can't move it.

where to use binocs?

candle & matches from which puzzle?

It's the window in the background in 2nd row, 3rd scene. Things will move on then.

binocs for the nice view in 2nd row from top, 3rd room from left

Ah! Got mazeboard from crossword, now smiley works!

where's hint for numbers with buttons & big red button in start scene?

this is an asking game for me ;-Þ

Hm. Working may be the wrong word.

Smiley moves until getting to the next obstacle, hard to get a crossroad.

ah, put paper under lamp in room 4 2nd row from top

Haven't done those puzzles yet!

candle & matches from jigsaw

Got the smiley thing at last, it's just one crossroad to do. That might be a hard part though.

I have the fear that the puzzle with the coloured triangles will turn out to be a mean spinning thing.

Hm. All those 5# puzzles don't work with the mirror hint. Maybe it's the clue for that green bathroom puzzle. But how if there are five levels and there's a 6?

Doesn't work if you take unlightened for 1 and five lightened parts for 6.

OH! Got that???

Hi, for numbers with buttons & big red button in start scene: there are 10 numbers with arrows on a picture, this is the clue for 5 numbers in start scene. click on buttons...

already tried that too, merit...

@merit, treat 6 as zero/empty.

I did the rest and wanted to leave the 6 in the central column to try things and it opened! :-o

Well, it's been a while since the last 8G bug.

Hello guys, and hello Kitty! ;-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hotz, thank you for red button thing? How the heck did you get that???

Triangle puzzle is no spinning but swapping puzzle. Thanks God.

numbers with big red button gives me

58667 but it's not right, nothing happens...

Beetle puzzle seems bugged (no pun intended). I solved the yellow and gray beetles and then after a few clicks in the middle it just worked even though the middle beetles were not in the right positions. Perhaps you just need to get the colors together for the middle ones.

Regardless... I'm finally out! Haven't done an Eight Games in awhile, and boy I forgot how much work they are. Thanks, 8G! (:

ah, they now come out of the bushes ;-Þ
hi guys ☺

@Alpha, if you do the puzzle in the right order, you'll should be left with the following:


@Alpha, sorry. I've been here since @merit's first post. But mostly it was going fine for me so I was spending my time in-game rather than on the forum.

meritneith, this are numbers 1-5, so first I tried this clue on green sliders, but it doesn't work and after awhile I tried it on 5 #buttons...

Seraku, if you catch a 8G live, we'd be glad if you join our club. Any new member is welcome. ;-)

ah, thx Seraku
it's NOT the amount of clicks - doh!

Hotz, I'm impressed anyway. Now an in-between check: Missing two stars, have five closed bottles, a hint for a kind of maze to go (I thought it was for the arrows right of stars, nada). And an unsolved 5# puzzle in the bathroom with the coolers.

And that on the nightstand in the far left bedroom (five buttons)

ditto here merit...

& the dials in maze hint room

Maybe I did sth wrong with the arrows, I'll try again. There are no matching puzzles for that clue.

DOH! It worked, I seem to have had a mistake at my first attempt

@merit, once you get the last two stars, you'll get the bottle opener, so don't worry about that. Now I just have to remember where those last two stars were.

But you are right about the picture with the maze/path and the arrows. It does work, start with "down, right, up" and end with "up, left, up".


I did the arrows next to stars correctly, but nothing happens...

Knife is used in same scene (I knew there was pillow with nothing behind it but I had to search again for it).

meritneith, maze hint is used on 4 arrow buttons (not the red ones) I think, 1 scene under exit

@Alpha, the nightstand drawer with the dials needs a paper clue with 5 arrows on it. I'm trying to remember which puzzle gives the paper to you.

Alpha, try again.

Seraku, the last two stars came from the drawer in the room where the arrow hint was. Got that opener now, thanks.

@Alpha, did you zoom in on the picture with the maze/path on it? Perhaps the game didn't recognize that you saw the clue.

That green bathroom puzzle was sneaky, and so was that big red button puzzle in start. But they were doable. Let's hope that the bug puzzle I have to face now is no killer thing.

also Seraku's spoiler d/w, made the same arrows as the spoiler on my own... :-(

It IS a killer. :-(

thx Seraku
I'm sure I zoomed in the first time, but puzzle did work only after zooming in a 2nd time on line hint...

@Alpha, let me double check. I could have made a transcription error from the copy of the maze/path I drew.

(slightly less obfuscated) SPOILER: !@#$%^DRURDLDRURDRDRULU!@#$%^

missing the 2nd bug...

@merit, check out my comment at 2:57. I did the gray beetle first, then the yellow one. Then trying to get the middle ones done, it just opened for me even though I did not think I had solved it completely.

Oh! If you know how it's easy! Don't start with the yellow bug on the left but with the grey on the right. When the latter is in its place, do the yellow, you have to swap the left bug with yellow abdomen into the circle. Make it yellow, swap to outside again, and then only change one circle until all bugs are okay.

Hope it's clear what I mean. I started several times with the yellow bug for nothing.

ah, missed 2 stars in room with binocs view...!

Seraku, thanks, but the trick was to solve the right one first, that wasn't clear in your first comment (at least for me), sorry! Your help is appreciated anyway.

my bottle caps are a bit buggy - they disappear, when clicking on them the 2nd time...

2nd bug with bug hint paper from number in bathroom with coolers (bottom right room)

after turning 1x my inner circle won't move anymore...

Well, I might have been lucky but I won't ever like those spinning things. But I don't hesistate cheating with the w/t after a certain time.

Thanks for the help, besides that bug puzzle it was again a really great game. Hope to see you again soon!

And now for a good cup of coffee.

Alpha, you have to click right into the middle. ;-)

ah, thx merit, I was clicking on the bug parts...

argh, 2 heads don't fit...! :-(

ah, finally - thx ppl for all your hints & another nice teamwork & company ☺

would be great if the morning gang had new members...!

missing blue bug and one toy piece (left arm) any ideas

you may check under pillows, e.g. in start scene for the arm

one bug I mentioned above, dunno if it's the blue one (use Ctrl+F & keyword bug)

can't play, it loads then a black screen where an ad is supposed to be able to be skipped in 5 sec. but no ad shows screen just stays black.

Eight games you really suck with all these pop up ads that cripple the game.

missing 5 digit slider code in bathroom and 1 piece for the doll picture. I guess one of those puzzles will give me my last beetle

Damn, that was hard! Many of the puzzles were really good (I loved the four way arrow), but a couple of the puzzles, like the bathroom slider were nonsensical. It's hard to rate this because some of it was outstanding, but some of it was the developer trying too hard to be clever and it not working.

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